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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



HI, i am new to this but I have been keeping up with you guys for a LONG time and I just wanted to thank you all, you all have great eyes on catching what she is wearing!!! But my question is if we have ever spotted the dress she was wearing on the Today Show... thanks!!! :)

oh, thank you very much!!! :)

Now that we think we know which shirt Kristen is wearing as Bella (the Splendid Rugby in Merlot one) can anyone help me find it in that specific color? I have been able to only locate it in gray.

I found it at that site to but unfortunately it is completely sold out. Thanks for the 411 though. If you see it anywhere else please let me know. :o)

Wow. Has anyone done business with Regan117? I sent her a lot of money for the seiko watch, and not only did she take my money, but no watch and now she deleted her username...

Oh my god!!! You have to do something about this. That's really really bad. You need to sue or get your money back somehow! Wow i'm so sorry..

I know her name and where she is from, I've been watching this page since it started and knew that she had done business with a lot of people so I trusted her, now she had stolen a large amount of money from me.. What action can I take?

she deleted her account on here and her twitter account .OMG i cant believe she would do such a thing what a bitch

i bought some stuff from her a few times (and received it) but we made our deals via email and not coolspotters. she emailed me today letting me know she was having problems from coolspotters with her posting stuff for sale. does she have your email so she can contact you?

no she doesn't.. i am still trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, because i believed she was a trustworthy person.. i'm trying other ways to contact her now

Wow...I'm actually not surprised. Some of the stuff she had just seemed too good to be true. I backed out of buying the Belmont Bag from her because I was extremely wary of the whole thing...I'm sorry, I really hope you get your stuff.

wow you guys are really doing a lot of speculating and harming a person's reputation. as far as any of you know she hasn't done even one thing wrong yet you are all bashing her where she can't even defend herself? that's not right. especially snee_it said yourself you backed out of buying something from you didn't do business with her. what right do you have to ruin a person's reputation on a public forum. she's a nice girl who has helped out a alot of people on this site by spotting things, posting links to buy stuff, buying things for people overseas who couldn't get them. you should all be ashamed.

like i said in my previous comment, i am still giving her the benefit of the doubt... like i also said, i trusted her, i am still in high hopes that she comes through. I have since located her email address and have emailed her. I hope that this is just a big misunderstanding and that it can be resolved. i'm not trying to bash anyone, i am just very upset that this is happening to me, and i feel taken advantage of..

I really hope you get your stuff :/

Always buy items through a reputable seller on eBay who has a good (99% or higher) feedback and pay through PayPal. That way, you are protected.

i hope you get your stuff too. i just think you should've gone about it in a different way and not on a public forum like this. she can't defend herself and you're ruining her name and you don't even know that she did anything wrong. if it comes out that she did then yes by all means, post here letting other people know not to do business with her. but that hasn't happened yet and i don't think it was right to post it here and let rumors run wild.

maybe your right, but please understand where I am coming from.. two weeks ago i sent her $200 and she gave me a tracking number which still says it doesnt exist on the post office website (which is updated hourly) and has strung me along for two weeks now with still no watch.. she promised me that she sent it and insured it (which if its true that's good) but now i find that she has deleted her account and has failed to get in touch with me.. you have to understand how i see that...

i understand where you are coming from but there is no proof she committed any sort of crime. so i think this matter would have been best kept private until you had some sort of proof she did something wrong because technically if she is innocent she can sue for libel because you are ruining her personal reputation. things that get posted in the internet can really affect people's real lives, like getting jobs and credit and stuff. you could really hurt her and she may be completely innocent.

