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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



This comment was deleted.

you're not allowed to post this here. coolspotters wants people to use the "buy it" links on the product pages.

ugh...i can't stand when people use kristen's name to sell stuff on ebay.

Thanks Platesoff :) I appreciate it.
I don't know what the problem is. Ton's of girls have wanted this jacket and they aren't being made anymore. A week ago a girl was selling her USED jacket on here for 300$. I went out of my way and used my own money to pay a lot of money to have the 2nd one shipped to me just so I could give someone the opportunity to get the jacket. People have been looking for it everywhere and the "BUY IT" link goes to a finishline website that doesn't sell the jacket. If no one wants to buy it they don't have to. and I used kristen's name because when I shop for stuff on ebay I type in her name to find things. thats just how it is. You buy "kristen's stuff" and a lot of people on here do (Which is why we all come to this site). I am by no means "ripping anyone off" I am trying to get what I paid for it plus all the stupid ebay fee's. I want to give people the opportunity to get it NEW and not have to pay 300 or 400$ for a used jacket. and if you didn't notice I thanked all my friends here on the listing :-D <3 u guys. :-*

No :-D :-D I was saying I appreciate you sticking up for me!! Ebay really rips you off when you sell it and I was going to just do it here, but I like the formality and security of ebay. Unfortunately they take like 15-20$ after you list something plus their stupid fees! UGH. And I really didn't think I would like the blue, but I love it! I have so many black and gray jackets with the AE bomber and billabong and stuff, so its a good change. I live in Boston so it gets SUPER cold here :-D

We always talk on here about how people use Kristens name to "rip" people off like for example, the energie hoodies seen on bella that might not even be the one she actually wears. You can STILL buy those at jcpenny for 13.99 and a seller on ebay is selling them for 50-60$ also selling a long sleeved version for 85, and *That* is taking advantage of kristen's name. They are selling items that you can still buy. Also with the bedding you can still buy in a diff color at target. This jacket is old out everywhere. I was trying to tell Pfrog that I want everyone to have a chance to get or at least look at it. I felt bad that people wanted it so badly they would spend 400$ for a used one. BUT as you know it is so comfy, I would probably do the same if I knew how comfy it was before buying it hahaha. I think I could probably sleep in it. I am a hoodie girl and its like a hoodie, but sexy? You know what I mean? Like how does it look so puffy and feel warm, but make you look thin? ITS INSANE!!


FYI for anyone who sells anything on Ebay ... believe it or not, it is a huge policy violation to use the following words ANY WHERE in your listings ... BELLA, KRISTEN STEWART, TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, ECLIPSE, etc. You cannot use any of the movie or characters names unless the item you are selling actually has that word on it ... such as the 'Worn by Bella" line or a 'New Moon' calendar ... they will literally shut down your account. Not sure for how long, but I know someone who had this trouble (unknowingly) when she was selling the comforter sets a while back. ALSO - the same goes for any images ... no images can be used that show the actor and/or characters face ... Ebay consider's this 'unlicensed third party use', and I am sure they have that policy in effect to cover their own butt ... I know there are many, many sellers using those key words, but believe me - it's just a matter of time, they will get tagged eventually, and their account will get suspended. I am not sure how I feel about this ... I know buyers use those words to look for the items, as it does make it easier ... especially for those fans out there who are not "in" on the brands, etc. (or this site) But on the same note, I see pics of Kristen all over some listings ... and it does get frustrating. So, just a heads up if you decide to put anything on ebay.

platesoff - i know it's one she's selling. that wasn't my point. my point was that coolspotters has made it very clear that it against the rules to post links to buy any items on ebay, because they want people using THEIR links, which sometimes also lead you to ebay. all i was saying is meglovestwilight was breaking COOLSPOTTERS rules.

as for my personal preference of people using kristen's name to sell things on ebay....well, that isn't going to change. i think it's tacky, and the sellers know damn well that using kristen's name and posting a link here is going to make their item go wayyy up in price.

also, in terms of ebay policies, i didn't want meg to get into trouble. it's actually against ebay policies to use kristen's name or image if not a product she is directly related an autograph of hers or something. if someone reports meg's listing, she will get kicked off ebay.

