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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



Do you know if the Kristen's French Connection Arnas Coat is in the colour DARK NAVY or in the colour NAVY ?? =)

we had whole debate. I got navy. I think it is navy, but some people think its "dark navy" the navy color is a little darker and warmer...more wool.

Does anybody know where I can get a patagonia rubicon puff jacket in llama brown?
Or is anybody willing to sell theirs?
Thanks :)

hey.. what do you think what shoe would look more similar to kris'?


I would say the second pair


the second one, i agree. i like most of them except the last two, but i will stick with my doc marten oxfords.

i have these:
they're the clunky ones you don't like, but i prefer these :)

like weight-wise? no, they're actually not. i love them.

Kristen's are designed more like the sixth pair... those aren't them but hers has a thin trim around the shoe, not as clunky as the others. I believe her's are by Church's, but I'm not sure.

hey, I found this jacket on asos which reminds me of the Gucci Resort 2008 jacket Kristen wore. I know it's not the same colour but the style is very similar :)

Good find! Very close.

hi everybody i have a question for you, kristen wear rb 2132 in size 52 or 55 in this pic?? i wait your opinion, here's the link

they are the 52. i have the same exact pair and they go the same distance down my face like hers do. she also had the rayban 2140s, the original style, and those are the 54mm ones. hope that helps you.

i agree with this too. i have the 52mm and they're the same size as hers.

Hey guys - I need a little advice;
I bought a Nike Quilted Fleece Jacket --- (the one Kristen owns ) --- about 4 months ago, and have worn it about 6 times, so it's used and without tags. I bought it for about $100, and I don't really think it suits me.

I'm going to try and sell it on eBay - how much do you think I should ask for (it's in perfect condition, size small)?

(also, if anyone is interested in buying it, let me know - I promise I wont mess around, I can give you pics of me in it, or close up pics for you to see that it's in great condition if you'd like)


I would be interested. How much are you asking? I know they were just on sale for like 40$ and you can still get them at some stores. Anyway let me know :-D It looks so comfy!

I am also interested as well. Can you please tell us what size it is. :)

i don't think you can still get them at any stores - not in black anyway. it IS comfy though. i wear mine a lot.

yes, they were on sale on finish line website a couple days ago for like 40$

they haven't had the black ones in a long time, though, meg. the last time finish line had black in stock was a year ago. that's why people are trying so desperately to buy one somewhere else.

I FOUND ENERGIE top in hoodie and v neck!!! with drawstrings!! I will post pics later :)

I am jealous. Where did you find it? I have been to 5 Sears, 4 JCPenney's and a JCPenney outlet and nada. Sighs.

It was either JCPENNY or sears for sure. I wish I knew you wanted one or anyone did cuz they had a TON and I would have bought some and sold them on ebay...and NOT for 60$! lmao.

Did you see that GREEN HENLEY from American eagle...someone bought for 130$? Unbelievable.

Hey! is there any way you could check your reciept and see which department store you purchased the energie top at? Thanks!

I must have had my mom drive me around for like 4 hours because I dont have a car. I honestly don't remember but its the same color as the one I posted before, but just v neck hoodie...I still think the color is so close though. I was going to buy more but I didn't know if people would want them :-/ It was only 14$ I looked at every department store I could!

Hey, I sent you a msg about hot topic..did you get it? I'm trying to order it but it wont let me yet!! and its technically OCT 1 :(

Grrr. Those people are idiots. I just called to order the jacket and they said that since the SKU #'s etc are not up they cannot place the orders yet. I then asked when it would be up and she had no idea. They need to get their act together over there. I deliberately stayed up so I could make sure to place my order and for nothing. :oP
If you go back to that store in the near future let me know. I can get you the money via Paypal.

You should be able to order it!! Did you get my message? I should take a picture of the energie top and the jacket. If I'm there again I can definitely buy you one (if its the one you are thinking of)

i very like kristen become my fans please

I ALSO think I found the jacket from New moon---the green plaid one or a really good replica...its from American Eagle. Once I buy the hot topic jacket when it finally goes on sale tomorrow I can post some pics. Its like a windbreaker material like it is in the movie and it looks so close!!

thanks a lot Kerianne and Katey..i have a little face and i wouldn' t make a great mistake!!i'm going to order those new wayferers :-)

Okay so after like 5 hours of shopping yesterday this is what I found!


GREEN PLAID jacket with jacob scenes:

AND *FINALLY* the v-neck HOODED drawstring energie hoodie top *new moon*


::sigh:: there ya all go :)


WOOOOOHOO! Great finds meghan!! your hard work definitely paid off biggie time! :D

omg where did you find the energie top in the v-neck!!!!!!???? is it available online???

totally awesome finds meg! great job!

I sent you a message about the top.

Here is a replica of the green plaid jacket she wears in new moon. its on ebay for $75.

WOOOW!!the green plaid jacket replica is so similar than the one she wear in the motorcycle scenes!!