This conversation is uncomfortable to read.

the whole situation is incomfortable. on one hand i see the nice girl i bought a few things from who i stayed in touch with and is really trustworthy. and on the other hand i see a person who sent someone money for something she didn't get. i can see both sides and i just wish this had been handled better because no good can come of posting it here especially when nothing has actually happened yet. is spanky1031 says she emailed her then i think the public discussion should end in the mean time until she gets word from regan117.

with her permission, i am posting her email here so people can get in touch with her. she didn't have email addresses for any of the people she sold to because she used the messaging on this site so she has no way of contacing anyone: basicreganomics @

I wasn't personally attacking her. I completely agree with what Alekonna said. The reason I backed out was because she didn't take paypal, didn't have pictures of the item, and I told her I wasn't comfortable with it in the end, nothing personal. Honestly though, in order to delete your account on here you have to e-mail coolspotters and give them a reason why and then they'll delete it for you...why would someone delete all their accounts when people they've had transactions with need to contact you? I'm also giving her the benefit of the doubt, I honestly hope spanky1031 gets what she paid for but all I'm saying is this stuff happens way more than you think which is why I'm so cautious. Just my opinion...that's all.

or her account was deleted because she violated a rule. either way i think people are making assumptions and accusations they shouldn't and should just contact themselves. and honestly who gives money to a person for something without getting their contact info? that's just stupid.

REGAN CONTACTED ME!!!! i knew everything would work out, and that is why i said that i was holding out hope! i do not want in any way to tarnish her reputation. she is an amazing member of coolspotters and helps many people out. this is why i decided to trust her in the first place. i am going to delete the comments on this post because i don't want to damage her name. seh has gotten in touch with me and we are going to get this matter resolved.

For future reference, girls, everything beyond spanky1031's first comment should only have been written on her wall or messaged.

Oh that is really good because I am waiting for a hoodie she is going to send to me but she hasn't done it yet, so now I am releived. Thanks!

I agree with Christine.

Thought all those previous comments were going to be deleted?

I almost bought something from her! That is horrible. I am so sorry. You really need to do something.

I'm selling the patagonia jacket, black and white emboirdered top and ag cords from Twilight on ebay. Further details here:

there is a video where michael angarano is wearing the same "revolution rock" t-shirt kristen was seen wearing while preparing for "the runaways" he was promoting "lords of dogtown" in 2005 when he wore it. i'm gonna go with it being his t-shirt

Do you have a link to the video?

it used to be on youtube (its a video of most of the cast) and hes sitting and doing an interview with nikki, but im having trouble finding the video and/or photos

BAHAHA. Oregano. That's funny.

Does anyone know which jeans she is wearing in this photo... they look like j brands but they're not dark vintage they're lighter.

I think it's a J Brand - Women's Blue Split Bottom Jean $165

but hey guys I don't think kristen wears a 7 For All Mankind Straight Leg Jeans on letterman and LAX airport with Michael.
I mean the lavation is too bright. This spot is wrong, isn't it? What do you think??

When she appears before letterman show kristen wears a 7 for all mankind Roxane < and this one is already spotted.

she never wore the split bottom j brands.

and kristen doesn't wear a J Brand 12″ Skinny Jeans in Dark Vintage on this pic
(( ))

the jeans on the photo is not that dark.

I think it's a J Brand Women's Blue Split Bottom Jean

sorry that I question all those spots, but the Photos of kristen look damn different, than the jeans' ones on the spot-pictures...
know what I mean??
sometimes they really don't fit.

no she never wore the split bottom ones. in that picture she is wearing the j brand pencil legs in dark vintage. trust me, i have them. those are them.

Hi Guys,

I found that on
I know as It's Kristen's profile but...

It's more similar as the reedition,no?

I believe your right because of the zippers above the pockets.

Yeah but its $88 and the blue one is only like $64

what do you want to know?
the link shows nothing :D

hey guys theres Kristen's Uban Outfitters jacket she wears as Bella in Twilight (the blue one)
for 88 $

You need to clik on North america and It shows the jacket as you find too !!

Does anybody know which size Kristen has in her Clubmaster?

as iv posted before guys, im really torn between buying the black canvas TOMS and vans authentic lo pro in black...
i can get then both at the same price so it doesnt matter about that.. but just in terms of comfort, long-lasting.. etc..
could i please have some advice or a vote for either? thanks :)

I prefer lo cause they are conformtable...

