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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



i just got my VANS authentic lo pro shoes in black and they are verrry comfy and so light.

how is the sizing on those? did you get the same size as you would normally get?

well i'm normally an 8 to 8.5 and i got an 8.5 and it fits perfect i think that is a 7 mens.

oh okay thanks so much! ;)

Okay, so there was this huge string of comments after somebody asked about a plaid shirt worn by Kristen. There were some options posted from vans, and I found another option from Lee of all brands:
but it seems totally overpriced in my opinion, but its blue?
oh, the default colour is red, which looks nothing like the shirt so you will think i am crazy, but if you select blue it is more similar.

definitely very similar :) but yikes! i agree about it being overpriced!

Okay so i was watching Juno for the millionth time yestarday, and noticed something . . . doesnt her swearter look similar to Bella's?



I dont think its "exactly" the same, but those are just my thoughts.


woah, that is weird lol they are both my favorite characters from those movies and they have similar clothing, good eye lol

Juno is defintely a good movie^^ I love it^^ I love Juno's character^^She's rock^^

I know right, and thanks.

Yeah i love that movie, and yes she does rock :D

I had a question, do y'all think Kristen's skeleton gloves are the glow in the dark kind? Hers seem to be a lighter green than all the other ones I've found. Weird.

i have a question about the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses that kristen stewart has.

what is the sizing for it. cause i know that there is a small or large one..

well. in the majority of them she is wearing the 2132, which is the smaller size and she wears those in a 52mm, cuz i have them and they fall the same distance that hers does. and it others it looks like she is wearing the 2140, and she wears those in 54mm. hope that helps you :)

here is the spot where she wears the 2132, which she has been wearing more lately

and here the 2140 spot just got mingled all into one cuz they are all ray-ban.

thank you so much :D

i just bought my raybans for 75bucks on amazon thank you so much :]

first comment and angiela I think those are the large ones.But you should get the size that looks best on you. :)

heya welcome :D

hey guys (:

what do you think:
this motive looks like kristen's four leave clover ring, doesn't it??


What is this ? Rings ?

can you help me ID those clothes??

I have to post many comments because my laptop is conda broken^^

here the first:

american eagle is offering a similar blue and green plaid shirt to the one kristen has worn in the past:

I love the blue one !

yep that's the one i was talking about :) it's a lot like the one kristen wore in the sundance photos with the blue russell hoodie.

Yep defintely ! I love AE !! I would like to buy everything ^^

Hey girls! Is Kristen's French Connection coat 55% wool 45% polyester ?

Personally, I think she has the 80-20 blend. 55% wool is not very warm. But then again, the coats are almost impossible to differentiate, so I guess the blend comes down to your personal choice/needs.

Thanks! I love the wool one anyway ;)

Hi i'm new :) been checking out this site for quite a while and really wanted to join so here I am! Go KStew!
I have a question, is she Jewish?

I don't really think so...

Nope. I mean, check out her name. Very anglo. And even if she IS Jewish, it's obvious that she isn't a practicing one. It doesn't seem like she's religious at all.

Why are you asking ?

i have seen photos of her (not acting, just being herself) wearing a cross necklace, so I would say not jewish; jew for jesus perhaps, but that would really shock me.

If I remeber, she wears that on the set of "The runaways", do you have a picture ?

I read an interview for Adventureland one time in which she said that her character was Jewish which was different for her.

Hey guys! Do you know what is she wearing in this picture?

definitely hi-top black converse and j brand 912 pencil leg jeans in dark vintage and the black wayfarers. thats all i know. sorry.

I love the sweater!!!! we don't still know where is it from ?

It looks like Kristen's ring, doesn't it?


kinda. her circle and band are gold and then it is a raised silver clover on it.

the new jeans spotted are wrong. you can clearly see in the picture that they are blue jeans and not black. i bet the ones that she is wearing there is already spotted too since she wears her jeans a lot and has a few pairs in the same colors. and another way you can tell is that the folds that she has would be grey at the bottom, but you can clearly see blue!

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I love your blogspot ^^

does anyone know the general price of how much the nike quilted fleece jackets are going for? thanks so much for any help!

to ebay ? The last one go for 300$ If I remember correctly !

Hey, so even though I know the latest jeans spotted is wrong, I still think I may get some (short girls gotta get ankle skinny jeans to have them fit like normal ones lol). I wear a 27 in the BDG ankle grazer cigarette, but a 28 in the BDG regular ankle cigarette! Should I go with a 27 or 28 with the J Brand? Or go up even one more size? I have no idea how they fit.

Renee, I wear a size 27 too. All of my J Brand jeans are size 27 as well, and they fit me great. I have all the pencil leg jeans and generally go for the low rise. I've not gotten any regular style or boot cut for J Brand, but if you're going with the skinny or pencil jean 27 should fit you I think!

I don't mean to confuse you on your decison or anything, but I'm a 27 in BDG Jeans, but bought a 26 in J Brand, because the 27's in J Brand are way too big. I think it really depends on the style of jeans

Oh no!! 27 or 26 I dunno which to get AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! HELP before I buy!!! One of yall must certainly love UO jeans and J Brand!!!!!!!!!

Okay, whatever you do, don't go up a size in J Brand. Their sizes run larger, so there is no need to a get a size 29 or anything.
If the j brands you want are just normal skinny jeans, get a 27. If they are extremely tight, with an ankle closure of like 10 inches or so, get a size 28.

