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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



I'm so disappointed! I just ordered a pair of the J-Brand skinnies in grey that K-Stew has, and they sent them to me a size too big! I called to ask and customer service said they sent a different size because mine was out of stock!!! =[ I looked so hard for those pants....

aww man that sucks. i am sorry. that is weird that they didn't contact you to let you know they didn't have your size before they mailed them.

ugh. i've had stores do that to me before. i hate it. then you have to go through the hassle of returning them and waiting for a refund. they shouldn't be allowed to do that.

what?! that's really stupid. So you had to pay for shipping even though it wasn't what you had ordered?!

the Volvo XC90 is wrong in the cars section. he is driving the XC60 for Eclipse, just the same as he did for New Moon. the XC90 doesn't come in that color that is picture above for one. 2, you can see from the trailer picture of him in new moon near the car that it is the same. and 3, when you go to the volvo site and click on each of them to look at the back bumpers, the 90 and 60 have two totally different bumpers and the one that he drives matches on the volvo website as the 60. it needs to be removed from all the pages that have it as the xc90. i have flagged them all like twice and it is not getting removed. i am getting irritated. and if you need more proof dad is a car dealer and i showed the pictures to him and had him look into it and he even said that it is the xc60.

sorry for my rant, but it is getting on my nerves that they aren't deleting stuff when people know that it is wrong.

yeah all the wrong and double spots staying up lately is annoying. i keep flagging lots of stuff and it isn't getting fixed. it's really getting on my nerves too.

i know right. i just copied and pasted that comment on all the spots that had it as the wrong car. maybe then it will be taken care of. i mean it is wrong, so it needs to be removed.

why are they slacking lately with that stuff?

yeah and it's not just kristen stuff. i've flagged so many things.

I think it's just a lot of work. Deleting the wrong spots is surely not the only thing they have to do. So just be a bit patient ;)

it is work, but they were always quick about it before. it's been several weeks for some of the items, that's all.

yeah it is work but they used to have the stuff deleted in less than a day. now stuff is taking like weeks.

For those who were wondering, this is the pardon me shirt. I did one in black, and in light gray:

More options:
American Apparel:



and how much are you selling the black for?

I'm interested too !!

Me too!!!

me also!!!!!!!!!!! i love love love the pardon me shirt!

does anyone have a cheaper alternative for the juicy couture leather jacket kristen wore?

i found this one at pacsun

but the sleeves and bottom are more bomber style.

This comment was deleted.

thanks i loved the tillys one!!!
but the only thing is the pockets :]

I was going to buy AE Relaxed Flannel shirt in green and I saw that there isnt no more size.. I'm a 10-8 so I'm asking if someone has a AE shops near you and see if there are more shirt in my size. Well let me know!

yeah, me too! after much thought, i decided to get the green AE shirt but there werent anymore for my size. And since i dont live in the States, all i can do is pray that i might be able to get something similar soon online or at any store in my country - which i have yet to see any plaid shirt being displayed yet! =(

yep me too.i'm so sad.i was searching for that shirt everywhere but i don't live in the states too and its to expensive to send it to germany :( ahhh that sucks!

they have tons in the stores - i just saw them. find someone who can buy it for you and mail it?

I just went to ae by my house and there were a lot in the stores so if anyone needs help finding their size i may be able to help!

Hey, I'm dying to buy this shirt but unfortunately, I live in France and shipping costs 50$!! So it's more expensive than the price of the shirt. Would it be possible for someone to buy this shirt and send it to me. I could pay this person with Paypal. Of course, I would pay all the costs even Paypal fees.

does ks wear this ae shirt?

nope, she doesnt wear this but i feel it's the most similar one to her usual green plaid shirt.

unfortunately i dont have friends or relatives living in the States. =( or else, i'd be asking them to do me this little favour and will pay for all the costs... =(

i have the same problem like lilyrose...if someone could buy it for me too it would be awesome.i have paypal too

Use this code to get 15 % off on

is that the same one i posted a little while back? or is it a new one? they have so many codes, i can never remember.

