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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



The ROMA dress will be available in September exclusively at Rock & Republic's signature store in LA, right?
And no I never met Kristen...hmm...livin' in Germany is definitely ***** (=

Where do you hear that ? I'm very interested by this dress !!

Me too :)
Will it be available online?

I also like this picture


or zhis one ;)


i think the one up there is good for now =]
we are going to be getting pics soon from her on the set of eclipse. so we don't want to be changing them every day.

hello :) im new here and i come from germany i have a question for a bag that kristen is wearing: Nike All Access Lair Backpack ( )
i want this backpack but they're just in usa avaible :( and on ebay and amazon there aren't the same backpacks.
could somebody help me please?

I'm looking for it too!! And except on the nike website, I don't find it !

hey i'm still trying to find a ring like the little red hood one and i saw the site that sale the fork. I was just wondering if anybody could find the pictures of the back of the ring i have only seen the front.
thanks!!! =)

do you know the site that is selling it? I couldn't find any on ebay

there are selling it here:
I think is way too expensive $810!!!!!

i know it's crazy!!

holy crap!!!!!! i can't believe that someone would spend that much on it!!!! wow that is a lot of money. someone needs to get real.
wow and it was one person bidding against herself for awhile there. i bet she thought if she made it jump high that no one would bid. too steep for me there!

People reaaly need to get back in real life !!

810$ is completely crazy !!!!
Seriously it's a joke, no ?

hahaa. no click on the link to buy it. it will show you how much the bidding is up to.

Bidding for the ring up to $866!

Yikes!! That's a lot of money...

I agree, thats insane for a ring! lol

That's really stupid for a ring !! Kristen's exactly same ring or not !!

and is there a similar ring.

do you have a link?

FYI I found something on a site about the shoes Kristen wore at the TCA's. It says:
"Jerome C. Rousseau Nebula Bootie $795 Available August 22nd at Barneys and Net-a-Porter"

Here's the link:

Unfortunately way too much for me :(

Does anybody know where I can get the little red riding hood fork or spoon? I looked all over ebay and the google searches but no luck only closed ebay auctions :/

yeah i wish that one you could see it up straight . oh well. i am holding out hope that it will just be made more and more now or something.

Thank you guys so much. I love this website lol

Billabong Tyler Vest, size large. Bidding ends in a day. But they only ship within US. Ask the seller if they can ship internationally.

So I WAS winning the Billabong Tyler auction but bidding is up to $80. Does anyone know how much the vest would cost if it was bought at retail?

Last time I checked retail, it was around $35, subtract shipping.

Bidding is up to $100 so definitely not going to buy it. Thanks for the info.

i know im gonna sound pathetic, but i just got my oneida silver spoon ring, the marc jacobs ring and the blue&black wayfarers and im insanely happpy =] first i thought the silverspoon ring was too small, but i got used to it, it's gorgeous and very similar to kristen's.
and i must say, the profile picture now is absolutely astonishing! so beautiful :)
Curious, Karigan, how was she rude ?

Did someone ever heard or read something about which hair products and / or cosmetics Kristen uses? I would love to know. I'm a little bit crazy about such stuff :)

I know. It would be nice to know.

You can find out what products she used in twilight here -
but I don't know about what she uses normally

all i know is that she bought L'Oreal stuff at an event, so she must of use(d) those sometime

Yeah, I saw the picture of her with a L'Oreal bag. Do you think she bought it or got it as a present?

I got the impression it was a bag of freebies

not sure, probs freebies..
tho there was shelves of stuff behind her, so u never know

Hey girls, I found a link from Glamour Magazine where they discuss some of the beauty products used to achieve Kristen's look. Uploading that now for ya'll!


what shirt is she wearing on the cover:

i'm sure when the mag comes out tomorrow that in the article it will say who they are wearing so then we will be able to find out easier.

I'd like to know too. She looks amazing!

so i was just watching E!News and it had a little clip of the EW shoot that Taylor and Kristen did that comes out tomorrow. it showed the shirt that she is wearing for a second and to looks like just a basic t-shirt that is just oversized on her that has a pocket. like just a simple Hanes or Fruit of the Loom...but I know that it is not one of those brands. but just looks like it. we will have to wait till the issue comes out tomorrow to see who they were wearing i guess.

Hi! Tomorrow I'm gonna order my keds shoes but I have a question: I'm a EU 38.5 and I saw in my all star converse that I'm a UK 5.5 so in american size it's a 7. Do you think keds shoes are tight? Because my foot are a little bit wide.. Thanks a lot to all!

i wear converse size 7(women) just like you, and i have the keds in a 7 as well, but they are small, so they hurt my feet. I'd say get 7 1/2, they'll just be a tiny bit to big

You can get the Cara Necklace at Nordstrom for $68.