I have two pair of TOMS and they are the best shoes I have ever bought (and I have a lot of shoes) so I would go for the TOMS : )

im definately leaning more towards the TOMS now...
i got a vote for them on my post before this as well

the TOMS are extremely comfortable. the Vans are not comfortable right away, they have to be worn in. you're better off wearing socks for the first month or so with the vans then you can wear no socks. but the toms are comfy right away.

I find it amusing when I catch members of the 'Twilight' cast exchanging clothes. They really are just one big happy actor family!
Case in point: Nike Salt N Peppa Jacket

Case in Point: Jackson's Orange Plaid Jacket


hey i like that orange flannel, anyone know where they got it?

Is this Kristen between Jackson and Rob?? I'm not sure :)

But I think it's rather a fan?!

no, i don't think so....

pretty certain it's not,
unless the pic makes her look completely different.
just 2 fans there i think

it's definitely not Kristen

anyone know where jackson got that orange flannel? is fans that saw the boys out =]

After looking at it a few times I think it isn't Kristen, too ^^

There are a lot of new spots that are already there or wrong. Can someone delete them??

yeah there's a lot of doubles and wrong ones.

hey guys, the converse, blackberry and runaways tee, have all been spotted before, must be deleted.

can anyone find a pair of the cracked gold vans in UK size 7? i have been looking for a while now and i have been able to find are smaller sizes, and yes i do know its because these shoes are no longer made and are thus exclusive. thanks so much for any help :)

I posted on your wall :)

thanks so much for your help......i actually got the link to that website a while ago but apparently im not putting my links to good use lol....thanks again

does anyone know how much shipping costs for the shoes to be sent from Kates skates to the US?

hey! I got my gold vans from kates skates and it cost me $115 all together. so shipping for me was a lot. And I live in the US but I heard it can differ. I think regan told me hers cost $80 all together. So it may depend on where you live in the US but I'm not sure. I hope this was helpful. The shoes really are worth it, though :)

oh okay thanks ;)

If anyone is interested, I have a pair of the Navy Vans Sid from eBay, women's size 8.5.

The shoes didn't fit as well as I thought it and I've only worn them for a day, so if you are interested, feel free to message me or let me know on my wall.

wow a lot of these new spots seem really unnecessary like kissing and biting nails and lollipop licking

i definitely agree with that. i mean it is funny to see, but a little strange for it to be on here lol

I don't mind the smoking or nail biting ones, but there are spots for eating, which is absoutley pointless. Everybody eats, so its not as special as the aformentioned. Bah!

i agree. we should only put characters there.

Does anyone know where that pink waistcoat Kristen is wearing in the Nylon shot from? it would be much help!!!

I'm not sure if you meant where to buy it or who made it, but there is the page link

Pics of teen choice award arrivals are up!!!

ah, she looks so cute! and her eyebrows are back to normal :)
makes such a big difference

what was wrong with them?? Was it for her role in the Runaways?

Yeah, they overplucked them and made them black, which was much much too harsh for her face.

ooh!!! thats no good!! Well I'm glad they are back to normal now!!!

I've been wanting to get a pair of toms for a long time and i was wondering what size i should get- do they run small or large- If i am about a size 8 what size should i get???

They fit pretty true to size, but they are a little snug at first.
I have 7 pairs of them. When I first get them I wear then without socks so that they stretch to my size, then in the winter I wear socks when they stretch out more.
So I would say go with what size you are!

okay, thanks so much!! which is your favorite style?? I'm trying to figure out what color to get or what pattern... but i can't decide!! haha

get the 8 or maybe the 7.5 they stretch because they're canvas. i'm about an 8.5 and i got an 8.5 in the toms are they are too big but verrrrrry comfortable.

okay... thanks for the advice!! :)

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