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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



I found the be the change shoes on ebay.....but they are half a size too small for me so i don't think they'll fit but if anyone else wants to look its here.....

For size conversion: US men's 8 = US women's 10. :)

For people interested in new moon, the official song by Death Cab For Cutie, video including new moon clips :)

i love this video!! i think it the song is perfect for what Bella and Edward are going through in the movie, and the clips are exactly right for the song!

I love this. I think the song is really eerie and it works for New Moon.

i love the song and the video! i agree with KeriAnne the song is definitely perfect for Edward and Bella! im so glad that it was only Edward and Bella featured in the video, since the song is for them ;)

Hey guys I have a couple of questions..Firstly, noone ever found Kristen's coat that she wore at the London premiere? and is there anything similar to the Nuns with Guns hoodie? Finally, does anyone knw where to find her big ass backpack? Not the Nike one..thanks..

me again..can anyone help me find the Nike salt and peppa hoodie that shipps to Europe? Either style..

yes please, I'm looking for it too but can't find it :(

currently, I'm pretty sure their isn't a site that ships to Europe:( I have searched a lot and the only places are for the USA.

Hey guys, just wondering, are we sure that Kristen's authentic lo pro black Vans shoes are Lo Pro rather than just Authentic? They look more like the regular Authentic ones to me but I can't find any HQ pics to be sure :/

i have the vans authentic lo pro's and I'm 99% sure they are, they look exactly the same, same fit, same style, everything.

the authentics are too thick on the bottom. kristen's are thinner, which is why they're the lo pro.

no, they're definitely lo pro.

Hey everyone. I know a lot of you were interested in the Frye Engineer Boot she wore from the EW shoot, and I also know that most sites have been sold out for a while. I found these Frye Engineer Boot on Urban outfitters

To me they don't look exactly like the boots she wore in the shoot (to me those are longer), but maybe if you want a substitute you can check these out :)

actually she wears the frye victoria boots. we first thought they were the engineer ones but they aren't...

Ohh thanx so much for clearing that up! No wonder they looked different lol :D

whoops they are called veronica ^^
victoria, veronica sounds all the same :D

these steve madden boots are a great substitute. my mom has the frye veronica shorties, and i have these steve madden ones, and they are very similar:

For anyone looking for the French Connection Jack Dress.

A seller also is selling a couple of sizes of the FC coat the Kristen wears.

NICE! And they are here in the US! I have a friend who was looking for one! But she didnt want to buy from the UK after I got dinged with a customs fee.

WOW! That's expensive. And personally I don't think that's Kristen's coat. I mean, hers doesn't look so woolen. Here's a pic of hers:

And if you compare that to the close-up pics of the coat on Ebay it doesn't look the same.

I don't know just my opinion :)

ummm.. i saw the Ruth Mittens being sold for US 350 on ebay... is that considered a normal price for a pair of mittens?! im actually kinda shocked that it's *that* expensive..

shocked too @__@

wow! that is really expensive. the ones that are being sold on, the ones that she wears in the movie, are only $80. so i am have no clue why someone is selling them for that much!

hey guys!! can youu tell me if any of the pieces of clothing that kristen is wearing in this pic have been spotted already and what they are
just scroll dwn a bit fro the pic

and can you tell me how you just post a pic on these comments instead of a url
thanx you guys xx

the leather jacket is vintage and the jeans are already spotted...
or these ones
hmm the same pictures are spotted with 2 different jeans, I personally think it's the second one.

you can make an account on photobucket and then post the direct link to the picture here and the picture should show up

does anyone know what jacket she is wearing here??


It's the "Nike Salt & Peppa" jacket which has already been spotted. :)

oh, okay thanks!:)

has anyone seen this?? so amazing. the new moon soundtrack preview.

thanks for posting the video of the previews ;)

i found a born to be famous shirt that looks like the one Kristen wore, but is different color:

Eeeewwww. I do not like the version of the shirt at all. I checked the Born Famous site to (after I saw your next comment) and they aren't even selling it anymore! I emailed them asking if they were going to and have still not gotten a response. Boo. :0(

Oh and the web site is also available

Well the website may be up now but they don't have the shirt Kristen wore listed. Boo!

