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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



hahaha! i loved that video so much :) it was pretty adorable, Taylor is so awesome, i just love him xo.
Kristen looks beyond gorgeous! o.o i really want her boots , any idea where to get them ?
i also looked for her watchband but i couldn't find it, any help girls? whenever i look for lizard grain another styles show up! =[

so i was just watching E!News and it had a little clip of the EW shoot that Taylor and Kristen did that comes out tomorrow. it showed the shirt that she is wearing for a second and to looks like just a basic t-shirt that is just oversized on her that has a pocket. like just a simple Hanes or Fruit of the Loom...but I know that it is not one of those brands. but just looks like it. we will have to wait till the issue comes out tomorrow to see who they were wearing i guess.

HAHAHA. "I can take you down right now...just tell me when"

hhaha i know right. she thought she was tough =]

When did they do this photo shoot??

before she started filming The Runaways.

Darn!!! I was hoping she got highlights and colored her hair!!! Oh well... her Joan Jett look is really cute anyways!!! :)

no...they are dying her hair back to the chocolate brown that she has it in new moon and twilight...then they are either using a wig or hair pieces or extensions. i imagine that they have to play around with it so see what looks the best.

They could probably use extensions like they did in Twilight. She had a "3/4 wig" that went on underneath her hair and made it longer and fuller. That might be good.

ya... I just hope her hair will be back to normal soon!!! :)

Me too... I really don't like her "Joan Jett's style"
Kris' style is just soo pretty...

This is what the colorist said he will do to Kristen's hair ..
"To get that pigment out is going to be very difficult," admitted the Twilight Saga cast's colorist, Stuart Gavert, to Life & Style.

So, what's a stylist to do?
"I'd bleach her hair to remove the color, then condition it and match it to the weave she wears in the film."

Poor Kristen's hair! lol .. It will be good to see her with brown hair again though =D

it will definitely be good to see her brown hair again, although her hair did look great at the TCA!!! :)

Hi darlings. I think I'm getting my hair dyed soon kind of like Kristen had it where it was darker underneath. Is there a specific dye you guys would recommend?

If you do it then you've gotta show us how it looks!!! lol

Okay I will!

How do you change your profile picture on this???

go to your profile page...then under your picture there is a section that says in there on the link that says Edit my User Page..then click on Photos tab under your picture again...then there is the upload link right there for you =]

AH!!! Thank you soo much!!! =)

you welcome! =]

hey, are we certain that those are the boots? they look taller on her leg than those frye boots look.

Thanks for post ! I will buy it but in the link posted, they have don't my size anymore !
So, if anyone have a another link,that's will be great !
I try ebay but they are a lot of Men's size !!,, and all have them in women's sizes. I just googled the shoe with my size at the end and clicked on the "shopping" link to find websites. You might want to try doing that.

Thanks, but I can't find my size !!

I HAVE to get the Frye Boots!!! This website is making me drain my bank account.

I know. That's how it was for me in the beginning. But eventually you'll level out and only go for the stuff you really find necessary- though totally unnecessary to everyone else! lol

yeah. i was going a bit crazy getting tons of stuff. but now i only get the stuff that i actually really like ad will see myself wearing. ou will level it off =]

Same, I LOVE them! If anyone finds these boots in a size 7 or 7.5 please let me know! :)

I found more sizes by googling them.

totally agree! this is draining my bank account as well! as everyone said im sure the buying will level off and for my bank accounts sake i really hope so! :)

Try Ebay for the Frye boots. I have found some for under $100.

aww man they don't ship internationally! anyone know where i can get the frye boots that ship to Israel?

also to France too !!!

Doe anyone know
were to get the Citizens of humanity tshirt? Or her leggings?

I know. I feel like I've seen the shirt somewhere I just can't remember.

Yes please, if anyone finds the CoH shirt let us know!

are Kristen's Frye boots black or brown?

I'd say black.

okay thanks thats what i thought. i think the only reason they even look brown is because they have dirt on them

the Sendras look very much like the Frye's so they could be Sendras, especially since like you said Taylor was wearing Sendras. the colors of the Sendras look right too. i would say that its your call on this one Cortni

oh okay good to know! thanks Cortni! ;)

Yeah, that's funny :)

I was wondering if Kristen ever heard about Coolspotters and perhaps even visited her page here?! That would be cool :D

Maybe she has a count on CS ! Why not ?

That is hilarious! :D I think if she did ever visit this page, she would freak out a little.... haha

I think she has already freaking out' haha

wow!!! i think they are talking about, us good video athousandpromises

Yep, sure as she is talking about us !!

love her E&J top!

yeah i like it too. does anybody know where to get it?

I found it at

Thanks !! 125$ !!

awesome shirt, but really expensive

i like her belt!

Me too! And the bracelet!

Me too ! I love her style on this photoshoot !

The model who wears the E&J top has a knot like Kristen in the shirt :)

i noticed that as well, and before i looked at the actual person i thought it was Kristen lol now apparently everyone's wearing her signature knot ;)

i found something like it but in another color
i guess you could make the not on this one

the shirt is expensive =(

Especially for such a "simple" shirt...

too much expensive !!!

When you say talking about 'us' do you mean, us here on coolspotters? I cant watch the video on this laptop because you tube videos stick alot on here :(

Just people that go and buy clothes like hers in general. However since coolspotters is the only site that identifies them and has such a large community I think we can assume that she is mainly talking about us

Yeah, us and maybe

Boxwish ? I don't know this website !!
Is that like CS ?

Boxwish is kind of like CS except I find that the majority of things that people "spot" on CS are inaccurate. People on CS are more nitpicky, which is excellent!

so true. and most of the time peoples' questions on boxwish do not get answered.

Yeah, I saw that !!

why. why why why are the cute things always expensive?

i know =(

Thanks Delia !!
So sad ! 125$ is so expensive for me !!!

If you find the Citizen shirt, that's will be cool ! I don't find it anywhere!!

Hmm. I wonder if we can ID her belt.

Belt is spotted, :D


Has anyone bought the magazine today? Maybe there is the belt mentioned as well.

But a lot of stuff is already spotted. Thanks to Cortni and Phiaa :)

Yeah !! You are awesome !!!!!!!!!!

so I heard that the official new moon trailer is coming out today. its supposed to be when you look at the movie bandslam. I hope its true!and if it is we're gonna be able to loook at it on youtube soon

Some videos of the trailer are already up (in french with subtitles) on youtube, if you're lucky you might be able to watch it before summit has it removed. There are already some screenshots from it on the new moon page here on coolspotters, we can see Jane!

Sorry I can't find one with better quality =[

Darn. :x The video has been removed. I'm too slow!! I'll hunt for it on Youtube now.

There is a girl on YouTube who has the whole thing up. Thank God cause I do NOT want to see Band Slam.

OMG!!! The bracelet is $3.600...uuuuh!!

i love that bracelet! too bad its so expensive though, because i want one!


Love it!

same here! it was awesome!

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