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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



just an fyi for anyone who bought the asos scarf- my tracking number didnt work either, but i still got mine yesterday. so i think thats a good sign.

Can anyone identify this blazer, looks like navy tweed.

looks very vintage...

Yeah, that's what I thought too :)

looks like a vintage tweed...perhaps even men's.

oh wow that is reallly cute. but yeah... vintage.

Hey guys, I might be TOTALLY wrong, but I think that "Bella" wears the same pink check shirt in new moon when she goes to see jacob(under a purple hoodie) as she does in twilight when they are at that eco

I don't think so, the one that she wore on the field trip was hooded

hey, i was just wondering if anyone owns the french connection arnas coat or the specials t-shirt in a woman's size? If so could you possibly get in touch with me I need to find out about the sizing.

Hey, for those who got the target flannel, would you know the sizing? im thinking of getting it but it's in US junior's size and it states frm xs-xl. Im a UK 12/ US 8 - according to size charts that i read elsewhere, so which size should i be getting? M or L? Thanks all in advance! :)

First off...Target's sizing usually runs a little small. I have the flannel button-down and I wear a small, but I got a medium because it'll shrink when you wash it since it's cotton. You'd be a size M, but I'd get a L if you want it a bit roomy and not shrink too much when you wash it.

thanks cortni. :) i was reading through the reviews when i saw that some wrote that the flannel was a little thick as compared to other brands. It'd be great if i live in a cold/ cooler country but alas, i dont.. =( my country is hot hot hot all year round, so i think getting the target flannel would just make me sweat buckets. urgh. i have to give it a miss.. and hope that brands like delias or ae would restock on their flannel shirts cus theirs look thinner and wld be more suitable for the climate over at my side.. but thanks for the info though! :)

it's not that thick. i have all the colors. but it is a FLANNEL shirt, herego it's supposed to keep you warm. that being said, i think the sizing is very accurate. and since i don't put mine in the dryer, they don't shrink.

ooohh... i see.. thanks for the advice Katey. =)

am i the only one who thinks bella's clothes are mostly... ugly? besides, of course, the green button up and j brand jeans.

you're not the only one. i think most of them are ugly too.

haha ok good.

I like a lot of the pieces as separates. I mix them with items I already own. I agree though that when put together a lot of them are pretty ugly. I guess the costume designer is just trying to make her more relatable.

I 100% agree with you leia! Also I think they are trying to go based on the book-cuz bella talks about how she barely has any clothes-I think thats why they use the same pieces and just keep mixing them with other pieces to make "different" outfits. New moon clothes look WAY better than twilight though!

ugh. i just can't bring myself to like any of them...together or as separates. i don't know, to each her own.

true, true meg.

Just wondering... but if yall don't like Bella's clothes, why does everyone buy everything she wears? (just curious)

well, because we like what KRISTEN wears. not that i dislike everything bella wears, but most of it just isn't my taste. catch my drift?

i saw this and i think that it's a billabong jacket but i'm not sure. the sign looks like billabong to me.
what do you think?

I'm staring super closely at her left chest pocket but I don't think it's a picture of a wave, like the billabong logo.

Definitely not a Billabong logo.

Somebody said this is Jacob's jacket and it is Dickies I think? I will look and see if I can find it.

The dickies jacket that people think it is is this one

but I never bought it cuz Its definitely not this one. On the pic its got that ribbed banding at the bottom and this no logo on pocket. I don't think this is jacobs cuz it looks form fitting. The pic from in the car looks like a mans jacket, but not this ones.

this one looks a little closer, but not the lining.

Can anybody who has bought the new Hot Topic Bella jacket please help me with sizing?
Thank you

Didn't you get my message? A US size 2-4 is a size Small in the jacket.

Yeah, sorry! I posted this comment before noticing your reply. I don't know whether I should go up a size in the jacket... is it loose fitting in the movie?

Looks form fitting to me.

Anyone know what this jacket/sweater is?


is this the thermal under the sweater vest?


On the photos I can't see any white stitching, but the colour and pattern look pretty much the same

It is not the exact top, but very similar. You can get it for $19.99 USD from here:

It's not identical but I think it is pretty close. I will probably just order that one. :o) I like the color. Good find!

Pretty close. Thanks for the link. Good find!

Yea, once I googled it and found the basspro link...I bought it immediately. It could be the same top...i zoomed in on it and the flowers look identical. Hard to tell with such a small pic of bella though.

It's not the identical top, and taking credit for finding something that has already been posted in other forums (i.e. LJ) is not nice.

huh? im not taking credit for anything. I googled the name of the top and the website that sells it came up. who cares.