- You do not put Kristen's name on eBay unless she has actually worn the item or she has autographed something. You do not get kicked off eBay, but you do get a warning and your listing does get taken down.
- Yes, Coolspotters wishes you don't put direct links on here. The best way to get attention on here is to say, "I am selling X, contact me on my wall or message me".

Yes and You can say that it has been SEEN on her. I didn't say she wore it. Coolspotters is an awesome way for people to get access to information on where to buy items that their fav celebrities have. The link on the nike spot goes nowhere, and I think everyone has a right to get a chance to have a jacket that is no longer being made. I have seen tons and tons of postings about links one bay, the forks, shoes, etc. I am just trying to give people valuable information. Like I said, this is the LAST one available anywhere and if someone had a brand new one (I would want to know) :-D but thanks for all the great information :-D WEEEEE

I beg to differ (in reply to christine spots) ... you can have your account suspended. I have a friend who sold the comforter set on ebay (first time ever selling, this was in the beginning of the year). She used Bella in the title and had a pic of her in the description ... her account got suspended for 5 days. After being reinstated, (a couple months after the fact) she sold a few of those Lucky brand henley shirts ... she called ebay to ask if she could use the phrase "As seen in New Moon" ... the rep told her that was fine as long as she didn't mention the actors/characters names or show pictures. ONE DAY later, her account was suspended for 2 weeks. As it turns out, the reps at ebay have no clue what can or cannot be in the listings, but someone from a higher department (I forget what it was called) actually told her, "I don't care what someone else told you, our policy is you cannot use those words in that type of listing, at all!" ... after that call, my friend understood the policy more clearly, however - the part she had a hard time with was they wouldn't lift her suspension even though it was an ebay rep who told her she could use the phrase in the first place.

yes, i know someone who got suspended for using kristen's name and photo when selling a nike grind hoodie. her ebay account is suspended permanently. ebay calls it "keyword spamming" or something like that. they only allow it if it's something kristen actually wore, as in on her body, and she donated it to be sold. otherwise, ebay thinks it's misleading.

meg - as for the coolspotters link, just because people do it doesn't mean it's allowed. the links people post are usually deleted because it's against the rules. i didn't make the rules. i'm just telling you about it. if the coolspotters "buy it" link doesn't work, then you should contact them and let them know. but posting the link here technically is not allowed.

i also think that if meg didn't want to make a big profit on it, she could have made it a "buy it now" item for the cost at which she purchased it + ebay fees and shipping. i have nothing against anyone making money, meg, but don't act like you're doing a charitable act, lol. you're starting the hoodie at $80 and there is a reserve price above that amount! i paid $50 for my jacket from finish line,'re obviously making a profit. like i said, nothing wrong that, but let's call a spade a spade here.

i see meg's auction has been removed from ebay. the link no longer works? so i guess it did violate ebay's policies, unless meg took it down.

Yes hun I did :) Thanks for all your concern :) Anyone can contact me if you are interested in the jacket :-D

When I sold a jacket that was like Kristen's (last year), my account didn't get suspended, but they did give me a warning. They basically told me that we couldn't mention her name in the title unless she wore the actual clothing.

This is what I received in my e-mail:

Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because the following information violates our policy:

In title & description:
Twilight Kristen Stewart:

Celebrity names are considered the same as brand names. Unless a celebrity has officially endorsed the item or has actually owned it, sellers aren't permitted to include their names in listings.

This is the policy:

So... unless your friend has violated this more than once, she shouldn't have been suspended, which she must have done. Also, she must have received the same e-mail. I'm sorry to hear about the suspension though.

I believe it also depends on which quality control rep reviews your listing at the time ... I just called my friend to ask if she ever received a warning, and she did not. She was told that she should have known the policies before deciding to sell on ebay. One thing I know for sure, is that ebay is not consistent in reinforcing said policies ... it's almost like they pick and choose what actions they are going to take, and on what sellers. C'est la vie! :) After all is said and done with, I think the message is still the same ... do not use any word or phrase pertaining to the actors / characters or any of the movies ... not even something as simple as "As seen in", or "As seen on" ... neither are allowed as well.

hey do you know how to add something as a favorite ? :-D I have been trying to figure it out FOREVER :(

im sure you just become a 'fan'.

