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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



hey question guys, Kristen's houndstooth scarf, is it more of an apple green or more blue-ish?

i would say its more of a neon green

hey guys, i have a question, i know its not really about Kristen but i think you can help me.
Today i found this video and i didn´t understand what it said in the card.
maybe you can help me.

"Even though your going through troubled times, know you'll find the job that's right for you"

On the cover it says: You are not what you do.
On the inside it says: Even though your going through trouble times i know you will find the job thats right for you. the card basically says that you're not very good at what you do but you'll move on and it'll be ok. XD lol

i went to the con where this video was taken, it was hilarious to hear Peter talk about it!

he says later on that the card pretty much suck at your job so try to find another one. lol


for those who want the green plaid NM jacket she wears with jacob

not really digging it. not sure if it is because it is a different shade of green than hers or what. but i just don't really like it.

Yea I agree. I think it's too green. The one from the movie had thicker black lines and it was a darker green (though I could be wrong because of the lighting).

youre definately right its not exact and a little greener. To be honest I dont like the jacket at all or the one she wears in the movie. I love alot of the stuff they dress her in, but the green plaid jacket, uggh. Just thought I'd share the link with those who do like it though, since it seems to be popular.

oh no. thanks for sharing. i wasn't meaning to be harsh or anything. just wanted to put my opinion out there like others :) it's all good.

lol no worries! i wasnt upset/mad at all!! :)

Does anyone have some good pictures of Kristen when she had blonde hair?

Here are some pictures:


Sorry, I posted twice.!!1!!! :)

what ring is she wearing in the third pic you posted?? ^^^^^

LoveKStew: Which ring are you talking about? There's the Kuuipo ring on her left ring finger (already spotted), the Oneida Spoon Ring on her right middle finger (already spotted) and then there's the gold clover ring and silver & onyx ring on her index fingers that have never been identified. Hope that helps. :)

oh, i was talking about the silver and onyx one, i wish it was id'd, it looks really cool lol

Sweet. Thank you guys!

does anyone else think that the boyfriend tank top should not be spotted? cuz you can't tell that it is that shirt underneath her Billabong Vest so it should not be spotted. that is just my opinion though, since a lot of people go out and buy most things that she has.

yeah, i was thinking the same thing.

I was wondering how we can be sure either way. But then again I am still frustrated I have not been able to find the Tyler vest anywhere.

i still wonder why the "three dot white shirt" is up there. *shrugs*

hahah that poor girl looks nothing like her. Thats cool though. I want to get that done! :)

Damn, I can't watch this :( But thanks for the link Cortni. All the girls from the US are lucky :)

Are you talking about this ?

or this ?

haha, the first one looks a bit like kristen- the nose, but the second one not at all :D

Where do you find that pics Corti? I havent seen it yet.. :( is a new one?

Hey everybody! Finally received my Navy French Connection coat. For those who were wondering if Kristen has the Navy or the Dark Navy, I think that there is no colour difference between the 2. On the tag, it is even written Dark Navy but it is definitely the one sold as Navy on Asos because there is 80% wool in it.

i still haven't gotten mine :( I ordered it on sept 24th :(

where did you order it from?

Hey anyone who is looking for a black cropped sweater to go with the bella green party dress. Express Has a Black Cardigan sweater right now. It's pretty similar to the Old Navy Cropped sweater. It has a few minor differences, sleeves are slightly longer, sweater is also slightly longer but still has the form fitting look. Buttons are shiny black, also a button is on the back of the sleeves. similar enough it's still the same look.

Hey do you have a link? :)

Here is the link to the express cardigan. They also have another one that's even closer in style that I didn't even see in the store. That has sequins on it.

Just in case anyone feels this first cardigan isn't close enough of a match for them. here is a link to the express CROPPED SEQUIN CARDIGAN. Very similar other then the sequins & more buttons. I didn't see this sweater in the store.

What happened to the profile pic? Why got it changed?

Yeah that has to be the most NOT recent picture of her, ever.

yeah whyyy?! i think this picture is far too old to be the profile pic (even though she looks really good in it)

i liked the one before from the interview magazine much more.

i like the picture a lot but not for Kristen's profile picture. i agree that it should be a more recent picture, but it doesnt necessarily have to be the Interview Magazine pictures, just something newer.

yeah i love this new pic but i agree that we should have a newer one. maybe not the interview one that was on earlier (kind of intimidating haha) but def an updated pic

i will send a message to jen to change it back to the other one :)

all better. i just asked her to change it and she was changing it right when i asked her. she said she knew that we were going to want it back to the other one :)

After looking FOREVER I found a similar cardigan to bella's Old Navy cropped sweater, that doesn't have any type of design on it. This sweater is from Sears. It does have it's differences, but that being said I think this is close as one can get without having to have someone make a costume replica.
I personally decided to try for a less tom boyish look & ended back up at express. They have 5 different possible black cardigans all somewhat similar to Bella's. It looks great up against the dress.

