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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



i really like her current default picture that just got uploaded. gives that little kristen attitude with that look but still hot =]

Oh definitely. It's a good substitute. The only major difference I see is the color of the buttons.

definitely glad to see a less expensive version of the buffalo plaid shirts. some of they are really expensive for being such a general shirt that has been around for so many years!

Camilla & Marc Striped dress. You'll have to ask the seller if they're willing to ship internationally because as of now, the item only ships within Australia.

I saw this dress many times on ebay but never my size !! I'm looking for a size 10, without succes...

Billabong 'Tyler' Vest. You'll have to ask the seller if they're willing to ship internationally because as of now, the item only ships within USA.

76 ? If you found a size M...


Hey! For those interested in Kristen's leather jacket (with the navy blue cuffs) there is a seller on ebay by the name of "Viparo" who sells/makes AWESOME leather jackets who can make you a jacket with the navy cuffs and bottom! I asked, however, there is a $31 charge for it which would total to AU $300. I plan to order one when I have the money.

I buy it a jacket to him like 8 months ago!
It cost me 150$ include shipping cost !He is more expensive now !

But He is the best seller to the leather hooded jacket!
So, I guess we don't have choice...
300$? Damn it...

Oh, I meant It's $300 Australian dollars which would work out to about $252 US, plus shipping of course :)

i was just wondering what, i guess you could call it, "fan sites" does everyone go to? i got to are there any better ones?

My favourite fan sites are:

But the first one I like the best. It's a great site!

Oh yeah, COOLSPOTTERS!! How could I forget that?! Of course :D

i always use (they have EVERYTHING!!),
and sometimes has SO much. i check that like 10x a day to stay updated =]

hey there ...well doesn't ship to germany, uh??
but how can I get such a spoon?

You can always ask the seller if he can ship to germany !
Sometimes, It work even if he says he don't !

why did you delete the freckles-spot?

do you think this is true?
> krsten stewart: 5 feet5 inches and 105 pound?

The Freckles spot is back :)

We've had discussions about this over on IMDb, and the estimate was about 5' 4", 105-110 pounds.

Frecklces, give the finger, lolipop sicking...

They are really stupid spots !!!

thank you jessie (=

me again.
do you think TOMS men and TOMS women have an different fit?

Yes, men's sizes will be two sizes smaller than women's sizes. So say if you're an 8 in women's, that would be 6 in men's.

there isn't any size smaller than 7.. men's sizes start from 7! :( it's not fair!

and are the men's ones wide or do they fit as tight as the women's??

im a UK size 4, should i get bigger or smaller sized TOMS? I've heard they stretch .
in women's sizes...

I'm a EU 41 and I ordered a US 9.5 (which is a EU 41) in the women's TOMS. They fit perfect! So I'd say they're true to size.

I wear them since 2 weeks and they haven't streched. At least not mentionable. I rather think they fit better then the first time I wore them :)

hey, i just wanted to ask,
has anyone actually ever met Kristen ?

I met her a couple years ago when I was in LA. She was actually pretty rude. :(

No, I don't, but I will love met her one day !!!

Karigan: You're so lucky ! How is she ? Did you talk with her ?

Haha. How was she rude?

yeah.. how?
thats so cool to even meet her, even if she was rude!
its weird tho, sometimes shes really nice and other times shes like that:|
but tbh, i'd be well angry at paparazzi + ppl - i'd probably shout and scream lol :)

Well to be honest, I'm not one of her -biggest- fans. I really like the things she wears, though, and this is a great site for tracking some of those pieces down. I didn't mean to start anything LoL Me and my friend definitely weren't one of the rabid Twihards. This was about a year before Twilight anyway, I think, so she wasn't that big.

The ROMA dress will be available in September exclusively at Rock & Republic's signature store in LA, right?
And no I never met Kristen...hmm...livin' in Germany is definitely ***** (=

Where do you hear that ? I'm very interested by this dress !!

Me too :)
Will it be available online?

I also like this picture


or zhis one ;)


i think the one up there is good for now =]
we are going to be getting pics soon from her on the set of eclipse. so we don't want to be changing them every day.

hello :) im new here and i come from germany i have a question for a bag that kristen is wearing: Nike All Access Lair Backpack ( )
i want this backpack but they're just in usa avaible :( and on ebay and amazon there aren't the same backpacks.
could somebody help me please?

I'm looking for it too!! And except on the nike website, I don't find it !

hey i'm still trying to find a ring like the little red hood one and i saw the site that sale the fork. I was just wondering if anybody could find the pictures of the back of the ring i have only seen the front.
thanks!!! =)

do you know the site that is selling it? I couldn't find any on ebay

there are selling it here:
I think is way too expensive $810!!!!!

i know it's crazy!!

holy crap!!!!!! i can't believe that someone would spend that much on it!!!! wow that is a lot of money. someone needs to get real.
wow and it was one person bidding against herself for awhile there. i bet she thought if she made it jump high that no one would bid. too steep for me there!

People reaaly need to get back in real life !!

810$ is completely crazy !!!!
Seriously it's a joke, no ?

hahaa. no click on the link to buy it. it will show you how much the bidding is up to.

Bidding for the ring up to $866!

Yikes!! That's a lot of money...

I agree, thats insane for a ring! lol

That's really stupid for a ring !! Kristen's exactly same ring or not !!

and is there a similar ring.

do you have a link?

FYI I found something on a site about the shoes Kristen wore at the TCA's. It says:
"Jerome C. Rousseau Nebula Bootie $795 Available August 22nd at Barneys and Net-a-Porter"

Here's the link:

Unfortunately way too much for me :(

Does anybody know where I can get the little red riding hood fork or spoon? I looked all over ebay and the google searches but no luck only closed ebay auctions :/

yeah i wish that one you could see it up straight . oh well. i am holding out hope that it will just be made more and more now or something.

Thank you guys so much. I love this website lol

Billabong Tyler Vest, size large. Bidding ends in a day. But they only ship within US. Ask the seller if they can ship internationally.

So I WAS winning the Billabong Tyler auction but bidding is up to $80. Does anyone know how much the vest would cost if it was bought at retail?

Last time I checked retail, it was around $35, subtract shipping.

Bidding is up to $100 so definitely not going to buy it. Thanks for the info.

i know im gonna sound pathetic, but i just got my oneida silver spoon ring, the marc jacobs ring and the blue&black wayfarers and im insanely happpy =] first i thought the silverspoon ring was too small, but i got used to it, it's gorgeous and very similar to kristen's.
and i must say, the profile picture now is absolutely astonishing! so beautiful :)
Curious, Karigan, how was she rude ?

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