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Megan Denise Fox (born May 16, 1986) is an american movie and theater actress. She began her acting career in 2001 with several minor television and film roles,and played a recurring role on Hope and Faith.In 2004,she launched her film career with a role in Confessions of a Teenage Drama... Read More


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just saw Transformers 2 last night. she was awesome! she has got such great talent. i can't wait to see what other projects are thrown her way =]

I am looking for the rings and bracelet she wore in Transformers 2. Can anyone help? The bracelet looks like it might be Lucky Brand but I am not positive.

Are these the rings you are talking about?

I am trying to post a picture of her wearing the jewelry but it wont let me. How do you do it?

read an interview w her recently i really liked...she's such an effin badass! i love that she's kind of a weird gamer nerd. anyone read it? i cant remember which mag it was in, maybe elle or something??

do you think her ray-bans are 3025 aviators or 3026? The 3026's seems too big to me.

hmmm... i think hers are the 3026's

Soo Pretty Love Her Style!

Hey guys,
I was wondering, is this all her own hair or does she wear extensions?

Love her hair in this pic:

I'd be so jealous if this is all her own hair :D

difficult to say.... in this pictures it looks like her own hair! and you're right is looks gorgeous!! i was wondering about her hair colour... is it black or dark brown???

What a lucky girl :)
I think it's a very dark brown. Because in the sunlight you see that it gets a little bit lighter. Like her hair color.

I wish I had her trainer. I don't know how these girls get and stay so damn skinny

Me too. In this pic she is so unbelievably skinny:
Especially her upper body.

damn i know right. i dont get it this is even possible to be that skinny lol

i.d. this long cardigan thing, please? =(


They have a similar one in the Avon (mark) catalogs its most likely not the exact same but they have a long black cardigan

OMG, someone PLEASE change her default pic. She looks scary! What is that from 2000?! Look at her her brows...what a difference!

agreed! the pic looks just trashy

what a....***** sexy!

Does anyone know who's dress she wore on Jay Leno Thanksgiving Day?

Omg She's soo Hot xD

Does anyone know what brand or what kinda Wedges she has on in this photo?


I really don't like that she isn't in Transformers 3 now. It is not going to be the same without her. I don't want Sam to have a new love interest or anything. It is either Micheala or no one. That is how it is suppose to be. Especially since this "new love interest" looks like she is a Megan Fox wannabe but doesn't even come CLOSE to how pretty Megan is. The director Michael Bay had to go and be a jerk and treat her like a piece of meat when in reality she is a great actress. I will miss her on the movie :(

I totally agree! I hope the movie won't be a let down. :/

IS it me or her face is realllllllly STRANGE?!?!? Please don't tell me she did some botox or some ***** like that cause she really didn't need that!

Megan manages to make even Uggs look good! Wish I had her Jimmy Choo Uggs.


woa those are cool!

you look beautiful

Can anyone point to where I can find her bracelet in this pic?


aah! I missed her in the last tranformers!!!! Mickael Bay you are a jerk !!!!!

haha!!! I agree

she is very sexy in the latest pictures

So hot!

Has anyone been able to spot her green jacket with fur on hood in some of her recent photos at the grocery store?

ashleywheat you also are on the Megan Fox profile :D How funny me too :D I also love this jacket, kind of remember me at Emmas Ralph Lauren Parker :)

The silver necklace what is it? Who makes it? She's been wearing it a lot casual do's.. Maui, young Hollywood studio, shopping etc


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