Does anyone know which shirt is it? Really nice one..
Miss her hair :(

i have a flannel like that one, only in shades of purple instead of blue. it's a men's and i got it at the vans store.

really? :) Good! Can you give a link for it? Thanks in advance!

i looked it up for you, although i have no idea whether this is exactly what is referenced:

yeah, that's the one i have. if you look under men's, though, they have a similar blue one. not a match, but close.

You need to chill. It's none of your concern. I paid 85 + 15$ shipping for MY jacket. I am happy that you got yours for 50$ now relax and move on from my life. lol. And as far as buy it now that is an EXTRA amount they charge you like 4 or 5$ depending on the price. People can always contact me with an offer and I can change it.

oh meg.....*shakes head* move on from your life? i didn't realize i gave a shite about your life. but i guess i could "move on" if you'd stop posting obsessively here about the jacket you're selling. all i was doing was telling you THE RULES. if you don't like the rules here at coolspotters, then you are free to LEAVE. all i'm saying is you know you're going to make a profit on it, whether you paid $85 or $50 (although i purchased mine from a store and not ebay, and mine was only $50, so i don't see why yours would be so much more). there's nothing wrong with making a profit...just cop up to it. don't act like you're doing a charitable act here. and stop using kristen's name and fan page to promote it.

StarKri - yeah that was the blue men's one i was talking about :) it's pretty similar.

::sigh:: oh "peace" frog. Gotta love your "peaceful" comments. ;)

I really can't believe I am getting involved in this, but this is what the problem really is and its difficult to get this sorted out on a message board. I think part of the problem is when you just post the first thing on your mind without really thinking about or forming your thoughts on the subject. Its a lot harder to actually live by one's principles than just spout them when it's convenient and benefits your stance.

posted by meglovestwilight about 2 weeks ago:
" i agree with the whole ebay thing. just because people know there are people like us who loves kristen stewart and or twilight..they go and buy out ALL of the merchandise at retail value and then we have to pay 4x what we would have had to pay if they didn't do that. its really not fair how whenever something is "spotted" i have to like run to get my credit card or else it will be gone and i'll have to spend 4x what it originally cost!!"

and then posted about 3 weeks ago:
"...anyway, mini rant is over and maybe I can look for more stuff to spot so we can all buy it out and then sell it on ebay for 4x what we paid :)"

really you don't like it when people buy ALL the merchandise and put it on ebay?, then you go and do the same thing. I think this is what has been pointed out to you, and just because somebody disagrees with you and points out your hypocrisy does not make them mean.

lol you guys need to do the math. 85 +15 + 20 x2 because of having to relist it plus the paypal fees ...I am actually going to lose money.
I AM selling it at retail price. and that is all I will say to you. She is not coming off as mean. she IS mean. and to be honest-I don't care. If people wan't to go spending 400$ for a 2 year old jacket they can do that or they can buy a new one. It is not against coolspotters rules-I contacted them actually. Just for future reference, you are allowed to do what I did and this is the end of the subject about my jacket. So move on.

and to reply about the ebay thing. People are putting things on ebay THAT ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR SALE. and they are selling them for 5x the price. For example, the target comforter you can STILL buy at target-but its on ebay for 500$. The energie shirt is available at jcpenny and sears for 14.99, but its on ebay for 90$ You guys need to chill out and actually read what I write and stuff over-analyzing it. I said I was against people going out and buying out an item so they can sell like 15 of them on ebay. I was looking for a jacket for MYSELF and they had one more so I bought that so I could sell it for someone (not necessarily on here). i didn't go buying 30 jackets to prevent normal people from buying them. Learn to read what I write people. And whoever you are cailint or whatever your name is-i never said the second thing. Please dont slander me. Thanks. now move on and we can talk about what this site is about:


meg - first of all, my username has nothing to do with being peaceful. if you knew anything about the band the doors, you'd know it's a song of theirs. but moot point.