Well I know that if you live in Montreal you can get it at old navy. Centre eaton. Sorry it doesnt really help that much people but it helps montrealers:p

Rosalie: Really? I'm from Montreal. :) They're available at the Eaton Centre and Old Navy? Sweet, I'll check it out. Thanks for the info. :)

Youre welcome, I was just so surprised when I found it, cause I was just coming back from new york, and even there, they didnt have them, so I was like theres no way they'll have some in Montreal :D

Oh, and other tip for Montrealers, you can get the bomber jacket in store(i dont know if you already knew so...)

Its so cute! Unfortunatly it looks really expensive:D

just a question for anyone that bought the Hot Topic Replica curdoroy jacket. how is the fitting on it? like how tight and length and stuff. i am thinking that i am going to break down and buy was just wondering how it is. if anyone can let me know that would be great! thanks!

It runs kind of small. its not as short as the bomber jackets, but not as long as I would have liked. I never would have paid 85$ but I had a coupon for like 30% off. Its kind of cheaply made. Do you have a hot topic near you so you can try it on and see if you like it in person? I mean its nice, I like it, but for the price, I would have thought it would have been REALLY nice corduroy.

The jacket seems pretty warm and form fitting. I generally wear a Large/XL in jackets and the XL fit me fine. Maybe a little tight in the chest area but otherwise ok. It hit me right at the belt line of my jeans if that helps at all. I don't wear low rise either. Just regular.

thanks for letting me know guys. i think my first thoughts about not getting it were right. Meg~your's help me a lot in deciding. i do have a hot topic an hour away. but i am not going to drive that far to see if i like it, lol. hmmmm guess i will think about it and see.

Here is my two cents.

Like Leiaaurora, I thought the jacket was pretty form fitting too. Compared to the AE bomber jacket, the length of the jacket was a better fit for me because I have a slightly longer torso. Also, towards the bottom of the jacket, it's a big stretchy so it's a nice fit for girls who are concerned about the waist. I'm a 38B when it comes to breast size and the chest area is a wee tight with the XL, so I have only been wearing a t-shirt underneath.

The actual color on the outside is more like:


hey guys- officially back from taking a 2 month-ish break (college)- anywho, just wanted to pass along that I've decided to part with my gold crushed vans (size US 8.5- BUT- they fit like 8's). I'm a US size 8.5 and as a rule, Vans tend to run 1/2 size smaller. Needless to say, I've finally accepted that they will not fit me and so, they are available for a girl who wants them. I'm only asking $40 plus shipping. Only shipping to US girls. Sorry- but I hate dealing with customs!! Paypal only.

do u have pics

Anyone know where I can find the Trefoil hoodie? I have one site but it's a UK site and I don't feel like dealing with them. TIA!

i would also like to know, but what is the uk site?? had them too

hey, does anyone know how the nike salt & peppa hoodie fits?? thank you so much.

i have it and would say that its more of a form fitting type hoodie, but i wouldnt say its tight. i would go a size up if you want it to be more of a loose fitting hoodie. hope that helps ;)

yes it does. thank you.

Whats going on with the 'about' part up top? where'd it all go?

I found the be the change shoes on ebay.....but they are half a size too small for me so i don't think they'll fit but if anyone else wants to look its here.....

For size conversion: US men's 8 = US women's 10. :)

For people interested in new moon, the official song by Death Cab For Cutie, video including new moon clips :)

i love this video!! i think it the song is perfect for what Bella and Edward are going through in the movie, and the clips are exactly right for the song!

I love this. I think the song is really eerie and it works for New Moon.

i love the song and the video! i agree with KeriAnne the song is definitely perfect for Edward and Bella! im so glad that it was only Edward and Bella featured in the video, since the song is for them ;)

Hey guys I have a couple of questions..Firstly, noone ever found Kristen's coat that she wore at the London premiere? and is there anything similar to the Nuns with Guns hoodie? Finally, does anyone knw where to find her big ass backpack? Not the Nike one..thanks..

me again..can anyone help me find the Nike salt and peppa hoodie that shipps to Europe? Either style..

yes please, I'm looking for it too but can't find it :(

currently, I'm pretty sure their isn't a site that ships to Europe:( I have searched a lot and the only places are for the USA.

Hey guys, just wondering, are we sure that Kristen's authentic lo pro black Vans shoes are Lo Pro rather than just Authentic? They look more like the regular Authentic ones to me but I can't find any HQ pics to be sure :/

i have the vans authentic lo pro's and I'm 99% sure they are, they look exactly the same, same fit, same style, everything.

the authentics are too thick on the bottom. kristen's are thinner, which is why they're the lo pro.

no, they're definitely lo pro.

Hey everyone. I know a lot of you were interested in the Frye Engineer Boot she wore from the EW shoot, and I also know that most sites have been sold out for a while. I found these Frye Engineer Boot on Urban outfitters

To me they don't look exactly like the boots she wore in the shoot (to me those are longer), but maybe if you want a substitute you can check these out :)

actually she wears the frye victoria boots. we first thought they were the engineer ones but they aren't...

Ohh thanx so much for clearing that up! No wonder they looked different lol :D

whoops they are called veronica ^^
victoria, veronica sounds all the same :D

these steve madden boots are a great substitute. my mom has the frye veronica shorties, and i have these steve madden ones, and they are very similar:

For anyone looking for the French Connection Jack Dress.

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