Oh, I don't know to be honest. I found it by chance and it's still working. So I think it could be a newer one :)

i was just curious because they have pajamas i want, but they don't let you use the same code twice. i'll have to try it - thanks!

You can get Bella's party dress and another one of her jackets from New Moon at Hot Topic October 1st.

Wow, not long then! Thanks for posting this :)

I am excited! I am glad I get paid tomorrow!

Do you know how long hot topic will have them in stock, like is it only a temporary thing? I really hope they have them in for a while, I can only afford the jacket at the moment :(

ok, i know that i don't want the dress. now i just have to decide if i want the jacket. i am thinking probably not though. not sure how often i would wear it. i don't really like corduroy. ok the more i think about it. i am not going to get it. i don't really like green so that is a big turn off. but that is ok. everyone else can enjoy them!

I have the Hurley sweatshirt. Now that I have that I can match it up with the jacket. What can I say? I am a collector!

what' s the hurley sweatshirt leiaurora?

She wears a black hoodie with thumbholes made by Hurley. It used to be sold on and also on Amazon. Here's picture:

It's called the Hurley Girls Solid Sweatshirt. Even if it is not the exact one she wears it is pretty darn close and I like it either way. :o)


oh wow. never noticed that. i just assumed it was the green corduroy jacket. until you pointed out the thumbholes i thought it was the jacket all along.

There is another pic where you can see the jacket part peeking out through the corduroy jacket. You can see the jacket more in these photos:


Here's the link to Amazon but they no longer sell it. :o(

hey there - can you ID Kristen's shirt?

Just to let you know. Today I was out shopping and in primark i saw some gloves, similar to the ones kristen wears in new moon, the grey ones. Also, there are loadsa buffalo checked shirts in H&M, especially in the male section, even an aqua colored one like Kristen's, it's just the checks are smaller.

Did you get any of the gloves?

no i didn't, i didnt have any money :(
oops in my post i was meant to say - the ones she wore in TWILIGHT :)

She wears them in both actually, I'm such a twi-tard!

haha lol, does she? i didnt know that:)

For those who messaged me about the shirts and or commented on my wall,etc:

If you have any questions about pricing, the t-shirt, etc just comment on my wall or message me. As I've said on my profile on the site, I'm not trying to rip anyone off, so I'm only making about $3/$4 bucks. The American Apparel t-shirt is obviously more expensive due to it's quality and brand. I can design any other product, and take requests =)

eeekkkkk i just bought one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much for making them!

i will deff let you know! i can't wait to get it!!!!! :) this just made my day! i've wanted this shirt forever! lol

Does anyone know which exactly demn jacket Kristen has..the Levis one? There are so many..

ive been wondering the same thing
id like to know what the exact style and color is too :]

She has the men's trucker jacket in medium stonewash. I'm pretty sure it's men's because it's Michael's and I don't think he'd go out and buy a women's jacket.

It's definitely not Micheal's, since her's is form fitting and not a men's style. His is a lighter denim that her's and more boxier shaped. This one looks more like her's, but it's not necessarily hers, just examples of the style:

Why can't I edit my comment?

Anyways, platesoff, my bad, I see that now.

Her jacket's buttons are weird, I was just looking at it and her buttons are on the left side of the jacket (her right), while all the women's styles have the buttons on the right. Gonna go scour Google for older styles I guess.

I'm pretty sure it's a women's style but I could be wrong. But to me, the jacket she wears is from fitting, something you don't often see on mens denim jackets.



You're new here?!


HEY! i've been gone for a while... anything major happen?!?!

ermm... i dont think so! lots of awesome new stuff to buy tho :)

oh cool like what?

This is not Kristen related but i really like this shirt and was wondering if someone can help with the brand or something, i know it has writing on the front but that hasnt helped me so far. Please if someone knows, let me know. Thankyou! :)

Do you know if the Kristen's French Connection Arnas Coat is in the colour DARK NAVY or in the colour NAVY ?? =)

we had whole debate. I got navy. I think it is navy, but some people think its "dark navy" the navy color is a little darker and warmer...more wool.

