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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



Oh and the web site is also available

Well the website may be up now but they don't have the shirt Kristen wore listed. Boo!

Just got my FC jacket...LOVE IT!

are you talking about the french connection coat? where can i get one? thank you.

Yes! I got it from Asos

i ordered mine on sep 24th :( still haven't gotten it :( I got my scarf already a couple days ago and I ordered it AFTER the jacket :-0 so weird.

Hey could you please post the links for the jacket and the scarf?
Thanks a lot!

No can do, just checked the website and looks like the jackets and scarf are sold out :(

A while ago, someone was asking about the "games" t-shirt from Adventureland. I just so happened to come across it today. Here's the link:

aww man. they are out of Large in female :(
i better do the notify thing then. cuz that is a good price.

I got mine on ebay, quite a while back, its exactly the same :)

heey, does anyone know where i can get this bathing suit top or one like it, i think its awesome and funny and soo Kristen lol;)


I messaged you. I wasn't sure if I could post the link here lol..I don't know if there are rules against it or not, so I'm playing it safe.

I'm looking for it too, but I'm not sure it's very legal LOL

Cortni find a really good alternative !!

why would a bathing suit be illegal? pictures of pot leaves aren't illegal.

Not the bathing suit ! The picture on it ! I'm not sure It's appropriate on coolsporters ! That's all!

BTW, I've buy one thanks Cortni !!! X0X0

I'd be careful trying to rock this swimsuit; this could easily come across as super trashy.

LOVE THE SOUNTRACK! girls the FConnection coach is still avalaible?

okay guys, Ive just found out about Kristen being on the cover of seventeen magazine and an interview with rob nd such inside. When is this issue available- and til when? thanks x

has anyone here attempted to reproduce kristen's hair in interview magazine?
i'll admit, i was inspired, but have no clue what products to use.

yeah I thought I might try it too cause my hair is at the moment short ( i still wait that it starts growing...) but then again I think it won't look as cool on me as it does on her... :(

I reading sownwhere as kristen use the fructis style Surf hair !!

i would probably suggest some strong hold hair gel. not sure though, thatll be a tough look to duplicate!

thanks for the help!
i have fairly short hair now, because i did really like her joan jett hair and just took the plunge.
and I bought the piecing and forming wax that she used for the teen choice awards, but that didn't work well at all.
i'll attempt to get some gel and just go crazy. :P

sounds awesome! let me know how it goes ;)

Hey guys, i know i asked before but seriously anyone know where to get the Nike Salt and Peppa hoodie? or the american eagle bomber?

The fastest way is to call Nike. This is their number: 1-800-806-6453, from 5 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week. Have the style number ready to give them.

For the bomber, just call in an American Eagle store, give them the style number (0387-1331) specify beach tar- and see if they carry it in their store or another store close by.

Of course the bomber is on eBay, but this is a great way for you not to spend so much money.

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for the Dickies Duck Sherpa Lined Hooded Jacket wears by Kristen in New Moon movie !
I'm looking for a US Men's Size S in brown color !


thats not the one from the movie. We haven't found the "real" one that she wears yet.

yeah. like meg said. that was spotted incorrectly. and according to articles that is Jacob's jacket that she is just wearing cuz of the weather there and they were hanging out before then. you can kinda tell that too cuz of how big it is on her.

It is definitely Jacob's jacket. Taylor even wore it when he was learning how to ride a bike. Here is the pic with a better view of the logo

I like this jacket nevermind if kristen doesn't wear this one !!!
If you find a size S, post on my wall comment please !!!

Does anyone have any inkling of what the logo is? I'm wracking my brain right now.

No idea !

"passion" was tagged? really? haha oh my goodness that's getting a bit extreme with the spotting of things

I know what you mean. I posted this a couple of days ago and I was like "What the hell? Since when could we freaking spot emotions? That so ridiculous" lol

yeah..."cigar smoking" lame! there is no picture for it so duhhhh must not be

getting a little extreme with that stuff though.

Hey Cortni could you link me to the swim suit?

me 2 please lol thanx bb

dont wanna annoy anyone so sorry for posting this again, but I really need to know! Whens the issue of SEVENTEEN with Kris on the cover, coming out and til when? ty x

Hey Chloe!
So I think the mag is already in stores because I found this:

But I don't know till when.

thank you!!! :)

hmm it's weird that they don't have a cover shoot photo for the cover instead of that old pic...i've gotten seventeen before and it's rare that the cover person doesn't have a photoshoot - i wonder why? maybe because she's so busy right now...?

