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Lily Jane Collins (born March 18, 1989) is an actress, model, writer, and Nickelodeon television host, often cited for her sense of style. She is the daughter of musician Phil Collins and his second wife, Jill Tavelman, and the half-sister of actress Joely Collins and musician Simon Collins. She graduated... Read More


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In her mua Ig pic she's wearing a Lovers+Friends merci crop tee. You can find it on Nastygal I'm too lazy to spot on my computer. Why can't we get an app for CS already? Lol

I remember Eleanor Calder was wearing the same tee! :) My question is: does the cropped version have the room to put it into such knot?

I think if she went with a bigger size, yes. Given that it's a bit boxy and she's so damn tiny. Haha

Jessica Alba wore it a couple months ago, but it wasn't cropped, so it could be the regular one.

It's either cropped or regular t-shirt, definitely not the tank that was spotted.

Agreed. I don't know who spotted it. Flag and spot the correct one if you like.

Let's stick to the regular sized tee, haha :)

Also I'm almost positive that furry coat is Mink Pink. I tried it on today haha

Let me just say I think it looked much better with what you were wearing lol.

Lol! Don't tempt me to buy it missy!!

Found the safety pin sweater, it's from Zara, my phone is dumb is won't let me go to the regular site to make the spot lol.

Good I want it!

Damn no large. But it says back soon.

For some reason, It's not available in my country at all.

Third set of candids in two days. I feel utterly spoiled. :) Not that I mind too much..

Lol I feel the same way.

I love the add! She looks gorgeous!

Perfection. My self esteem hits the floor whenever I see her pictures. Even candids.

I think she had this Madewell top for a long time, just didn't have a chance to wear it, since it comes from old collection,almost thought I'll never find it. Also, in NYC candids you can see how horribly bruised Lily's knees are. I remember she said once that she bruises like a peach, but it seems quite bad. Plus, Lily instagrammed through her friend Liana's account a picture and a message to her doppelganger fan, and it was so cute and whole fandom is happy and jealous for her :)

Apparently, Lily and Zac are back together. They were photographed holding hands in Disneyland.

They had a tour guide with them in both pics. Nice! I was there last month it's so much fun during Halloween season.

They're cute together. I hope he keeps being clean, but I'd doubt she'd go back to dating him if she knew he wasn't trying.

I didn't know he went to rehab. Booze or drugs? Lily doesn't seem like she drinks so it's really good he has her to help and support him.

Both. Apparently he's been twice.

And City of Ashes is back on!!! They start production next year!


Finally some news!!! I'm so happy!

These new pics from the Vogue event are gorgeous!

I'm only in love with her top half on both looks haha. The skirts fit oddly or I'm just not into it. Hair and makeup love it!

Umm Lily girl, what is up with your hair in the new pictures? It looks stiff and crimped. I'm not sure she styled the slip dress enough it looks too....I don't know. Incomplete? Any way still 100% better looking than anything I've ever worn lol

Lol yeah it was a bit messy, but she's still a rock star lol.

Finally found Lily's favourite chain link bracelet :)

Yay! Good job!

I'm guessing by that little collage of Jamie and Lily wearing a plaid shirt a shipper is trying to say it's the same shirt? Clearly Lily's is red and green while Jamie's is red and black. It's like Robsten all over again lol
Or just pointing out they both own plaid shirts haha
Btw that tan coat: want!

Lol! I forgot to talk to you about that when I saw it yesterday. The first thing I thought was oh no not again lol.

Lol glad I'm not alone! There is Ig nonsense now with Jamie and a new girl he took to Paris. Ugh.

I'm loving those Joie boots! Does anyone know of a good alt. with the same color?

Oh god that wildfox sweater is soooo Jamie lol METAL

Lily's Christmas themed post on her Instagram were adorable. A famous person who doesn't fill her account up with pointless selfies fishing for complements is my favorite kind of famous person lol.

Hey girls! Just wanted to let you know that I'm selling my Lily Collins Zara safety pin sweater because I have two,


Hey, does anyone know what grey sweater Lily is wearing under her leather jacket here?;


It's from All Saints I believe.

It's Wilfred Rosseau Cardigan from Aritzia I spotted it long ago :)

Does anyone know where I can buy her madewell shapeshift maxidress? I am in LOVE with it but I can't find it anywhere anymore! :(
If anyone can help please let me know!

Hey everyone! I'm selling my never-been-worn Diesel Hi-Travis 12 shoes on eBay! They're black, US size 7.5. They're my favourite pair of heels that Lily's worn but they are, sadly, not in my size. So if you want them, head over to Ebay to check them out!

Hey guys can anybody tell me where I can find the bag lily is wearing in this photo?


selling Zara Jacquard Safety Pin Pattern Sweater size m or l

Hey guys! Not sure if anyone is still on here, but selling a few things!

-Zara safety pin sweater $45
-Wildfox Distressed Laurel sweater $70

Message me if you're interested!


Is anyone still here? :)


Anyone selling some Lily Collins stuff?
Or especially her Clary Fray DOMA Jacket in M, L or XL?
Or her Karen Millen jacket in L? UK 12/14?


Anyone selling Clary's DOMA Jacket Jacket in M, L or XL? Don't care if it's the SA one or re-release. But has to be blue!
Or her Karen Millen jacket in L? UK 12/14?

Most wanted items EVER

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