maybe i am mean, i spent 4 years living in new york city, so i guess it's rubbed off on me. but you are hypocritical and it annoys me. you've said in the past you don't like people jacking up the prices of stuff on ebay and then you do the same thing AND post the link all over every kristen fan page, when it's not even allowed here. like i said a bunch of times, if you want to make a profit, go ahead, but don't be a hypocrite about it. (and listing fees for a $79.99 item with a reserve + FVF fees and PayPal are NOT $20, so i don't know who you're trying to kid. while i was in college, i made my living on ebay. if they were that expensive, i wouldn't have been able to afford it.)

my other big problem with you is that you are clearly trying to cash in on kristen fans, to the point of making ILLEGAL reproductions of copyrighted images. you were the one selling the copy of the delia's "i got the hookup" shirt, were you not?
delia's owns the rights to that shirt and image. you can go to jail for doing things like that. you were also trying to sell it for $94.99....not trying to make a profit? whatever.

also, meg? posting the ebay link here IS against coolspotters rules. why do you think it was deleted? and know how i know how it is against the rules? because i received this message from jennifer (a staff member) this morning:
"thanks for letting the kstew community realize that using the buy it links here at coolspotters should be the first stop in aquiring products. we could use all the help in getting that message out. we are always trying to update and edit those links as well so that they work properly."

i won't post anything else on this topic, so i'm done. but let's not kid anyone,'re trying to make a profit on kristen's name just like all the people you complained about not too long ago.

haha i know. i have no idea why the response about the jacket was even posted in response to starkri, lol.


how much did you pay for your fork?

Luuuucky!!! I paid like over 100$ :( oh well. Do you know what shirt Kristen has or sweatshirt from the born famous couture line or whatever that line is called?

For some reason I thought it was a sweatshirt she had, not the pocket t. :-/

Hey girls, do you know where I can find this jacket? (Sorry, it's not Kristen-related.)

Yeah, I know. I'm thinking either Nike or The North Face.

i agree it might be north face.

Try "The North Face Triple Long Puff Jacket" at

I don't think it is exactly north face since the lining is not black, but for me it would be close enough if I was looking for a coat like that. Another option is Patagonia, although their "puffy" jackets stuff, which looks almost the same a north face, is twice as much money.

Hey ppls How do I add something as a "favorite"?

You have to go on the profile of the "item" you want to add and then click under the pic on the button "ADD ME" (next to where the number of fans are written). Hope this was understandable?! :)

that just makes me a "fan" I can't seem to "favorite " anything. Do I have to click "make my own list"?

Yeah, when you're a fan it should appear on your favorite list.
If you click "Make your own list" then you create a new list like "My Stuff" and "Wish List".

Have you tried to click on add me? And it didn't appear on your favorite list?

Oh and it depends on what you want to add to your favorite list. You can add products, celebrities etc. but you can't add users to your favorite list (here you can become a fan).

Hi! Talking about jackets does anybody know where i could find the billabong hannah jacket. I bought it at PacSun, but when i got it it was too big and i send it back and they said that they didn't have a smaller size. I am truly disappointed. So i wanted to know if their is a jacket that is approximately the same price. I think it's $59.50.
Thanks =)

Hey Delia-Did they give you back your money? You could always sell it on ebay and then use the money you get to buy another one on ebay. Last time I checked, they were all sold out everywhere. If is all sold out you can try looking in their stores, otherwise sometimes (I think thats the name of the site) used to sell some. Otherwise just google "Hannah Billabong Jacket" and see if any other random sites have it.

thanks!! i'm pretty sure they are going to give my money back. I'm just really sad every time i order something online it's alway the wrong size. I looked it up in google and i found different ones but the problem is that some are really expensive and other ones are not the same http:
everything goes wrong, but thank you very much, i will keep looking and i will try to think positively.

Maybe some are the original and others are the reissued jacket?

Hey I was wondering if anyone could tell me if Bella's boots in Twilight are the UGG ADIRONDACK II short ones in Obsedian or the lighter otter color and if they are the short ones or tall ones? Thanks Girls! :-D

They are UGG ADIRONDACK II in Otter. You can tell by the color of the outter boot and the color of the lambswool. I think Obsedian has black lambswool and Otter has cream lambswool. Bella's have cream lambswool meaning they are Otter.

