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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



Yea I agree platesoff, a lot of early to mid teens. I'm in the later category but my school and work schedule are pretty flexible ( I work in film) so I'm sitting here bored lol.

Yea, true true. A lot of youngins' 'round here!!! lol
And most of the time, the questions about clothes on Kristen's profile are more Twilight related rather than Kristen related. I do not like the Bella clothes. Too plain, school-marmy. But then again, so is Bella. lol It's probably why I do not like Twilight. Not that there's something wrong with people loving Twilight, just not my preference. :)

im 16 in two weeks so yeah im still at school:( i always come straight on coolspotters when i get home tho lol!
and i agree, I love love love Kristen's style.. but Bella's is too ermm.. well.. just not to my taste lol :)
i do like a couple of her jackets tho, but I havent bought anything she wears in the film.

Oh my god, has anyone looked in the entertainment section. There's a freakin' activity called "Passion". I didn't know we could spot emotions now. hahaha
Good lord, who the hell spotted that!??! ROFL

Yeah, bella's clothing for the most part is very bland, but since that is what "kstew" is doing right now... It will pass though. I do think pple are getting bored, "PASSION" yeah she has it but most pple do. LOL;)

Does anyone know if there are any cracked metal vans still available?

It's going to be hard to find because they are almost sold out everywhere. But I would like a pair too!;] sorry, still bored, I'm still waiting for a similar dress to kstew's TCA dress -minus the spikes. Oh, I forgot to mention if you google the shoes most likely they're being sold from the UK.

Here are some links I found for the Vans Cracked Metal Gold:
(only UK size 7)

Thanks a zillion! oh, but I wear a size 10-10.5
thanks anyway.

Sorry that they're not your size :(
Do you know what a US 10-10.5 would be in UK or EU size?
I just can't keep the size conversions in mind :)

Should be a EU size 41.5/42 (UK 8/8.5)...

Thanks Lisa, they are just my size!

You're welcome :)

Does anyone know if the Kristen's Grey Hoodie is by URBAN OUTFITTERS or by another brand ??

Definitely Urban Outfitters.

It doesn't say "Urban Outfitters" on the tag. But I can't remember what brand it is. I'll check it when I'm at home :)

I remember an ebay auction awhile ago that had the Urban Outfitters hoodie and it was the exact same, tags and all. It's definitely the same Grey Speckled Fleece Hoodie from Urban Outfitters.

i agree. but do we know the brand? urban outfitters wouldn't be the brand - just the store.

The tag says "UO".
I thought it was something totally different...oops :)

definitely urban outfitters, I own it!

Oh cool LisaS ! I'm waiting for your answer on my wall !! =DD

you girls are so lucky having normal size feet, my size is 36 (35 for heels) I've never had heels in my life! it realy sucks

I always thought girls with small feet have it easier to get shoes because all the regular sizes (38-39) are sooo quick sold out...

well to me there is imposible to finde 35 size shoes because shoes stores do not even order them.

okay guys, i know everyone doesnt like twilight etc here, but for spotting purposes (hey, maybe this is better on the new moon page?) i thought you guys might just like to look at these new 'new moon' photos... theres quite a few pages of new-ish ones

Little Red Riding Hood fork:

I bought another one on ebay this morning. Can't wait to make it into a ring!!!! :)

you say "another one". does that mean you are going to sell? or keep for self?

Wow, there were quite a lot of this forks / spoons on Ebay the last few weeks. Great :)

it will go up to like 120$ they all do. You guys got to be careful though. A lot of those forks/spoons are *not* the same as the one Kristen stewart has. There is a seller on there selling rings that they buy the forks/spoons off ebay and then bring them to a jewler and the pattern is different than the one kristen stewart wears. They are still charging over 100$ too. You are better off holding out for the actual pattern and paying 100 and then bringing it to the jeweler yourself (IF you want the same pattern for the same price).

