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Nicole "Nikki" Houston Reed (born May 17, 1988) is an American film and television actress, director, and screenwriter. She became known in 2003, after the release of the film Thirteen, for which she co-wrote the screenplay. Reed has since appeared in several films, including Lords of Dogtown and Mini's First... Read More



Anyone know which dress Nikki is wearing in the last pictures?

the black one? it's right here..

For once, I like how Nikki's make up (and hair) as Rosalie is in the photoshoot.

Hey I just noticed I bought the ecote bag MONTHS ago when 1st came out in different colors then hers but still, yay something I already had.

I bought the ecote bag to.
I love it!

Found my Gold Hawk cami!!
pics on my lj:

Save 20% or more by using the code 4990 on

How long was she going out with Paul until she got engaged?

I think they started dating in March (2011). (!)

I love her red carpet looks! Incredible beauty.

Can someone help me spot Nikki's purple tee?

she is engaged? since when?

ok nevermind, google my dear friend told me everything I want to know. Congralutations Nikki!!!

What for shoes is this?


I love her top!
Don't know what shoes she wears

Love the boots, no idea what they are though.

will anyone please check for me what kind of dior dress she wore here . cus i don't know how to upload

will anyone please check what kind of coat she wore here

Hey; I think, I may have found the top she wears in this pic:
It might be this one:
the pattern seems to be right, but the lighter parts are not in the same areas:( I don't know, what do you all think?

I agree. I've been eyeing this one for a while thinking the same thing. It used to come in another color if I'm not mistaken, so that may be the reason for the print and color discrepancy. Other than that, it's spot on as far as design and style. I feel confident it's the one.

What pic are you referring to? The link posted says that the page isn't available.

This one


I bought it in an XS. I normally wear S with Madewell but it says it's a boyfriend fit so hopefully the XS will work. I say go ahead and make a spot for it. I feel confident it's the blouse.

Love that top. To bad it's already sold out!

Just spotted it, if it's wrong we can still delete it:)

I don't think the American Apparel raglan is correct.

Agreed. Aritzia spotted it as belonging to them the year those photos were taken.

If anyone is selling the Gold Hawk Basic Cami in Meadow that Nikki wore, in a size Medium or Large, please message me! Thank you.

Got my Vince. Fracture Sweater today, so happy with it!

I love mine too! :)

I receive my puma limited work bag aso nikki reed this morning and I really don't like it. Is anybody here is interested by it? I'm asking what I paid 60$+ shipping. If I receive no message until tommorrow, I'll return it to the seller.

I am!!! Still have it?

Are we sure she's wearing the Burberry coat?

I don't think it's the burberry one. the buttons are wrong and the collar goes further down in my opinion.

I have an XS Madewell Shirt that Nikki wore out shopping with Paul. Asking what I paid which was $98.

Does anyone know which cover Nikki has on her Iphone?

Can anyone please change Nikki's profile picture preferably to this. .


That pic is to old, it should be something more recent.

Ya i love this pic too but its old. It used to be her profile pic a loooong time ago.

I have a Kristen item and a Nikki item for sale. First, I have an A+Ro sweater in black size small as seen on Kristen. It is new with tags, never been worn. I am asking $100 which is what I paid. I can ship in the US or internationally. We can discuss shipping based on where you live. Second, I have the Madewell Printlover top as seen on Nikki in a size medium. I bought it online from Madewell so it came without tags in a plastic pouch. I have taken it out to try it on but it has also never been worn. I paid $98 but am asking $80. Shipping as stated above applies. If you are interested, you can message me or reply below. Thanks!!

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