Thank you! I was pretty sure, but on some sites it said they were the darker ones which seemed insane judging from pics and from the movie and then saying they were tall! And in the beach photo with jacob they look short and before I spent like 200 or 300$ I wanted to make sure :-D

It's definitely the Otter color, I have those boots in Obsedian (just prefer the darker color) and mine are WAY darker than the ones in Twilight.

those boots look so awkward...

Thanks guys! They are super sexy! I can't wait to get them! I love UGGS. I like both colors though, so I'll have to see which color I like better. Yay!! More stuff to buy!! haha

I got them last winter and I love them!! They are soo comfortable and warm. And there is nothing "awkward" about them. They're amazing and I get compliments about them all the time. I think you'll love them Meg!!

i just think they're too big and ugly. they look like the boots my dad wears to go hunting, lol. ew.

Can anyone please tell me how well the French Connection arnas coat fits? Is it true to size because I heard it's slouchy. I'm usually a xs-s in clothing and I don't know what size to get because it gets cold here and I usually layer, but I also like it to be fitted, if that makes sense.

>>>>> Please read this ( this problem is on it's way to annoy me that much, actually)
Hey guys please stop talking about bella swan all the time. Bella is a surreal character and Kristen is NOT.

Moreover - it's Kristen's site. I'm getting so irrated when I want to figure out all the Stuff I missed about kristen by reading the comments . I really like the twilight series and also the film-projects, but I'm really not interested in Bella's clothing style. It's not that outstanding. I don't get the hang of why it should be so hard to start commenting and discussing on Bella's site.

I mean, HELO .... Don't you think I'm right in this point. do it elsewhere please.

Before filming new moon had started(and with it the new bella clothes appeared ) we'd talked about Kristen, by then.
???What's the hard thing about writing on Mrs. swan's site???

and there are more people on coolspotters thinking like me, aren't they?
Also spotting bella's clothes on kristen's is absolutely silly.

P.S: Not even kristen discribes twilight as the remaining role of her life > so WHY THE HELL do you talk about the wrong stuff on the WRONG site???

Thank U for reading... and please be honestly with answering (...)

i agree completely, i love the saga but there is a Bella's profile and i think that any comment about bella's clothes should be posted there... Anyway, User 34, don't be angry, we are all friends :)


Bella Swan is a fictionnal character...

seriously ?...

I mean seriously ? LoL

we know as Bella Swan is a fictionnal character, thanks for the info anyway^^

If the Bella's stuff is so irrating for you, don't read !!

In the Kristen's products, they are a lot of character products, like in Zatura, Adventureland...
Why not twilight ?

If you are not interested by the Bella's clothes. OK. But a lot of people are interested by this here. And everyone don't have the reflex to look in Bella Swan's profile !!

You like so angry for noting so important !! Sorry for my english^^

I don't write this to make a drama (a another one!), but It's not the first time as I see your post and I really don't like how you speak.

So , Peace ^^
We are all fan of Kristen here !! That's it !

I second everything Kristen said! Your english is GREAT!!!Perfect
No one goes on the "BELLA" profile (look at the profile and see comments from "a month ago" not "14 minutes" like this site and there are a ton of fans on here. Basically if you don't care or like her style-don't comment or read the comments about it when people do. A lot of people like her style and new moon has a lot more "kristen-like" clothes which is why a lot of "non-kristen" fans are angry because they feel like the wardrobe is "too kristen stewart" and less "bella swan" WHICH is the reason why a lot of us like the new moon clothes lol

I understand all the different points of view, everyone has a valid argument...
but personally, ( i do love twilight too)
I think that maybe people should start commenting more on the 'bella's site', if we suggest this to everyone, maybe there will be more comments on her page soon...
I don't really mind the comments, although to be honest this is Kristen's page and I don't see a point in a 'Bella' page if people just comment here.

i agree with user34. there's a reason there's a separate "bella swan" page here on coolspotters. this page should be for kristen discussion only.

ugh, i can't stand twilight....

Maybe we can make it as a suggestion and add a hyperlink to the Bella page for people that are interested in talking about Bella's clothing in the "About Kristen" on the top.