That's what I did. I paid 50$ for the fork which included shipping (personally, I think the pattern is identical) and I am going to a spoon jewelry maker locally and getting it made into a ring. I bought it this morning. I had offered to the seller a buy it now price of 50$. The seller accepted and I couldn't be more pleased.
To Bella Blue: No, I'm sorry, I will not be seller my Riding Hood fork. It took me forever to find it. Good luck to you for future auctions though! :)

It actually is the same pattern. Any pattern not marked with "Royal Mfg Co" isn't, just similiar.

That was really a great deal, platesoff. Congrats :)

Was it a child fork? 'Cause I bought these child fork and spoon from Ebay and now I'm worried that maybe the spoon could be too short to make a ring of it.

Personally, the writing on the one kristen stewart has and the graphic of the wolf and grandmother doesn't look like the one that the seller is selling. For the identical pattern, it costs at least 100$ on ebay. I mean if you are going to pay 100$ you might as well get the "right pattern" unless you don't care :)

Here are pictures from the fork I won on ebay, It is the exact pattern like Kristen's and like "Thatgirltoni" said, it has written Royal Mfg co so that means it is a true match:


BBuser, you could still bid on the one I posted earlier although the bidding might get out of hand and ridiculously pricey towards the end of the auction. I'll keep my eyes out for another spoon or fork. :)

LisaS: In the item description, the seller said the fork measured approx. 6 inches. but I think the spoon version is a little less than the fork, sizewise. Hope that helps.

The bidding will probably end at a very high price. I had been bidding on another on Sunday but the bidding went too high for me:
Here is the old one:

the one platesoff posted looks more like kristens. Whats the bidding at for the other one?

I think the one I bought is identical and the other fork is the same as the one I bought. The bidding as gone up to 8.00$. But the price will skyrocket towards the end of the auction so it's up to you if you're willing to spend over 100$ on a fork. lol :)

BBuser, for the past couple of weeks, there have been a few auctions for spoons and forks. If you don't get this one (*crosses fingers* that you get the highest bid, lol), there may be others that could come up soon. Good luck!!!! :)

Thanks, I'm just weary since there's 5 days left and I've seen these auctions go into the 100s.

How do we know for sure that Kristen's is definitely made by Royal Mfg. Co? I saw a fork that is absolutely the same design, but does not say Royal Mfg. Co ... I will post a pic if I can figure out how to ... can anyone tell me how to upload a pic from my own computer? I would like for you guys to tell me what you think.

Carrieanne, try making an account with photobucket, then you could upload you pictures and show us what the difference is. I am 100% sure that Kristen's is by Royal Mfg. Co.

ok ... let me see if I can get this to work ... its a really close shot.


And there's nothing written on the back of the of the fork? It probably got chipped away. It looks pretty old. Most of the spoons and forks that people find are antiques and have some deterioration.
Only the wolf on the bottom looks different. I'm sure not all the spoons are completely identical to a T. Wear and tear could alter the appearance and design of the cutlery.

No markings. It looks too similar not to be produced by the same company. I couldn't imagine two patterns that similar put out by different companies ... I agree, I am sure back then, they had several molds used to cast these patterns - so they are bound to be slight differences. This one does look pretty old. I just wanted to know what you guys thought.

Probably from the same company but maybe it's an early/later model. But, it looks identical to all the ones on ebay and elsewhere. Most definitely from the same company, just the pattern is a tiny bit different. Good find if it's yours though. I am just sooooooooo happy I bought the fork relatively cheap (50$) compared to the same ring that ended up costing over 900$ on ebay and some other spoons/forks that ended up costing 150$ and higher. :)

not sure if anyone cares but it does not say "Little" in front of Red like Kristen's does. not sure if that matters to anyone or not but just thought that i would point that out in case you are picky.

are you talking about the last picture which has been posted of the spoon/fork? Cause I see a "little" in front of the "Red"...

Kerbear, all the spoons/forks have "Little Red Riding Hood" engraved on them. The one Carieanne posted does, the one that is still being bid on ebay does and so does the one I won on ebay. They're all identical matches. :)

on the pictures of the one on Ebay you can't see the Little before the red. it is not there. you can't see it at all. maybe it is just the angle. but i can't see it.

For me, I see the writings, but you're right Kerbear, it's hard to see those letters given that the picture is a little fuzzy. But I can still see the faint outline of the words.