I've been looking for the Energie hoodie has anyone found it yet? There are some on ebay and the one without the buttons looks just like the one on this site. But the one with the buttons is cheaper and looks like a great alternative. What do you think?

i bought the one that is cheaper and I have probably been to every single Macy's, walmart, kohls, jcpenny ,etc and there are no long sleeve green shirts anywhere. I am conviced that neither the 80$ one that is on this site that "john" found or the cheaper version are the "correct" shirt. Bella's is more "sweater-like" in material and although the stripes on the shirts found DO stretch, they are still not as wide as the one bella has. Also I would strongly recommend *not* buying the "alpine green" color, as it is not the correct color (At least in my opinion). The "emerald" color is actually closer to bella's, but we still haven't found the olive-green color she wears (at least in my opinion). The 40$ one is better than nothing. It is kind of expensive considering they are 14$, but if you "have to have" a close version, go for that one. It runs small. I am usually a small, medium and the medium is VERY snug.

I agree with Meg. I'm a small or xsmall in all other shirts but this one I got a Med and it fit like a small. I got the one for $40 and really love it. Its the closest color wise and although its not the exact same one its close enough. I got mine in the mail the other day and I love it :) Meg-did you get yours yet?!! :)

where can i find this shirt kristen's wearing???


Ya, it's definitely Micheal's, check out this picture. I think it's sweet that they share clothing, like the David Bowie shirt that was recently spotted.

True, the whole cast likes to exchange clothing, like Nikki wore the Nike Salt N Peppa jacket, the duffle coat (navy one hasn't been identified yet), the Nike rainbow dunks. Kristen also wore Jackson's plaid grungy jacket and Rob's Mont Blanc sunglasses. I agree, it could possibly cause "drama" since it's a touchy subject. In reality, it's just f***ing clothing, no biggie. :)

Yea, that's one I'm talking about. The navy metallic snaps coat she wore throughout Sundance 2008 and on set of New Moon. I'd really to find out the brand becuase we get cold winters in Montreal and it looks really warm. But alas, it will probably never be identified. :(
Just another thing that has yet to be identified in her wardrobe.

I'm looking for it too. All I know is that it's herringbone, possibly Navy or Black (can't tell though looks more navy) and has quilted lining. I think it might be topshop as they have had very similar hooded duffle coats but not 100% sure. It's probably vintage.

Thatgirltoni, if you have any more info, could you post on my wall about possibilities? Thanks.

im not sure whom was asking about the brown jacket used in the promo pics for Twilight saga New Moon.....this link was sent to me....maybe it helps or maybe you can locate more details on how to purchase :) The picture scroll down to the bottom of the page..

I think they're just options of what the clothes are similar to, and not the 'exact' clothing and accessories.

yeah those are just options. cuz the are definitely not the same. i really wish we could find that brown jacket though!

the jacket and the ring okay, but the bracelet?! that's not a really good option :D

lol i know right Edna. it is like they couldn't tell what it was so they just through the bracelet out there. lol

I noticed some new pictures of Kristen Stewart as Bella have been tagged. From a magazine. Can anyone tell me which magazine those pictures are from.

I really love the Stella McCartney dress from Kristen's GQ Verge Girl shoot. I wish it could be replicated. It's absolutely lovely.

does anyone know how American Eagle Jeans run? Small or normal?

They stretch out A LOT. I'm usually a 6/7 but I have to buy a size 4 in their jeans, and they still stretch out.

Hey guys! I know a few of you were looking for the CORRECT Energie Space Dye thermal and I found it! It's the only one though so grab it fast.

I hope this helped someone out! =)

That one is not it. It is close but not the one. Thanks for telling us though!

Oops! It looked pretty identical to me but I guess not! Sorry! If anyone finds it let me know =)

hey guys, I'm searching for a pic of Kristen in a toilet. It was taken by a fan and Kris wears a cap. I don't know why i didn't save it...
and now I can't find it again- I hope aomeone can help me =)

Don't know if this helps you:

I'll also have a look for the original picture :)

it helps a lot, thanks =D

in the new allure mag:

the call kristen the new Parker Posey Oo

hey guys:

kristen has really hate the yellow cardigan at the Twilight-prom-scene.
and she actually owns one of those bella dolls: 'I have one. It's in a drawer.' and she's scared to get too skinny...

and paps are camping in front of her parent's house.. so damn *****.
poore girl.

here the whole interview and read the comments about the small pics -> they are the absorbing ones... [:


thanks for posting the article!

thats srsly like one of the best interviews with her I've read :) but isn't there some pages missing ?

yeah i just got the magazine today and read her article...great! she's looks so pretty on the cover, too!

is that the interview from Allure magazine? if so did it already come out?

it's out already in my town in's a small town so i guess it's out everywhere else, not sure though since my university is pretty cut-off from the real world haha

Hi guys. Can you please help me find the flannel shirt to ship in europe? thanks a lot.

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