I'm really sorryfor being that serious.

and hey guys... you're great...
thank you for this sympathy (:

also ... I said sorry at the end of the comment.

I know I've been sort of angry but only because I never got an answer before.

and I think it doesn't even sound logical to have a look at bella'S page to find out something new about kristen ...
( I know I can't speak English)

anyway but ok I'm sorry, really!

@ Christine.spots: think it's a great idea.

Hey guys, anyone knows if BDG skinny jeans run small or large?? I want to buy a pair online but i don't know wich size choose... i'm a 26 in J brand pencil...

BDG jeans run different seriously in every single style. I luckily live right near a store and I must have returned jeans like everyday for 3 days because depending on the style they run REALLY small or really big. Like the skinny jeans I have to buy 2 sizes bigger or I can't even fit it above my ankles haha (unless you are looking at the stretchy ones that are like leggings). Sorry if thats confusing. Do you have a store near you? I have J brand pencil and I would order a size up in the BDG skinny (in comparison to J brand).

uh, I live in Italy, so definitely I haven't a store near me, lol ! But thank you so much for your help... from the picture on the jeans seems REALLY skinny, so i think i'll order a size up... or maybe 2 :)

i'm usually a 28 and i got a 27. j brands run very tight. i get a 29 in j brands because the legs are very tight.

I looked for kristen'S golden four leave clover ring and I found this motive and It looks like her ring

cool!! love it. Thanks! Go irish! :-D

where is every one? This is supposed to be the plus side of being sick...checking this all the time..

Yeah, I was wondering that too.

You are sick? Hope you get well soon :)

Aw thanks..ya its totally i got bored and uploaded a ton of photos...enjoy!

I just saw them. GREAT! Thanks a lot ^^

Hey Ive seen before that people recreate clothes? like putting the brand on other clothes? I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this with the "Nuns with Guns" hoodie?

I was trying to figure out how to do that but its hard because I can't find the pic of the nuns with guns in the hot pink design Kristen has :( Plus the lettering I wish that hoodie would get re-issued! I love it! I need to stop buying stuff but I can't! HEELELPPPPPPP MEEEEE!! haha

there was a recreation for sale somewhere online. i'll try and find it again...

Apparently, there's some guy on ebay that's selling the Red Riding Hood spoon or fork. Check out his comment on coolspotters, it's the last comment on the page I am linking to. That's good news to all those who are interested. :)

his rings look kind of weird. Hopefully, like you said, it will only cost like 40$ to get mine made into a ring :-D I hope! When are you going to get yours made into a ring? I wonder if they charge more depending on if its a fork or a spoon :-/ I am scared of going somewhere and then having them destroy the whole thing! That would be so terrible after spending so much money on it!

does anyone have issues getting their frye boots on?

yeah i have to pull mine pretty hard to get them on but once they are on they are a comfortable fit

I did the first time but since I wear them a lot I seem to have broken them in. You can always pull from the straps on the sides when you are sliding your foot in. Discovered that the other day (D'uh!) and it made it much easier!

I have a question for those of you who have the French Connection Arnas coat. Did your coat come with an extra button? I bought this coat on ebay and when I received it there was a missing button. The seller sent me the missing button, but it got damaged in the mail. I just wanted to ask to see if I was jipped an extra button that usually comes with coats in case one in lost. Thanks!

I got my coat from Asos and there was an extra button that came with it.

Thanks for letting me know! I knew I got jipped an extra button.

What's happening with those t-shirt spots lol? How can anyone be sure of what brand a plain gray t-shirt is esp in some of those pics.

i know that is what i was thinking. for all we know they could be fruit of the loom, or hanes. you know not everything she wears has to be some name brand thing. she is a down to earth girl after all.

Hey, does anyone here own the Keep Company Guerra shoes? I want to get some and was wondering how comfortable they are when worn for long periods of time. Thanks :)

i have them and they're sooooo comfy. the shoe itself is very soft and very cushioned. i was surprised how light and soft they were.

where did those vanity fair pictures come from? they kind of look like manips. also does anyone know where to get the green skeleton like the ones on dead threads? mine are wearing out and since it's starting to get freezing in NY i want to order new ones but the site is down.

if we are thinking of the same VF pics, those are outtakes and not manips

they are new outtakes that have been released by VF. don't worry, they are not manips.