What is LJ?

anyone know what the jacket is that I posted...or the sweater? It kinda looks like a heather gray version of the rubbish hoodie.


what do you guys think?


or this one:?


where are they from??

ummmm I have to double check but I think pacsun and macys? I have to double check my bookmarks. The 2nd one isn't as close as first, I was just curious as to if the first one looked like it or not.

the first one is close but definately not the exact. I think the one shes wearing is more greenish.

hey does anyone know where to get the Marc Jacobs ring? Besides ebay? Or would anyone be willing to get it for me? I'd pay through paypal of course..

I actually bought 2 of them and wear them on each of my thumbs. :0)
Why not get them through Ebay? I can give you the link of the seller I used. They got to me quickly and were exactly as pictured.

I just bought one of ebay too!

Ebay is great...thats where I got the kuippo ring which is the best ring ever!! haha

Hey Meghan! Do you have a link for the kuippo ring? Im looking for a seller who'd ship international. :)

Hey Leia, do you have a link for the MJ ring that you got on ebay? Does your seller ship international too?

Thanks ladies! :)

Here are a couple sellers actually that I have used for Marc Jacobs rings:

This seller is super fast on shipping and everything is authentic, guaranteed. I have bought 7 different things from them.

I also bought one from this seller as well.

haha thats where I just bought mine from (the second link)

thanks for the links! :) btw, i think it was said that she wore a diff kind of design for MJ ring? or was it some other ring - i forgot.. so the links - are they of the same design as the one she wears?
sorry... but one last thing.. do any of you girls have the link for the kuippo ring?

Thanks loads! and really sorry for the bother.. :-)

Yeah I have kuippo ring as well. I got it on Ebay to. Don't remember what seller though. They did ship it to me from Hawaii though so I am pretty sure it is authentic.

Thanks guys, but For some reason everytime I try to sign to ebay, it wont let would anyone be willing to get it for me? or know another site I could get it?

did we find info on this sweater guys??

thats the one I just asked about that I posted above. I want to know what it is!!

also if anyone can tell what that top is underneath....with the embroidery?

i think the top underneath is the Joie top. I really want to know where the sweater she is wearing over it is from too! Someone spot it!! :)

hmm... i dont think its the Joie top. it might be another one. you can see the embroidery on the shirt though. guess we will find out soon :)

or any ideas on this overcoat? Hmmmm.......
Hard to tell

hey everyone im new and im going to buy some kristen stuff and i want the hannah jacket just not from ebay

Hey! Did you check pacsun? Thats where I bought mine for like 60$ a couple weeks ago. All the re-issued ones are different though. No exposed buttons and patch is a little different. If you end up buying it from ebay, make sure to ask the sellers, because sometimes sellers share the same pics and I know that the pacsun website actually used the WRONG picture (a pic of the old jacket with the exposed buttons) so when I got the jacket I was kinda mad haha.

I also *might* want to sell mine if you cant find it. Since the AE bomber jacket and the hannah are so similar. I have never worn it. I might end up keeping it just so I dont regret it though haha. Each movie has it's own unofficial "jacket" so in a weird way I feel obligated to have each one haha

Tell me about it. My closet is full of jackets and where I live it is in the 80's and 90's generally. I have the BB Dakota, the Rubbish jacket, the AE bomber & the Billabong Hannah. I also own other jackets so you can imagine how stuffed my closet is getting!

I REALLY want to find that Grey one. I have looked on every site possible...the buckle site has some great stuff, but nothing like that sweater hoodie. I'm also trying to figure out what bella is wearing in the promotional pictures with edward.

those pictures the brown shirt and pants.

hey guys any info on where to purchase the bedding. I looked on Ebay and it is not popping up. Where can i purchase?? here is a pic of the bedding.

well i found the comforter set on amazon and realized they sell it at target
On opinion how do you guys rate Ebay or Amazon for jewelry or clothes merchandise? Have you had good results?, scams??

You can just type Twilight Comforter:

Oh! Umm.. Forgot to mention. I haven't been scammed yet on eBay but you can check seller's ratings. I haven't had any problems with Amazon but my issue with Amazon is that sellers do not post photos unless they are from Amazon, the company, themselves.

the bedding is sold out EVERYWHERE. you used to be able to get it target, but its been sold out for a while. I saw a 4 year old USED king size comforter sell on ebay for 300$ a couple weeks ago. So gross! and crazy. You can buy a similar one on amazon in a different color. Its by modern home I think. Maybe after new moon comes out and the bedding is shown, the company will remake it? That'd be cool!

No luck on the company remaking it. I have already checked. I actually didn't like the purple one but the gray one is really cute. I bought it and love it! You can get it online at


same here. I like the gray one better than the purple. AND with lavender sheets and some plum colored pillows.....its AMAZING! i would *never* pay 300$ for a comforter let alone a 4 year old USED comforter. ick. haha

I actually had both the full size and the queen in the purple color, but I kept the full. :) It's really nice to sleep in but the lavender velvet leaves pick up dust if you aren't too careful. To be honest, I sold my queen size on eBay, and it ended at $600. Insane, I know.