Does anybody know where I can get a patagonia rubicon puff jacket in llama brown?
Or is anybody willing to sell theirs?
Thanks :)

hey.. what do you think what shoe would look more similar to kris'?


I would say the second pair


the second one, i agree. i like most of them except the last two, but i will stick with my doc marten oxfords.

i have these:
they're the clunky ones you don't like, but i prefer these :)

like weight-wise? no, they're actually not. i love them.

Kristen's are designed more like the sixth pair... those aren't them but hers has a thin trim around the shoe, not as clunky as the others. I believe her's are by Church's, but I'm not sure.

hey, I found this jacket on asos which reminds me of the Gucci Resort 2008 jacket Kristen wore. I know it's not the same colour but the style is very similar :)

Good find! Very close.

hi everybody i have a question for you, kristen wear rb 2132 in size 52 or 55 in this pic?? i wait your opinion, here's the link

they are the 52. i have the same exact pair and they go the same distance down my face like hers do. she also had the rayban 2140s, the original style, and those are the 54mm ones. hope that helps you.

i agree with this too. i have the 52mm and they're the same size as hers.

Hey guys - I need a little advice;
I bought a Nike Quilted Fleece Jacket --- (the one Kristen owns ) --- about 4 months ago, and have worn it about 6 times, so it's used and without tags. I bought it for about $100, and I don't really think it suits me.

I'm going to try and sell it on eBay - how much do you think I should ask for (it's in perfect condition, size small)?

(also, if anyone is interested in buying it, let me know - I promise I wont mess around, I can give you pics of me in it, or close up pics for you to see that it's in great condition if you'd like)


I would be interested. How much are you asking? I know they were just on sale for like 40$ and you can still get them at some stores. Anyway let me know :-D It looks so comfy!

I am also interested as well. Can you please tell us what size it is. :)

i don't think you can still get them at any stores - not in black anyway. it IS comfy though. i wear mine a lot.

yes, they were on sale on finish line website a couple days ago for like 40$

they haven't had the black ones in a long time, though, meg. the last time finish line had black in stock was a year ago. that's why people are trying so desperately to buy one somewhere else.

I FOUND ENERGIE top in hoodie and v neck!!! with drawstrings!! I will post pics later :)

I am jealous. Where did you find it? I have been to 5 Sears, 4 JCPenney's and a JCPenney outlet and nada. Sighs.

It was either JCPENNY or sears for sure. I wish I knew you wanted one or anyone did cuz they had a TON and I would have bought some and sold them on ebay...and NOT for 60$! lmao.

Did you see that GREEN HENLEY from American eagle...someone bought for 130$? Unbelievable.

Hey! is there any way you could check your reciept and see which department store you purchased the energie top at? Thanks!

I must have had my mom drive me around for like 4 hours because I dont have a car. I honestly don't remember but its the same color as the one I posted before, but just v neck hoodie...I still think the color is so close though. I was going to buy more but I didn't know if people would want them :-/ It was only 14$ I looked at every department store I could!

Hey, I sent you a msg about hot topic..did you get it? I'm trying to order it but it wont let me yet!! and its technically OCT 1 :(

Grrr. Those people are idiots. I just called to order the jacket and they said that since the SKU #'s etc are not up they cannot place the orders yet. I then asked when it would be up and she had no idea. They need to get their act together over there. I deliberately stayed up so I could make sure to place my order and for nothing. :oP
If you go back to that store in the near future let me know. I can get you the money via Paypal.

You should be able to order it!! Did you get my message? I should take a picture of the energie top and the jacket. If I'm there again I can definitely buy you one (if its the one you are thinking of)

i very like kristen become my fans please

I ALSO think I found the jacket from New moon---the green plaid one or a really good replica...its from American Eagle. Once I buy the hot topic jacket when it finally goes on sale tomorrow I can post some pics. Its like a windbreaker material like it is in the movie and it looks so close!!

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