It's most likely just worn ... that is normal.

does someone know where I can get the French Connection Arnas Military Coat in UK size 6 or 8 besides ebay? thanks

i would love to know! he he


i had one at ASOS about two weeks ago. but i don't know if they are still there

Has anyone ever canceled a payment on paypal before? Does it get withdrawn from you bank account and refunded to your paypal? I really got taken advantage of on ebay :( Just wondering how long it takes to get the money back in your bank account :(

Depends on the seller. I think it can take upwards of 5 business days to clear. Once Paypal verifies the "wrongdoing" or whatever they refund you. I sent payment to someone in England who never sent me the items I bought. Paypal sent an email to the seller to try and resolve it. Then after 10 days (?) once there was no response they said they were ruling in my favor and refunded me the money. After all that I got the money back in about 5 business days. If you are trying to cancel money that was sent out I am not sure. The person you sent it to has to agree to refund you.

I AM BACK! So, I missed a lot. Highlights anyone?

The pics of the Interview photoshoot :) She looks amazing!

It says there are a total of 365 and then like only 180 for clothing when I click on "products" and then "see all" I feel like I can't see ALL of the clothing that has been spotted. Like for example, the nike jacket isn't coming up under clothing, and some of the other items that I know people have found. Anyone know how to fix this?

i can still see all the clothing spots. there's 11 pages of them:

Hey. does anyone have a video tutorial link for how Kristen ties her rubber bracelets from hot topic??

is that how she does it?

that's probably how she does it. it looks the same anyway.

Hey gals ... when you guys received your French Connection coats, was anyone charged a C.O.D. "brokerage fee" upon delivery?

what do you guys think?? for the energie hoodie.

Its Energie, right? We gotta find one without buttons and with wider sripes and then we'd be GOLDEN :-d

yup! we're getting closer :)

If the stripes stretch out it might be the exact same one. Do we know if Bella's has buttons or not? It might have buttons and then it could be the same? The color is a lot similar than the one selling for 85$ its worth the 40 to have something close thats long sleeved! haha. I just wish I knew where these people on ebay were finding the long sleeved hoodies from energie, cuz I have been to every sears, jcpenny, macys, kmart, and kohls that I could think of haha. but Great find NFGIRLY :-D

I know!! where are these people finding these shirts!! I've been looking everywhere!

I just still cant over that Energie made so many variations of the same shirt! Does anyone recongize the tag with the stripe on it? Looks so familiar, but I can't place it right now.

I did ask the seller I bought it from and they said it was in fact Energie. I too think its crazy they have so many variations of the same shirt.

They didnt tell you where they bought it?

I will email the seller and ask ;)

The striped tag in the picture is a Macy's tag. :0)

I just bought it on ebay tonight. When I get it I will post all tag info. I also asked the seller if he/she could let me know exactly where they got it. Hopefully they let me know!!

I thought it was Macy's! Good eye!

Also if you are going to buy from that seller the floral thermal shirt bella wears under the energie vest, don't buy it there its still on sale for 20$ here :

Thanks Meg!! Ok the seller said she was going to go back and get more of that shirt and put them back on ebay. I got mine at the buy it now price of $40 with shipping. I asked her if she was going to do this for the other shirts as well so I'll let you know what she says ;)

hers definitely doesn't have the buttons. cuz if you look at the picture of her wearing it you can see that it doesn't have the buttons going down the chest, cuz they would be clearly visible. and hers also does'nt have like that part of material that goes down the middle line of the chestbone like most of the ones that we have found. hers just has the clear V.

yeah hers definitely doesn' thave the buttons or that like extra piece of material that goes down the breastbone. hers is just a clear V. no buttons or that different material to show the V either. you can tell by the picture.

your right. I think the actual shirt is a combo of this one and the vneck one that was spotted already. At least this one is long sleeves and the color looks more accurate! We're getting closer!! Who knows if we'll ever find the exact one, theres so many freaking variations of the same shirt!!!

