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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



shimmy15 they're about $50 in stores. some stores might be a bit cheaper but i get mine at journeys and they're about 50

i love the new profile picture of kristen. she looks so cute =]

CorduroyBear and bellavitax49 thank You so much

i really love her new profile pic! so much better than before!

i agree. She was really pretty at Teen Choice.


i found kristen's seiko watch for sale on amazon:
does anyone know where i can buy the watch band?

how do you know it's 16mm? i want to buy one two but i don't really understand the sizing.

It lists under the product specifications for her seiko watch that the band width is also lists it under the hadley roma spot :)

cool thanks

Love how she immitate rob on the video above, in the teen choice awards!!

were can i watch the full teen choice awards i can't find the full version.

normally the channel that had it one there...i think mtv maybe or nickelodeon...will have it on more than once throughout the week. you might just have to check your local channel's guide to see.

j'adore la bague aupouce de kris mais c un peu cher... quelqu'un saurait ou jepeux trouver un peu la même ?

Essaye sur Ebay "spoon ring"

is there a cheaper version of the red riding hood spoon ring i saw it on ebay and it is $135!!!

I know thats crazy right I want it so bad but not for that much lol. Does anybody know where I can get the Buffalo plaid button up shirt she wears for cheaper than Delias sells them because $40 is crazy to pay for a shirt lol I was thinking more like $20

almost every clothing store you go in these days sells buffalo plaid shirts...even walmart.

Tilly's website has them as well and shipping is only $5.

i'm looking for the buffalo plaid button shirt too, do you have the link of the shirt in Tilly's website leiaaurora ? I didn' t find

yeah i really want those shirts too but with the button up ones i have to try them on to see how they fit on me. kinda sucks. guess i will have to look in stores to find them =[

Do you think as Kristen's blue plaid is vintage or actual ?

thanks ! ;)

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a blue (and not aqua) buffalo plaid button t-shirt for something under $40 like they are at delias?

Hey I'm not trying to bad mouth regan at all but I was wondering if anyone has yet recieved anything they bought? Or has she mentioned when she will ship them??ta

i bought 2 shirts from her and got them. i'm still waiting on the 1 i just ordered. i think all further discussion of this should be taken to sylver92's wall and not here as it doesn't pertain to kristen.

oh wow! that was fast. thanks.

Hey guys... i just read an article about the brand Aviator Nation and Kristen definitely wore a yellow hoodie by the brand at Sundance in 2008. It wasn't American Apparel.

good to know. did you get my message hun? i am waiting to order until i hear back from you =]

here's another seiko watch like kristen's and this one comes with the hadley roma watchband and it's $150.

Hello All! Is anybody selling the cracked gold vans or vans saddle sid shoes in navy in a size 10 (women). I have been searching forever. Also, the UO speckle fleece hoodie in a medium? Merci beaucoup.

Il y a quelques jour de cela, il y avait le hoodie en vente sur ebay, je crois qu'il n'y a pas eu d'enchères!!
Essaye de contacter le vendeur pour voir si il le remet en vente !!

merci tellement !!!!!!!

I've seen this a couple of times but the green converse Kristen has aren't trekking green are they? To me they are her regular kelly green ones that looked wonky in the lighting.

Anybody know where to buy a size 7 in the trekking green? (that isn't sold out)

or a women's ten that's not sold out?

OH! Thats it.

i think they look more like the sycamore color.

Does anyone own the trekking green? Because the look so dark in those pics. Not that I don't believe they are, but before I buy them I want to know the in person brightness.

I think they are the trekking green they just look old and worn like she has had them for a while

Are the Keds "Champion" and Keds "Champion 2K Oxford" the same? Also why do some of them have the keds tag on the side and some of them don't?

Has anyone purchased from before? Are they reliable etc?

I want to know too. Because I want to buy a pair of keds. The navy ones :)

Keds are very comfty, you'll see !

i ordered mine from
i got the navy from there too so they have the same bottom as kristen. cuz she does not wear the bright blue ones. those would not darken that much being wet. and they show her wearing them in pictures before she jumps into the fountain and they are still dark. just don't get the navy ones from cuz those don't have the tag like her's do. get the navy blue ones from

Are these the same to Kris? I want to buy them there :)

Also, FYI to everyone, if you get them from, they do not have the same bottoms as the ones Kristen wears.

kerbear, could you post the link to the keds at shoemall?

sure....this is how i did it. i went through amazon and then shoemall sent them to me. here is the link to the ones on amazon...

Oh awesome. thanks.

no problem, =]

Balenciaga Replica Dress (skirt is yellow instead of red) that Kristen wore to the LA Premiere of Twilight. It looks like a pretty decent knockoff. It was custom made apparently:

I asked the seller if she make me a replica for me in the same colors as Kristen and she answer me as replica will cost me 350 without shipping cost !!

I nerver seen this dress on ebay so I don't know what I do !!

hey guys...
I wanted to by the simple black TOMS kristen owns...
can you send me a link where I can buy them [or something]_they are sold out at Amoazon :'(
thank you!!

Have you tried the TOMS website?

Oh, I saw you live in Germany :) TOMS doesn't ship to Germany. But I'll send you a link where you can get them.

She can use MY US for ship to a germany adress !

not sure if u have topshop, or they ship there, but you can get them on the website :)
or at, not sure if they ship to germany either!

And you think this Antique 'Little Red Riding Hood' Spoon Ring is unique??

Unique like one in the world ??
I don't think so!

ohhh thanks !!

is there a similar ring to the little red riding hood one.

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