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NOTE: PLEASE ONLY SPOT BLAIR WALDORF SPOTS WITH THE GOSSIP GIRL PROFILE AND THE BLAIR WALDORF AND CHECK WHAT YOU'RE SPOTTING IS CORRECT!!! Leighton Marissa Meester (born April 9, 1986 in Forth Worth, Texas) is an American actress, known for her role as Blair Waldorf in the TV show Gossip... Read More




she way cool. loved her since i saw her in Entourage in season 1. knew she'd be a star.

i like the yawning post!!she is soo beautiful yawning

I love her style!

so pretty . Love her style in GG

one of the prettiest most talented actress!

leighton is ver pretty and beautiful and the best actress in gossip girl il love she!

does anyone know coat that leighton is wearing with louis vuitton scarf?

I like her in Gossip Girl ; )

i wish we could find more of her actual clothes and not Blair cltohes. although i like Blair clothes, Leighton has really cool style in real life.

*and amazing skin ;)

Can we PLEASE change her profile picture? I really hate this one...

I wish that Blair spots weren't connected with Leighton because it's a little bit confusing with so many spots here. The same this is done with Kristen Stewart and Bella Swan. It's way better.

Love new profile picture so much

Does anyone know where Blair's coat is from in this photo?http://coolspotters.com/characters/blair-waldorf/and/shoe....
Thank you so much x

can some1 change that profile photo please? It's not very good :/

I agree the photo is not that great of her.

she is awesome on Country Strong.

OMG This girl is soo cool! I love her style and her bags!! hihi

leighton has amazing casual style, kind of hispter-ish but more laid-back, the same kind of way people in le marais (paris, france) dress themselves which is very cool!!

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