Guys there is a small and xl on ebay right now for the buy it now price of $40 if anyone wants the shirt!! ;)

You can always get the shirt altered. I bought a green hoodie with kangaroo pockets and buttons down the front like the green one Bella wears when she first meets the Cullens. I was able to find a seamstress who is altering it to look like Bella's.

good idea Leiaaurora!

FYI- you can get this version:
at Shopko for less than $20. I was there today and my store had a bunch of them in different colors.

theres no Shopko's in the northeast. Where do you live??


I'm not sure which shirt your talking about but i found this shirt, its reailly not the same but its got the weird shaped stripes and its only 14$

That's the one that most people have been buying. It is also sold at Sears and Kohl's.

Ok, I went to 2 different Macy's yesterday and they do not carry the line ... also went to Nordstrom Rack, and no luck there either. NFGIRLY - did the seller ever tell ya where he/she got them? Usually sellers will answer the question no problem ... I have asked MANY Sellers where they bought their items, and they always answer ...

I asked and she wouldnt tell me. typical. She does a all sizes of this shirt on ebay for $40 with shipping if you want to pay the extra. I too looked in Macys, Sears, Kohls, JCPenney, Kmart, etc and could not find this style of the shirt. The sellers lives in MD. Maybe only certain parts of the country get certain variations.

if anyone would be keen too sell their French Connection Arnas Coat i would be super keen to purchase. i am a size 8aus, which i think is a 6UK and 2US???

hey guys...A little behind the scenes footage from the Allure photoshoot.....nice pics....thought id share

Those are gorg! She looks like Alicia Silverstone... right?

AHHHHHH!!!!! i'm sooooo angry!!!! they took the nike salt & pepa hooide off the webiste before i bought it!!! damn it! i didn't want kristen's but i wanted the black version. can anyone help me look for the black/light concord/ vivid pink salt & peppa women's hoodie? pleeease. :)

you could try and write nike because they weren't sold out so maybe they still send you one...

yeah i wrote them, i hope it works.

does anyone know where i can get the nike aerofit high tops online or in a store in the UK?

what size do you need? finish line still has them in 8 and 8.5, but they don't ship internationally. i'll keep looking for ya.

thanks peacefrog im a UK 4 which i think is US 6.5

hey question guys, Kristen's houndstooth scarf, is it more of an apple green or more blue-ish?

i would say its more of a neon green

hey guys, i have a question, i know its not really about Kristen but i think you can help me.
Today i found this video and i didn´t understand what it said in the card.
maybe you can help me.

"Even though your going through troubled times, know you'll find the job that's right for you"

On the cover it says: You are not what you do.
On the inside it says: Even though your going through trouble times i know you will find the job thats right for you. the card basically says that you're not very good at what you do but you'll move on and it'll be ok. XD lol

i went to the con where this video was taken, it was hilarious to hear Peter talk about it!

he says later on that the card pretty much suck at your job so try to find another one. lol


for those who want the green plaid NM jacket she wears with jacob

not really digging it. not sure if it is because it is a different shade of green than hers or what. but i just don't really like it.

Yea I agree. I think it's too green. The one from the movie had thicker black lines and it was a darker green (though I could be wrong because of the lighting).

youre definately right its not exact and a little greener. To be honest I dont like the jacket at all or the one she wears in the movie. I love alot of the stuff they dress her in, but the green plaid jacket, uggh. Just thought I'd share the link with those who do like it though, since it seems to be popular.

oh no. thanks for sharing. i wasn't meaning to be harsh or anything. just wanted to put my opinion out there like others :) it's all good.

lol no worries! i wasnt upset/mad at all!! :)

Does anyone have some good pictures of Kristen when she had blonde hair?

Here are some pictures:


Sorry, I posted twice.!!1!!! :)

what ring is she wearing in the third pic you posted?? ^^^^^

LoveKStew: Which ring are you talking about? There's the Kuuipo ring on her left ring finger (already spotted), the Oneida Spoon Ring on her right middle finger (already spotted) and then there's the gold clover ring and silver & onyx ring on her index fingers that have never been identified. Hope that helps. :)

oh, i was talking about the silver and onyx one, i wish it was id'd, it looks really cool lol

Sweet. Thank you guys!

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