Just got my FC jacket...LOVE IT!

are you talking about the french connection coat? where can i get one? thank you.

Yes! I got it from Asos

i ordered mine on sep 24th :( still haven't gotten it :( I got my scarf already a couple days ago and I ordered it AFTER the jacket :-0 so weird.

Hey could you please post the links for the jacket and the scarf?
Thanks a lot!

No can do, just checked the website and looks like the jackets and scarf are sold out :(

A while ago, someone was asking about the "games" t-shirt from Adventureland. I just so happened to come across it today. Here's the link:

aww man. they are out of Large in female :(
i better do the notify thing then. cuz that is a good price.

I got mine on ebay, quite a while back, its exactly the same :)

heey, does anyone know where i can get this bathing suit top or one like it, i think its awesome and funny and soo Kristen lol;)


I messaged you. I wasn't sure if I could post the link here lol..I don't know if there are rules against it or not, so I'm playing it safe.

I'm looking for it too, but I'm not sure it's very legal LOL

Cortni find a really good alternative !!

why would a bathing suit be illegal? pictures of pot leaves aren't illegal.

Not the bathing suit ! The picture on it ! I'm not sure It's appropriate on coolsporters ! That's all!

BTW, I've buy one thanks Cortni !!! X0X0

I'd be careful trying to rock this swimsuit; this could easily come across as super trashy.

LOVE THE SOUNTRACK! girls the FConnection coach is still avalaible?

okay guys, Ive just found out about Kristen being on the cover of seventeen magazine and an interview with rob nd such inside. When is this issue available- and til when? thanks x

has anyone here attempted to reproduce kristen's hair in interview magazine?
i'll admit, i was inspired, but have no clue what products to use.

yeah I thought I might try it too cause my hair is at the moment short ( i still wait that it starts growing...) but then again I think it won't look as cool on me as it does on her... :(

I reading sownwhere as kristen use the fructis style Surf hair !!

i would probably suggest some strong hold hair gel. not sure though, thatll be a tough look to duplicate!

thanks for the help!
i have fairly short hair now, because i did really like her joan jett hair and just took the plunge.
and I bought the piecing and forming wax that she used for the teen choice awards, but that didn't work well at all.
i'll attempt to get some gel and just go crazy. :P

sounds awesome! let me know how it goes ;)

Hey guys, i know i asked before but seriously anyone know where to get the Nike Salt and Peppa hoodie? or the american eagle bomber?

The fastest way is to call Nike. This is their number: 1-800-806-6453, from 5 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week. Have the style number ready to give them.

For the bomber, just call in an American Eagle store, give them the style number (0387-1331) specify beach tar- and see if they carry it in their store or another store close by.

Of course the bomber is on eBay, but this is a great way for you not to spend so much money.

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for the Dickies Duck Sherpa Lined Hooded Jacket wears by Kristen in New Moon movie !
I'm looking for a US Men's Size S in brown color !


thats not the one from the movie. We haven't found the "real" one that she wears yet.

yeah. like meg said. that was spotted incorrectly. and according to articles that is Jacob's jacket that she is just wearing cuz of the weather there and they were hanging out before then. you can kinda tell that too cuz of how big it is on her.

It is definitely Jacob's jacket. Taylor even wore it when he was learning how to ride a bike. Here is the pic with a better view of the logo

I like this jacket nevermind if kristen doesn't wear this one !!!
If you find a size S, post on my wall comment please !!!

Does anyone have any inkling of what the logo is? I'm wracking my brain right now.

No idea !

"passion" was tagged? really? haha oh my goodness that's getting a bit extreme with the spotting of things

I know what you mean. I posted this a couple of days ago and I was like "What the hell? Since when could we freaking spot emotions? That so ridiculous" lol

yeah..."cigar smoking" lame! there is no picture for it so duhhhh must not be

getting a little extreme with that stuff though.

Hey Cortni could you link me to the swim suit?

me 2 please lol thanx bb

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