Its crazy, right? It might even be the same jacket!! its american eagle and she wears a lot of that in new moon :) Off to bed now...stayed up to order hot topic corduroy haha "my name is meghan and I have a problem" hahaha

:-)yeah!!more i look you pic more seems the exactly same jacket!!so..many compliments!!!hey hey i think that here we are more to have the identical problem LOL omg my horrible english haha i hope you understand what i mean ;-)

Girls, I read in a magazine that Kristen and Nikki are designing their own t-shirt line. Does someone know anything about it?
Or is it even true?

Oh, ok. Thanks for the info.

Too sad that they don't design shirts:D

wow, you are SO lucky for having thouse. :) i am a little bit jealous :)
I found this interview today, it kinda shows that Kristen has been dating Micheal very recently, if not still.

the new shots from kristen's cover with 'Interview' magazine - which issue is this gonna be in and when will it be available?
also, does anyone know what magazines kristen is gonna be in that will be available this month? thankss:)

sorry guys, but if anyone finds out another time, could you please message me ?:D Im from the UK and Kristen's never been in a magazine (apart from teen vogue) and my uncles going to america and i want him to buy me one:)

Quotes from the new interview ( for Interview):

-On everyone talking about her personal life: "There's nothing you can do about it, I don't talk to anybody about my personal life and maybe that perpetuates it too. But it's really important to own what you want to own and keep it to yourself."

-On feeling dull due to Twilight: "The sad thing is that I feel so boring, because Twilight is literally how every conversation I have these days begins."

Hey do you have a link for the interview?

hey coolspotters - if you're removing all the bella stuff, why is half of it still up.....AGAIN?!?!


does anyone know where i can get any tshirts like kristens.. just the ones that she always wears?? in the u.k

Just bought the bella dress, jacket and 2 necklaces ^^ yay!

that's cool :) i was going to get the jacket but then decided not too. i don't really like the green color if it :( was hoping that it was going to be brown. i thought hers was brown in the movie too, but that must be the other jacket that we can't seem to spot! lol

I liked it and didn't mind the color, i like that it has a hoodie :)

yeah i kinda wish that the American Eagle one had a hood on it :)

yeah KeriAnne i wish it had a hoodie too! but i still love it anyways ;)

i know it. it is a great jacket either way!

Is there any objections to having one of the pics from the new photoshoot as Kristen Profile pic??


Love this pic!!!

Me too. She looks so great! Love her hair in this shoot :)

that should definitely be her profile pic!

definitely should be her profile pic. send it to cortini and she can do it :) only certain people can.

i just sent it to jennifer in a message for her to change it. but i bet cortini will be quicker :)

woah that's intense...haha a little dark for my taste, but hey, she can pull it off! that's fine if you use it for the profile :)

i actually like the one from the same shoot of her giving the finger. this whole shoot is so hot...she makes me question my sexuality.


I do like that one too but not for the profile pic because I don't think it would be very appropriate with her giving the finger and all lol

they won't let that one be the default picture cuz of the gesture. lame i know, but that is just the way it is.

i think it's very appropriate actually...considering that's the way she is.

but that being said, i know they won't use it.

love them love them! complete girl crush for Kristen Stewart

those new pictures are great! what magazine is that out of?

They're from "Interview" magazine.

oh thanks :)

Does anyone think that the Energie sweater is wrong, based on this sweater from H&M, and this new photo of Kristen as Bella, wearing the supposed Energie brand sweater in a sleeveless style?


oh wow! now that i click on the link you just posted. lol. yeah i would say that it is probably this or a version of it in a different color. looks almost identical to me in design!

actually. i would say it is definitely this! the patterns are identical and you can see that she is wearing a shirt underneath it too to prove that it is a vest. good spot!! spot it away hun :)

I'm not sure the H&M sweater is the match because the one she is wearing is still a v-neck, but can anyone actually verify if the Energie top is the exact one she is wearing, or was it just pure speculation based on the fact that it looked similar?

the only thing that is different is that hers is a v-neck. which i am sure this will come in.

nope. no one can verify that the energie one is. all the person know is that it looks similar. i think you found a match.

the person sent me this picture of the one she found. it is the one she spotted as the energie sweater only different color..


Ah, so maybe it is the Energie one, just a sleeveless version rather than a long sleeve pullover. That picture above of the sweater looks identical to Kristen's in New Moon (disregarding the colour, of course).

yeah i know it. it is probably that just a sleevless. oh well. it is going to be one of those ones we will never be able to tell the real one. lol.

kinda like the brown corduroy one that she wears in new moon. it is definitely not he rubbish sherpia one, totally different. going to be a tough one to get!

i think that this one looks almost exact or exact. its closer than the other options that have been brought up at least. it could just be the colors of the other one making it seem that way though idk

I personally don't like the clothes seen in the Twilight series movies (just not my style, too homely/plain) but I know many, many people on this site adore Twilight and its merchandise/clothes so it's be good to get an exact match for those individuals who want to know the true style and brand.

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