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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



i live in the uk and want to buy the Nike quilted fleece jacket kristen owns, does anyone know any shops that stock it or any website i can buy one?

What color and size are you looking for?

navy blue or black

and a size medium

Ok so the black gucci pants were already spotted so i flagged it. Coolspotters merged the two spots. Just to let you know.

I was looking at some earlier conversations and i saw some people saying negative things about the twilight books. Im not the biggest fan either but i think its disrespectful to talk crap about them when kristens page has many twilight fans. Many of us are big fans of kristen and she did do twilight, so i do not appreciate all these negative talks about twilight. You can probaly make some twilight fans feel down. so can we please not do that again??
Also sorry for my bad spelling.

Come on now, they didn't mean anything by it. I love twicrack too, but its not their fault right? We should take pity on them! I'm just kidding! :D Some people like it, and some people don't! That's all I'm gonna say. By the way, I read somewhere that Bella's party dress in New Moon was custom made for that scene. So there's probably only 2 out there, one for Kristen and one for her stunt double. F-ck.

I dont wanna seem like a b*tch. All im saying is if you dont like twilight, keep it to yourself. I know you guys dont mean any harm but it might hurt some people.

I disagree. This is a Kristen page, not a Twilight page. Some of us have been Kristen fans LONG before she ever did Twilight. We're not obligated to like Twilight - the books or movie. There's nothing wrong with people disagreeing on something they like or dislike. That's just the way of the world - and no one was being disrespectful about it - just stating opinions on both sides. If you want to gush over Twilight without anyone disagreeing, there's a page on Coolspotters for that as well, and I doubt anyone there will be talking about not liking it.

Well first of all, my intentions were not to start drama. I hate it and this is not drama. we are simply just putting out our sides. I dont wanna gush about twilight. Im not here to gush about anything or to hate. The fans here on kristens page dont gush about it so people who hate twilight should keep it to themselves. Thats all im asking for. Im pretty sure theirs a page on coolspotter in which you can gush ove buffy :) not here

The Splended Thermal Henley is not the same top that was worn in Twilight. The one in the movie had an extra line of stitching at the bottom of the kangaroo pocket and an extra line of stitching down the sides of the top near the arms.

oh yeah that's true. but the costume designer could have added that for more effect or something? i dunno its just a guess...

Possibly. But the color is also a bit off. I saw the Splendid Thermal ages ago but didn't post it because I believed that it wasn't the top. I think we should get the postings to the 100% exact item that Kristen wore otherwise we are going to have thousands of product listings that are similar to what she wore and is not really the point of Coolspotters.

yeah a lot of shows and stuff add like a pocket here or there on an item just to make it different and stand out a bit more so it doesn't completely look like the ones from the store. i am guessing that they added that extra layering around the bottom because it shows more of a definition on her, shows how skinny she is and it doesn't bunch up on her. i think the shirt is just a different color. her's looks more like a hunter green and the one in the picture looks more like grass green. that is just me though.

There is always some major drama on this page. Some people are too sensitive, while others have a certain air of condescendence. Can't we just all spot in peace? lol

I think the problems arise when people start thinking their opinion is the only one that is right. We can have discussions on here and disagree without fighting if people would lighten up. I disagree with my friends ALL the time!

Yeah I know that too!
That's really pissed me off sometimes !

Yup. Not every debate is a fight. It's just a disagreement.

hey darlings! where i could find the dark blue coat she wore on a party in vancouver? I'm talking about that coat:

It's been around for a while, it was seen on Kristen at Sundance 2008.

Hey guys, the French Connection Arnas Military Jacket that Kristen has... is it in Navy or black? I can't tell but I wana buy it soon.

Black !
Where do you buy it ?
I've a size XL-L who is too big for me and I'm looking for a size M !

Looks navy to me.

It's navy :)

Where can you buy it from?

It's Navy. Try eBay as it has completely sold out in French Connection stores.

Thanks guys, I'm buying one on ebay except the pictures say navy and the info says black??

can someone tell me what brand this blazer is and where i can buy it from?

if anyone knows where i can et it from in the uk and how much that would be great aswell!!

I don't think anyone has spotted it yet. A lot of us want it too. I think you'll have to get it custom made. sorry. :/

omg... that's really a bit creepy :D kristen!

haha that is pretty funny! she must have been wanting rob to notice her since her and kristen have the same dress. hahah. Kristen totally wore it better!!

how is that creepy when this is a site about people wanting to have the same clothes as her...? just saying

Is there anyone else who wants me to order anything a Nike Grind Hoodie or anything else and ship it to Europe, the UK or Australia? I have a few things I bought for people on here, so let me know so I can make one post office trip.

Hey how much are te Nike grind Hoddies I live in aus ?

Oh, hey guys. I remember a little while back someone was looking for the dress Bella was wearing in the birthday scene of New Moon, but the dress is custom-made one-of-a-kind dress. Sorry if this was already mentioned, but if anyone was still looking, you don't have to anymore!

yeah probably just made for the movie to fit her perfectly and be distinct =]

ADVENTURELAND: anyone know the green jacket she wears during the pot cookies sequence and then the brown jacket at the end of the film when it's raining? I want them BOTH! :-) Thanks!

I'm an hardcore Buffy fan too!!!!!! S-meyer says she never watched buffy not to be influenced by it but come on, she must have gotten some stuff from the show.