Great spot, Cortni ;)

kristen eyes look AMAZING in the new magazine Entertainment Weekly that is coming out friday!!!

I agree :)

I also like these pics & love the tee too :)


love those. here green eyes are stunning!!!! i would kill for those colored eyes

totally agree! Kristen looks gorgeous!

Yeah! She's no naturally beautiful! I really like this photoshoot.. It's so funny the video behind the cut ^^

yea i know right. they are cute and playful with each other. you can tell that they are really good friends. the whole cast is =]

hey can you post the video of the behind the cut?

i'd kill to look like her above ^
i do have green eyes, but not a beautiful green like hers:(
well i dont think its the same green anyway.
and her hair!! AMAZING:)
what colour dye would you guys recommend?

LOL, Kristen dont get why we love her clothes:)

I'm not into girls at the least, but she is so swoon-worthy in that photo shoot :P
was it taken before she cut off all her hair, or is it a wig?

it was before she cut her hair off.
and i know what you mean...not into girls but she is definitely "swoon-worthy"

I totally agree :)

And I think she doesn't even know how beautiful she is.

i think her eyes are maybe photoshopped. because in other pics she doesn't have such a thick "frame" around her iris.

just my opinion


Think you're right. And "her" green is a little bit lighter. But both is totally beautiful.

i think we should have this profile pic for a while since we keep changing it and also it's her new hair, but she looks so beautiful in the new EW photoshoot- i really think sometime we should have one of those photos.

Who edits an actor's imdb page?

I think as they are administrator ? I don't know the word in english for this ?
We can change Kris profile picture !!
I know as Phiaa, Cortni and others can !!

I'm right?
^^ Kristen and Taylor cage fighting lol so cutee!

thanks for posting! great video!

haha that was cute. i love how she really thought she could take him down and tries and just picks her up. hahaha they are funny. that would have been an amusing shoot to be on =]

Fight scene !!! ah ah
She almost fighting like a guy !!
Maybe she has a fan of catch ? ;)

hahaha! i loved that video so much :) it was pretty adorable, Taylor is so awesome, i just love him xo.
Kristen looks beyond gorgeous! o.o i really want her boots , any idea where to get them ?
i also looked for her watchband but i couldn't find it, any help girls? whenever i look for lizard grain another styles show up! =[

so i was just watching E!News and it had a little clip of the EW shoot that Taylor and Kristen did that comes out tomorrow. it showed the shirt that she is wearing for a second and to looks like just a basic t-shirt that is just oversized on her that has a pocket. like just a simple Hanes or Fruit of the Loom...but I know that it is not one of those brands. but just looks like it. we will have to wait till the issue comes out tomorrow to see who they were wearing i guess.

HAHAHA. "I can take you down right now...just tell me when"

hhaha i know right. she thought she was tough =]

When did they do this photo shoot??

before she started filming The Runaways.

Darn!!! I was hoping she got highlights and colored her hair!!! Oh well... her Joan Jett look is really cute anyways!!! :)

no...they are dying her hair back to the chocolate brown that she has it in new moon and twilight...then they are either using a wig or hair pieces or extensions. i imagine that they have to play around with it so see what looks the best.

They could probably use extensions like they did in Twilight. She had a "3/4 wig" that went on underneath her hair and made it longer and fuller. That might be good.

ya... I just hope her hair will be back to normal soon!!! :)

Me too... I really don't like her "Joan Jett's style"
Kris' style is just soo pretty...

This is what the colorist said he will do to Kristen's hair ..
"To get that pigment out is going to be very difficult," admitted the Twilight Saga cast's colorist, Stuart Gavert, to Life & Style.

So, what's a stylist to do?
"I'd bleach her hair to remove the color, then condition it and match it to the weave she wears in the film."

Poor Kristen's hair! lol .. It will be good to see her with brown hair again though =D

it will definitely be good to see her brown hair again, although her hair did look great at the TCA!!! :)

Hi darlings. I think I'm getting my hair dyed soon kind of like Kristen had it where it was darker underneath. Is there a specific dye you guys would recommend?

If you do it then you've gotta show us how it looks!!! lol

Okay I will!

How do you change your profile picture on this???

go to your profile page...then under your picture there is a section that says in there on the link that says Edit my User Page..then click on Photos tab under your picture again...then there is the upload link right there for you =]

AH!!! Thank you soo much!!! =)

you welcome! =]

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