Most denim, especially premium denim, have quite a bit of spandex to make it break in easier and more comfortable. I'm usually a size 28 and I buy 27 in J Brand because they give out. If you like it a little looser then get the 27 but if you want it to fit snug then get the 26 =)

Hey girl ! =D

Does anyone know any code for ASOS.COM please ?


For 25% off use: october09

Thanks ! I just ordered the Men Scarf Navy & Green ( like Kristen's ) and Katey I just send you a message : can you read it please ? =D


A factory in North Carolina just got a new shipment in!!!!!!!!!! They have all three colors, and I'm pretty sure in all sizes. ONLY $50!!!! I already ordered mine lol!

The phone number to call is: 1 (704) 979 1230
Style #/Color # of Jacket: 299190-010

I'd hurry, though, no telling how fast these'll sell out!

is that a nike factory store? i KNEW there were more of those jackets around! lol.

thanks so much for the info. hopefully ill be able to order one in the morning!

Oh, I want one too. Could someone please order one for me aswell? I live in Sweden and I would refund you for everything! Please! I want it so badly.

hey gelix: I can buy and ship you one. I use to work at a local UPS store and I'm still really close to everyone that works there so I can easily ship one to you. Just message me your info on here! I love helping another kstew fan out lol non of my friends at home are ones!

hey how do you the factory or whatever it is is legit, have you seen the jackets and purchased one?

Could someone maybe order one for me too please? I live in Austria and of course I would refund for the jacket + shipping :)

Do you seen a picture of the jacket ?

hey :) i would be soo greatful if someone could get me that nike jacket in black size L. i live in scotland and i really want one!! do you know how much it would cost for the jacket and shipping? thanks :) x

Drats ... they are sold out. :(

omg they are already sold out!!??? that sucks!!!

is that the style number and color for the black one?

yea, when I called they only had xs left ... I was calling to get a couple for the international folks here on CS ... but they also said they will sell only 3 per buyer. oh well.

yeah i called like an hour ago to get one and they said they only had XS in the black :( and i wasn't sure if i would need the L or XL anyways cuz he didn't have measurements or anything.

i guess we will just have to wait and hope that somewhere comes out. he was we just got these in yesterday and there are already gone, is this a hot item? and i go...well Kristen Stewart wears it and he goes ohhhhh that must be it then. lol

I bought the black and gray one too and at least I don't feel lied to because they didn't and wont have blue available at all-so I really do have the last *BLUE* one lol
They only had gray and black this morning. I set my alarm and talked to like 2 people haha it was hilarious cuz I called at like 9:58 and they were like JUST BRING THE WHOLE RACK OUT its going to sell out really quick. Someone from here (From canada) must have ordered one because he was talking about it on the phone with me. They didn't get that many in he said and he said it was just like a random shipment and didn't think they would get anymore. I am lucky to live near a nike store because I bought a couple sizes of black because I want to make sure it fits and if it doesn't I can just return it he said.

BUT I want my refund for the random texas factory that charged me 85 for each jacket instead of 50 or whatever this place was. Unless for some reason the blue costs extra but that would make no sense whatsoever.

I called about 30 minutes ago and got the last black one in Large as well as a black one in XS for someone also here on CS. They did have more of the jacket in the other colors if anyone is interested. The ship FedEx and it is free shipping. The total for 2 jackets was $107.72. If I don't like the Large one I will let you guys know. I originally wasn't going to get it but figured what the hey.

YAY! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! you are going to LOVE it so much. seriously. It is so comfy but makes you look thin. You will love it. Way better than the hot topic one haha. You're lucky you got them. When I called at 10ish he said it would only be another hour before they were all gone. Maybe someone canceled an order? or they found more in the back? I know he said the majority of them were XS and that there was very few smalls in the black. The sizing is weird so I ordered a couple sizes to make sure it fits good. I'm an addict lol

They didn't have blue though so I will either sell them both or get my money back from that stupid factory haha

Meg - are you serious? I thought you said the blue large jacket fit perfectly? Why go and buy a few different sizes and not give someone else a chance? I'm fortunate I was able to get one, albeit, one size smaller because my size was already sold out but there are others on here who didn't/couldn't and sure as hell probably tried. At least you won't sell it for 5x the price...I shudder to think of the prices on ebay in a couple weeks :/

Meg- seriously? First of all, I just called and they had the blue, so your blue isn't the LAST IN THE US! Secondly, if you truly weren't trying to make a profit then you could offer it to one of the many people here who want a jacket, but can't afford to pay the absurd prices on ebay. I agree with thatgirltoni, why not give someone else a chance to buy the jacket instead of snatching them all up? Everytime you comment on here it sounds like you're campaigning for your ebay auction. It's fine if you want to make a profit, we all need to make money, and I used ebay a lot through college to make money, but don't pretend like you're just trying to give everyone a fair chance to get the jacket.

Thanks so much !!
Can you order one for me please ???
I don't live in USA but I promise to refund the price of the jacket and the shipping cost !!!


oh my god..please me too. i dont live in the us....please..ill refund through paypal....
please please...

Sylver, I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly wanna help you out!!! But I don't have a lot of money for pre-buying. I don't mind buying you one AT ALL, but I've already decided that two international buyers are my limit lol. You can def. be one of them! Let me know if you're interested!

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