I'm looking for the skeleton gloves too, I can't seem to find them anywhere.

i bought mine at Hot Topic. I didn't see the ones I bought on their website, however.

Walgreens has them too at this time of year.

i actually own skeleton gloves - not kristen's - but i have some really great ones. i got them from the grocery store lol. they're awesome and out every year, so if you have a shop rite... they have them there for like $4.99.

i got mine here, but they're currently out of stock:
maybe check halloween stores? given the season, you might get lucky and find them!

Yeah mine look identical to Kristen and Nikki's but it's not a turquoise-y's the glow in the dark color, because that's why the do. When they glow though it's very faint, they glow about as much as you do wearing a white t-shirt. I love my gloves...I got them during the Halloween season so a lot of stores should have them.

Oh well, I wear a lot of leather and I would say it fits my clothes...but, only you can judge how it'll look with your stuff. If you don't think it'll go or look right then you can trust your judgment...I only bought them because leather gloves are too stiff for me and usually longer than my short fingers -- and I don't like plain gloves. I have my skellies and a bunch of fingerless ones lol.

i got a pair identical to those at a store called catos- for $3 just the other day!

oh really! awesome i love new pictures hahah. and BBUser if i do happen to come across anything cause im constantly looking i'll let you know

Hey does anyone have the genuine Ruth Cross Mittens? If so, can you tell me if you like them or not and if they are comfy etc? :-D Trying to think of XMAS presents early :-D!

Does anyone know where I can find a similar black top to this one she's wearing here (the see through one)

Platesoff-you should get the gloves! They look so cute with the scarf and the coat it all clashes in a good way :-D besides, I am pretty sure they are like 5-10$ so you can't really go wrong with that price. I would try hot topic or maybe amazon? or definitely any halloween store like everyone said.

Oh ya-for anyone looking for that Hurley Solid Black Hoodie with the thumbholes-I found one in black and one in gray today at Marshalls- I don't know if its the exact same one from the pictures because it has a bigger H on it, but it has the thumbholes so I got the black one and it was only like 24.99$ So check marshalls and tjmaxx if you have one near you. :-D I know was sold out of them and dogfunk and stuff so def check at tjmaxx! :-D its comfy and you gotta love the thumbholes!

i might go today to marshalls but i don't know hoe the hoodie looks like.

It is black but with a bigger h on the front instead of a small one up in the corner. but they had a gray one with h in corner (like hers) and I *think* that one had thumb-holes too, but the black one def did which is why I bought that one :-D

didn't we determine a while ago that the hurley hoodie spot for bella was wrong? i even remember cortni thinking it was wrong as well. she's wearing the courderoy jacket, and has her thumbs through the button holes at the bottom of the sleeves. it's not a seperate hoodie. i like that hurley hoodie, but i don't think that spot is correct.

p.s. - this discussion should be on the bella swan page and not here :)

The Hurley jacket was spotted wrong because previous girls determined that if the zipper went all the way up, it would cover a part of her head too, not reach the neckline.

oh?? I have no idea. I use that other site sometimes bellaforbidden or whatever it is and it was "spotted" there as the hoodie she is wearing. So what would the hoodie be then? because its black under the jacket. LOL how do you put your thumbs through button holes. I will have to try to that. I love the shirts with the thumb holes.
I actually only have one, bought it really cheap from JCPENNY for like 11.99 b/c its so cold where I live and its so nice to not have to pull the shirt down longer when your freezing. I read somewhere that its actually really easy to make your own "thumb holes" but I have no idea how to do it. haha. I need to learn to sew :-D

I am not sure what Christine.Spots is talking about with the zipper. I have the Hurley jacket and the zipper stops where a regular zipper stops on it. As for fingers through the buttonholes if you look closely you can see that the material is black. To me anyway. :0)

i just got my VANS authentic lo pro shoes in black and they are verrry comfy and so light.

how is the sizing on those? did you get the same size as you would normally get?

well i'm normally an 8 to 8.5 and i got an 8.5 and it fits perfect i think that is a 7 mens.

oh okay thanks so much! ;)

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