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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



Can someone flag the TC sunglasses? Thanks! (Internet running slowly right now..)

i don't think people realize there's more spots than just what's on those arrows and that you have to click "see all"'s annoying.

kristen has a tattoo on his neck???
OR WATH?????? :/

Kristen has a tatoo in her neck???? OR WATH? :/

seeing how kristen is the one in the blue shirt pulling the luggage up. no she doesn't have one. that is nikki.


Hey all I bought the new moon green party dress today and really love it. Super cute. I also bought the green courdoy jacket. at first I saw the jacket & and thought ehh. Not sure i'm going to buy this. Doesn't look appealing on the hanger to me. But the second i put it on. I knew it had to be mine. I love the form fittness of it. I'm not super skinny like KStew & have a big chest. so it's not as lose on me, to me on her it looks like a loose jacket not very form fitting. But the jacket still totally works for me despite the fact I have a very different body type from KStew & the hot topic model. So for any of you who are more chesty & more curve don't be scared off.

BTW: I know the Old Navy cropped Jacket Kstew wears with the party dress has been sold out for months. So does anyone know of other stores that maybe selling a black crop jacket that looks similar.

How does the sizing work?

I tried on the jacket in the store today and had my friend take pictures of me wearing it from the front and the back. I figured it might help those of you who were still on the fence as to whether or not to buy it. For the record it is really comfortable.


That looks good !! I can't wait to get mine. Did you get the bella crest ring? I forgot to get it and I spent like 150$ on stuff *sigh* Do you know if they have them in the stores? Hope you used the coupon if you ordered it online! :)

Yeah they have them in stores. Not that impressive actually. If they hadn't already shipped my order I probably would have returned it.

Just a heads up for people waiting on orders from asos who lkive outside the UK, there have been loads of postal stikes in London recently and thats where all international mail goes out from so that may be why deliveries are taking longer.

thank you so much for the info because i was wondering what was up with the whole shipping thing

ahh ok. i wasn't mad it was taking long - just that the tracking number they gave me does not work. oh well. guess i have to wait.

Hey guys I found kristen's stilettos. she wore them when papz discovered her and michael (being in a couple ) at an after party

I couldn't ID them yet, but Kamala Harris ( I don't know her) wore them, too:


and kristens manager wore the same top like her (or she wore the same)
look at the blonde woman:


oh yeah it is the same. i wana know the lonng top she is wearing in the above picture witht the white vans

That top looks like it would be from Urban Outfitters :) im sure ive seen it in a cream colour one time x

I found the same style in many colors at old navy ! Look at their website !

Does anybody know, where I can find this shirt?


Check on ebay at the seller :


the seller Cosplaying doesn't exists. Can you send me the link?

the sellers name is cosplayying. with two y's

Answering question about sizing chart for Bella party dress and Corduroy jacket. Green dress from Hot topic: XS-XXL. Corduroy jacket XS-XL.

Thanks but I meant, what is the difference in size between juniors and women's, because the merch is all in junior sizing
I probably should have been more specific

I asked the store for you when I was there. They said a US size 2-4 would be a Small. It is pretty formfitting.

Thank you :)

Hey anyone know were I might find a black cropped jacket, similar to the old navy crop jacket worn by bella with the green party dress?

If you don't want to buy the dress as well as the cardigan just contact Cosplayying directly. I had the sweater but not the dress and they lowered the cost since I didn't need it. I bet you they would make you the sweater to fit your measurements.

Does anybody know where I can find this shirt?


Kristen's shirt is vintage, so your best bet to finding one thats similar is ebay or shop around in some vintage shops

This comment was deleted.

soooo expansive

hey girls for you krisen's glasses are rb new wayferer in this pic?

No, they're not Ray Ban's :) I think we don't know the exact brand. They're just vintage Wayfarers.

the correct link..

So I know the shoes Kristen wore to the VMAs are the Rock n Republic Nika pumps but $300 is a little steep for me (since i just bought the French Connection coat haha and have rapidly depleted my bank account)...anyone found anything similar?

What colour ipod does Kristen Stewart have? Is it a nano, 4th or 5th generation? x

Asking again does anyone have the direct link to the " Be the change Toms" I remember there being a direct one. TIA!

I saw two pairs on eBay a few days ago. Best of luck finding them!!

Sorry! I didn't save them because they weren't my size. :/ I typed in Toms Be The Change on the search engine.

Girls can we please be absolutely sure before spotting things ( new top spotted) I know it's exciting to think you've found an exact match, but please make sure.

I can't find it anymore :(
There was a link posted on the "Be The Change" profile but it doesn't work.

Hey I'm sorry if I did not post correctly. Looking at the bottom of the pic and some of the other ones taken from that day (the quality of them is poor) I think it's the top. I was looking at the bottom of the picture where it appears to be purple striped, and since splendid appears to be a common brand they use I thought it might be it. The shirt also has the very similar three buttons in the front. If you guys don't think it's the right shirt I'll take it down right away, I'm really sorry. Let me know.

for some reason i don't think that it is the right shirt. cuz you can't see the stripes in the picture that you have it linked with. and the one that you have it linked with is from Eclipse filming right now. the one that she wears in New Moon, that rugby one is already spotted under the Bella Swan profile. we are trying not to spot Bella stuff under Kristen's own personal page anymore :)

there's still TONS of bella stuff to be removed. why do they keep removing some and not all of it? annoying.

Does anyone know of this jacket to be found??

It's the Gucci Resort 2009 Jacket.

FYI - Kristen's JanSport "SuperBreak" backpack is being sold at Staples stores. :)

Hi Cortni! Do you mean her character Bella's backpack? Bella's backpack is a Right Pack.

Hey - maybe this has been asked before but I couldn't find anything, so could somebody tell me, what leather jacket Kristen is wearing in that picture? Thank you (:

if i do recall right, it was said that her leather jacket was a vintage one. so it was kinda hard spotting the brand.

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