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Lea Michele (born Lea Michele Sarfati On August 29, 1986) is an American stage and television actress and singer, who is known for her roles in Broadway musicals, particularly for her starring role as Wendla in Spring Awakening and for her role as Rachel Berry on the popular American musical... Read More


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Does anyone know where Lea's bike is from?

Thank you! : )


Looking at other pictures of her on that bike, it looks like the 2WheelBikes Maui Beach Cruiser. http://www.2wheelbikes.com/maui-f-beach-cruiser.html

Thank you so much!

Can anyone spot the top Lea is wearing in this picture? http://fashionofglee.com/post/21485265910

Thanks :)

Have you tried asking Fashion of Glee?

Not wanting to state the obvious, but yeah I have. Fashion of Glee is a great website, they don't miss a beat. They haven't made an ID on this top yet, so I was putting it out there on another forum. Do you own the FOG site?

And I always share my finds with FOG so if I hear of anything, I'll certainly let them know.

Love you lea!!!!! And glee!!! You are an AMAZING actress!!

Do you guys know how to delete a picture off of the gallery because I accidentally posted a picture twice. (Sorry, I'm just figuring everything out)

Does anyone know where Lea got her healing crystal necklace she was just spotted wearing?

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