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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



ohhh thanks !!

is there a similar ring to the little red riding hood one.

now the ring costs $205.00!!!!!!!!!! that's a lot.

People are really crazy sometimes :s

I just want know if someone have the Ralph Lauren belmont bag ?
I just want to see pictures of this bag! Not a picture with Kris on it, real picture of this bag !!!

yes they are sometimes :D
ehm...I have shoe sizing 39 in EUROPE
and I think 8 or 8.5 in USA

So ... Are TOMS oversized or do they seem larger when I got them?
Can you help me?

I'm usually wear a US 6,5 but for TOMS, I must take a US 7,5 !!
Is that you question ? lol

Does anyone have news about the EC star hoodie ?

Freckles... Isn't that a little overboard? Hahaah!

no I think it's cute...I mean those little freckles on her shoulders^^

What you mean ?

so should I take the 9 or 9.5 ones?

great !!!thanks kristen:))

I want to order a pair of TOMS shoes in mens size. I'm a 8.5.. should I take the 9.5 size? Thanks!

Hey guys, i've been creeping here for a while...but I have to post this!

Anyway, I fell in love with Kristen's Little Red Riding Hood spoon ring, but couldn't stand to pay $ I found the exact same actual spoon on Ebay and took it to a jeweller and had them make a ring out of total it cost aabout $30!

Here's an EBay listing for a fork:

it's only $12 and you can take it to a jeweller and they can make the ring for you!

You rock !!
How is the ring ?

that listing ended. do you know of any others?

here's one, but I'm not sure of the condition:

WOW that's great!!
but I think the jeweller is the expensive one, uh?

have µou alredy ordered??

yeah I've already ordered one!

You can also make the ring yourself if you have a saw:

Wow, It's too complicated for me, lol

But thanks anyway !

Wow. That's awesome. hero.

The ebay listing for the fork is not the same as Kristen's. Probably one of the "similar" patterns. You can tell it's not exact, but good find!

that's ok. the one that everyone is bidding on is not EXACTLY like Kristen's like the person says. the one that they are selling is silver. kristen's is more white/gold. her's is not that dull looking either. here is a link to her's close up. the one that is being sold on ebay would not be that bright looking.

Kristen's is not white/gold. The "gold" you see in the very few closeup's of her ring is in fact the base metal which has worn away. That is not unusual for very old antique pieces.

ohhh alrighty. glad you cleared that up. but the one on ebay still doesn't look right to me.

someone on here is obviously selling the ring. i posted the closeup of kristen's a few hours ago and now that picture is up there on ebay for the one the person is selling and it wasn't up there before i posted the link. hmmmm wonder who it could be????

No problem. I've watched too many episodes of Antiques Roadshow for my own good :P

thank u(=

there were pics so much better from the TCA than that one picked to be in the default of this page......she doesnt look good there

No, I really don't like either !!

We could use this one instead? Maybe?


yes, she lookes cute there

good choice phiaa =]

awwww her face looks adorable there

I was just looking around and I came across a very similar looking dress to the Balenciaga dress she wore to the Twilight premiere. If anyone is interested, here is the link:


Tha's very similar to the Balenciaga, in red it will be so perfect !!

Good find :)

Eh...I dunno. I'm always tentative about spotting things, but I'm pretty sure this is the bag that Kristen was carrying around the airport a few days ago. Here is the link:

Doesn't anyone think so? But I don't know if I should spot it. Obviously, she has it in green.

the urban outfitters one looks different. like the side ends by the end of the zipper don't look the same.

you are right.

isn't kristen's green or olive or something like that too?

Yes Bag is not same, but very similar,

Good find :)

wow, the kristen page is like the most used page on coolspotters...aren't we cool hahaha

I really love how kristen makes modesty look sexy. Her dresses always cover all her lady parts, but she doesn't end up looking like a nun. I'm jealous, and want her entire wardrobe.

amen my friend, amen.

completely agree!

Me too!

ah ah Me too :)

mee tooo
i think i would kill for it lol :D:D


i couldn't agree more. She brings another type of fashion!!!

she so does. and it is one that we all admire and want to achieve ourselves =]

i really like her current default picture that just got uploaded. gives that little kristen attitude with that look but still hot =]

Oh definitely. It's a good substitute. The only major difference I see is the color of the buttons.

definitely glad to see a less expensive version of the buffalo plaid shirts. some of they are really expensive for being such a general shirt that has been around for so many years!

Camilla & Marc Striped dress. You'll have to ask the seller if they're willing to ship internationally because as of now, the item only ships within Australia.

I saw this dress many times on ebay but never my size !! I'm looking for a size 10, without succes...

Billabong 'Tyler' Vest. You'll have to ask the seller if they're willing to ship internationally because as of now, the item only ships within USA.

76 ? If you found a size M...


Hey! For those interested in Kristen's leather jacket (with the navy blue cuffs) there is a seller on ebay by the name of "Viparo" who sells/makes AWESOME leather jackets who can make you a jacket with the navy cuffs and bottom! I asked, however, there is a $31 charge for it which would total to AU $300. I plan to order one when I have the money.

I buy it a jacket to him like 8 months ago!
It cost me 150$ include shipping cost !He is more expensive now !

But He is the best seller to the leather hooded jacket!
So, I guess we don't have choice...
300$? Damn it...

Oh, I meant It's $300 Australian dollars which would work out to about $252 US, plus shipping of course :)

i was just wondering what, i guess you could call it, "fan sites" does everyone go to? i got to are there any better ones?

My favourite fan sites are:

But the first one I like the best. It's a great site!

Oh yeah, COOLSPOTTERS!! How could I forget that?! Of course :D

i always use (they have EVERYTHING!!),
and sometimes has SO much. i check that like 10x a day to stay updated =]

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