Anyway, guys I LOOOOOOOOVED this sweatshirt a lot, I dunno why, I know there's nothing special about it but I just adored it. Do you know where I can get it from? thanks:)


It's cute. But as these photos are from Sundance 2008, finding the exact top in store is like 0.0001% of a chance. Best thing is to try eBay or look for a similar top in stores for the current season.

It looks like something they had at Urban Outfitters during the winter. But, like Alekonna said, you're probably not going to find it in stores.

I found a smiliar one, on google, but it's such an old style that I doubt anyone will be selling it or want to search for it. But here is the picture for it, anyway

It is described as "Urban Outfitters Winterlite Wine Thermal"


Wow, It's actually amazing you found this. Thanks a lot:)

they pretty much have always had that top at urban outfitters.

Has anyone an idea where I could find this pants:

Or is it already spotted? I haven't seen anything :)

the spot says it is these but i don't think that is right. cuz the ones she is wearing in that shoot are darker than the ones she is wearing while pumping gas. idk though. could be same brand just different color. sorry that is the best i can do.

so i went to the site that sells them and the label on the back is different but the pockets are the same. idk. i am sorry. wish i could help you more. but i don't think they are the virtue ones like they are spotted as. that is the best i can do.

there we go. good job. i was like hmmmmm the one spotted isn't right...we should make a new spot then and put the wash grey ones in the right category. cuz they aren't even the right brand are they? or is it the right brand just a different color so that makes the tag on the back different?

nevermind...just looked them up...they are the right brand just different color so it makes the tag different looking.

Thank you so much, kerbear and alekonna. You're great :)

no prob =] at least we got it all figured out.

If anybody is interested in the Buffalo shirts, heres a link with some on: (:

ooo...really similar...too bad it is out of stock =[

I know people posted the delias link for the blue buffalo plaid shirt a lot, but I don't know if this has ever been. It looks almost exactly the same as the one from tillys

I hate how overpriced their shirts are :|

yeah they are too overpriced for me!

Hey Regan- could you send me the link(s) for the Argentinian shoes you mentioned earlier? Sorry to be a bother!

Hey-Sorry, but my laptop is currently being fixed and all the links were saved on there. I'm trying to re-find them.

Oh no worries...I'm not in a hurry! :)

Hey girls!
does any one know where to get kristen's ring that she wears alot and it has a black stone on it, pretty please help! x

yeah i have been wondering about that one too. it is the one that she wears on her left hand on the pointer finger. i have been wanting that one for ages!!

ohhh...i wonder if it was one in the film that they just let her keep. or it was hers that they just let her wear. like in Adventureland. she wore her own hand jewelry in that one =]

good finds just wish they were my size!!!!

Hello all! Brand new silver vans like kristen's gold ones on ebay only $25! US size 7

So tempted...but as if I need any more sneakers lol.

Does this navy blue sweater look like American Eagle? Near the left shoulder, it looks like an eagle. Any help?

yepp that's definately american eagle

It looks like the AE cropped v-neck sweater I have...but I'm not 100% sure.

I was just reading some of the comments, and i came across the ones about people hating on Twilight. . . like some of you said, your right this isnt the Twilight coolspotters page and we shouldnt really be talking about it here. I mean were all Kristen's fans right, so we all have that fact in common, no need to fight, haha but luckily isnt hasnt come to that yet.

Anyway though, its obvious that im a big twi-hard, but its like some people Harry Potter, some dont. Some people like Twilight, some dont.
It doesnt really matter, its your life you could like whatever you want, right?

But like i said we all love Kristen and her style, so thats really all that matters on here.


I agree Sydney. It's ok for me to not like Twilight and talk about that just as much as it's ok for you to like it :) And I love Harry Potter, lol.

Does anyone know where I can find some shoes/slippers close to these? They look ridiculously comfortable :P


Their just black vans I think.

I think these are actually Kristen's black TOMS?? Not 100 percent though!

pretty sure those are the Toms that she wears =] cuz i think that this is also the day that she took her dog to the Vet just a different point in the day.

i think they are her Be The Change Toms. cuz if you look at her outfit and hair in this picture then go to that section under the products you will see a picture of her wearing them in the same outfit and same is the link to it..

oh hhahaah...i just figured that it was the same since she was wearing the same outfit and same hairstyle. should have just known that she does that a lot.

Those aren't TOMS.

Yeah definitely not Toms, and they look too flat to be vans... but the vans classic slip on in all black is a close match.

ok so i no this has nothing to do with kristen but i was wondering if anyone knows where i can find the green dress nikki is wearing? i've been looking forever for it! any help please?!?!

Can somebody add Speak and The Cake Eaters to the list of movies on KS's info, she was really good in both of them and they should be put up there. Its been bugging me for ages:)

Sorry, I think they are not the Black Canvas TOMS she wears in the picture you posted.
In the spot you can see a picture of her at an InTouch event. And there she wears the Black Canvas TOMS.
In the other pictures at London airport she wears the same shoes as in the picture above but they look different than the Black Canvas TOMS.

I'm confused :)

Maybe anyone can help?

I agree with this SO MUCH. She's wearing TOMS in the ones from that event, but the airport shoes are not TOMS. That's always bugged me, lol.

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