Just another example of "Twilight Fans Gone Wild" ... they are all over ebay ... it's insane to see some of the completed auctions end prices ... INSANE!

wow! i actually like the gray a lot better! i think i might have to order this :) i need a new and different bedspread anyways :)

I remember I bought the purple in a full. i think its in my closet still unopened. Right now I have a gold version on my bed. lol.

The gray version is on sale right now at It is $20 cheaper than what I paid for mine. Boo.

Hi everyone. I'm trying to find the brown toggle coat Bella is wearing on this webpage. It's the last pic of Bella on the page...

I wish I knew. I want that coat. I never used to be a coat person but now I have like 10 just because they were in the movie or because KSTEW has them haha.

that's a fan-made poster. it's not real. she doesn't actually wear that coat at any time in the movie. someone found the coat that the person used to make that manip a couple months back, but I don't remember where it was being sold.

it wasn't that specific pic. I just can't find the picture right now. Its the one where edward has bella in like a headlock haha

oh, well beesybeesy was asking about the brown toggle coat...and the only one with a brown toggle coat is the fan-made one. that was why i was talking about that one.

I dont think of ebay as a scam. Sure, the prices are usually double sometimes more ... but only when items are in high demand. I believe most are people like you and me trying to make a living. And hey, if they are willing to, and I am not ... then more power to them. It is what it is. I dont fault any of the sellers, as I usually buy from ebay when i cant find an item near me. Then I ask myself, how much do I really want to pay? Then I set my limit. I cannot figure in what it sold at retail, as once its on ebay, and sold out in stores, all bets are off. Most of the time, its the buyers who run the auction prices up to ridiculous amounts, but again, thats when an item is rare and in demand. The best thing to do is browse this site daily, and be on the lookout for informed spots ... especially the ones where it tells you where to buy the items. Those are the ones that make my day! Here are some comforters on ebay - the black & grey version is still affordable.

but guess what? the reason it's sold out in stores and no longer available at retail? it's because of greedy ebay sellers buying all the items out because they know they can use kristen or twilight's name to sell them for more than 2 or 3 times the cost.

Not sure about Nike jacket, (never looked into it, not my style) But I have been following the shirt and ring you mentioned. BTW - the Elizabeth & James shirt is still at Nordstrom, and the Red Riding Hood rings have all been auctions.

$300? Did you see the ring that went over $900 ??? That is insane, I agree ... but I guess someone wanted it bad enough. I could never pay that much, even if I had the money.

But you have to say, the forks and spoons which have been on ebay the last weeks didn't mention kristens name... but I know what you mean, when I was looking for the Nike Jacket I read somewhere, that a girl said she bought the last 6 Jackets and will put them on ebay (few months ago) and(!) she said she uses coolspotters so she knew how badly everyone wanted this jacket...

Old Navy was selling a pretty much identical top to the Elizabeth and James one. It even had the little pocket and was loose and flowing. I would check there. I bought it and it looks pretty much identical.

here is a link to Adirano Goldschmied cords, they are not the same color but they are super cheap!

thanks! just bought some. I love those pants. I have the actual ones that she has and they are SO soft! Definitely worth 45$ They run small though.

I'm sooo glad that you bought some! I love them in the red but hopefully after pay day they will still have them.... especially since you said they are so soft ;)

It said there was only 1 pair left-I bought the red-or cranberry, which is an awesome color! I'm sure they'll have more than that though, maybe it was just certain sizes :) Great find though :)

well I am glad you got them so enjoy! I will still check back when I get paid & maybe I will get lucky...who knows!

The AG jeans are great. I have the brown ones Bella wears and then just a regular pair (same style) blue jeans. What I like is that they are long enough that when you sit down your socks are still covered.

well I hope they are still around when I have the cash, my size is 4 so here is hoping & I like that you said they are long enough to cover your socks!

This comment was deleted.

Just got my houndstooth scarf- love it! so soft :)

Hey question, the spoon ring, if anyone bought it and received it could you send the link? doesn't have to be the red riding hood design, any would do, thanks!

she actually does wear this one too. i have it and have had it since i was like 12 and it is in the same condition as the one she wears. she has two, that we know of. the red riding hood one and this one.

Hi, thanks for the link, unfortunately they don't ship to Israel! Would it be okay if a paypal you the money and you ship it over? i'll wire it to you before you buy just so you see i won't scam you :) oh and another question, does the ring have sizes? because i want to wear the ring on my thumb- and i'm about a 10.

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