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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



can anyone find a pair of the cracked gold vans in UK size 7? i have been looking for a while now and i have been able to find are smaller sizes, and yes i do know its because these shoes are no longer made and are thus exclusive. thanks so much for any help :)

I posted on your wall :)

thanks so much for your help......i actually got the link to that website a while ago but apparently im not putting my links to good use lol....thanks again

does anyone know how much shipping costs for the shoes to be sent from Kates skates to the US?

hey! I got my gold vans from kates skates and it cost me $115 all together. so shipping for me was a lot. And I live in the US but I heard it can differ. I think regan told me hers cost $80 all together. So it may depend on where you live in the US but I'm not sure. I hope this was helpful. The shoes really are worth it, though :)

oh okay thanks ;)

If anyone is interested, I have a pair of the Navy Vans Sid from eBay, women's size 8.5.

The shoes didn't fit as well as I thought it and I've only worn them for a day, so if you are interested, feel free to message me or let me know on my wall.

wow a lot of these new spots seem really unnecessary like kissing and biting nails and lollipop licking

i definitely agree with that. i mean it is funny to see, but a little strange for it to be on here lol

I don't mind the smoking or nail biting ones, but there are spots for eating, which is absoutley pointless. Everybody eats, so its not as special as the aformentioned. Bah!

i agree. we should only put characters there.

Does anyone know where that pink waistcoat Kristen is wearing in the Nylon shot from? it would be much help!!!

I'm not sure if you meant where to buy it or who made it, but there is the page link

Pics of teen choice award arrivals are up!!!

ah, she looks so cute! and her eyebrows are back to normal :)
makes such a big difference

what was wrong with them?? Was it for her role in the Runaways?

Yeah, they overplucked them and made them black, which was much much too harsh for her face.

ooh!!! thats no good!! Well I'm glad they are back to normal now!!!

I've been wanting to get a pair of toms for a long time and i was wondering what size i should get- do they run small or large- If i am about a size 8 what size should i get???

They fit pretty true to size, but they are a little snug at first.
I have 7 pairs of them. When I first get them I wear then without socks so that they stretch to my size, then in the winter I wear socks when they stretch out more.
So I would say go with what size you are!

okay, thanks so much!! which is your favorite style?? I'm trying to figure out what color to get or what pattern... but i can't decide!! haha

get the 8 or maybe the 7.5 they stretch because they're canvas. i'm about an 8.5 and i got an 8.5 in the toms are they are too big but verrrrrry comfortable.

okay... thanks for the advice!! :)

In the american apparel sheer jersey spot, i added the first picture there accidently, the one at night, so whoever can delete the pic, please do so, thank you!

Kristen looked SO GOOD at the Teen Choice Awards. I like the hair, outfit, make up....everything!!

yeah she looks sooo gorgeous

YEAH! I agree. She look fabulous! :) I love her outfit! Really love this ;D

Yeah, she looks GREAT! I actually LOVE her hair in this picture! Why, oh why is she so pretty?!!

OH yes! I was asking me the same question! Every clothes she puts on she's always gorgeous! ç___ç

Kris looks wonderful and amazing! I really like her shoes and dress ;)
BTW How much does Converse High Tops cost in US? Which size I should choose If I'm 38-39 in EU?

too many wrong spots now.
why is there one called 'gobby t-shirts'?
and the dress is spotted twice.

This comment was deleted.

oops, i commented again coz my computer went weird and i thought it hadnt posted... so now i have 2 comments basically the same:S

i just want to know if somebody ordered a pair of toms to germany?
i'm thinking about doing that and i want to know how expensiv it is.

TOMS doesn't ship to Germany. Maybe they will change this sometime. I live in Germany too and got mine because my dad lives in England.

Try I've also bought TOMS there :D. (I'm from Austria)

i already have looked at frontlineshop and also planet-sports but i don`t like the styles they have.
but anyway thanks =).

I love Kristen!can't wait for New Moon!

saame!! and 'The runaways' =]

ahhhh the runaways is gonna be uh mazing

God, kristen's style was amazing for teen's award ! O__O usually i don't like her blak hair, but with this dress it was so great !
Does someone know if we can buy the dress somewhere ?( i'm scared for the price but.. just for the pleasure to see it lol )

( LisaS, i wanted let you a comment on your wall but didn't suceed, probably a problem with coolspotters, but i answered in my own wall, you can keep an eye if you want )

I'd like to know where to buy the dress too. It's so cool!!

(@ Celene: My profile page is not working at the moment. But Jennifer e-mailed me and I think it's getting fixed soon. Then I can answer you ^^)

does anyone know how much shipping to the US would be from Kate's skates, for the gold vans?

oops just found it.... ;) took me long enough

Here's the link to the rock and republic website, I couldnt see the dress on there atm, but the prices on there will give you an idea of how much the dress costs! Im not sure if the dress is even avaliable for purchase yet!

The dress wont be available until next month.
But I don't think I could afford it or rock it as well as kristen does :P

thanks ! so, about 200/300$ for a rock republic dress, it's expensive but Kris's dress is sooo beautifuul ^^
Hope it's avaliaible somewhere :/

Does anyone know where I can get the multi-coloured Vans she wore at the airport today? I can't find that colour of them anywhere :(

the multi-colored vans aren't available yet. :)

I hope they come out soon. i NEED them.

if they're from the fall 2009 collection they should be out already, no? because the rest of the fall ones are out. it's august already

Also, you could always customize them yourself(:

For the cracked gold vans from kate's skates, what shipping would you use to ship to the US?

Does anyone know where to get her khaki bag that she carries at the airport in Vancouver?

You mean the green one?
It looks identical to the small army urban outfitters duffle I own. But they don't have it online anymore. I bought it a few months ago.

hi a problem

about Kristen shirt
i found it on delia's but i would pay it almost 79$ cause i live in italy...other solutions?


Anyone know where to get the new Era Vans online? I can't seem to find those exact ones.

i can't find them either. i tried to custom make them on but you can't make the two sides different colors so... when you find em let me know.

Hot Topic is now selling the Minor Threat tee in White. It is listed as "Minor Threat Out of Step Slim Fit T-Shirt" and is selling for $20-$22.

Actually they have it in grey, i bought one from them just a few days ago.

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