Kristen Stewart and Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 Sunglasses

About this Spot: Kristen Stewart wears the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 sunglasses in *classic black* (sku: RB2140-02 / color code: 901/58), *gray* (sku: RB2140-07 / color code: 961), *black/yellow* (sku: RB2140-30 / color code: 1000/32), and *black/azure* (sku: RB2140-29 / color code: 1001/3F). | NOTE: Kristen also owns Wayfarer styled sunglasses that are not by Ray-Ban. Please check the lens and the arms of her sunglasses for the "Ray-Ban" logo before spotting them in this section. Pencil

Kristen Stewart Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 Sunglasses
Spotted by Jane Doe
Kristen Stewart Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 Sunglasses


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question: what color are they in the recent photos of her on her way to vancouver? entirely black? or brown too?

her 2132 wayfarers (the smaller ones) look like dark tortoise to me.

do you think that this spot is right? I mean in this photo I don't think she wears ray ban...but an imitation

yes it is right. you can see the ray-ban logo on the right lens on them.

the thing that is wrong is that some people posted pictures when she is wearing her imitation ones, the ones that don't have the logo on them, that is cuz you can upload photos into here after the spot is already made.

i wish that they could separate these pictures so that the sizing were exact. instead of just saying rayban wayfarer lol its so vague

i know what you mean. but the ones that are the 2140s that she wears are the 54mm. you can tell by how big they are. they come in 50,52, or 54. and you can tell that hers are the 54 cuz the 2132s that she wears are 52mm and they are significantly smaller than the 54s you can see.

you just have to have the eye for the detail :)

anyone know where you can get the grey ones she has been wearing?

i've been wanting to know this too

are the new ones blue or gray?

The 2140 that she wore with a purple jean are blue... to me xD

im pretty sure that those aren't new.I remember seeing a picture back when she was filming new moon in vancouver that she had those ray bans in her hand. but this is the first time we see her actually wearing them. love them though.they're gorgeous in person and really want them. lol.I have considered working at a sunglasses store just so I can discounts on the ray bans lol

that is a wonderful idea! but i meant new in the sense they haven't been spotted yet. i wasn't sure if they were blue or gray, but i think they're grey.

what mm is her 2140 raybans?
is it 50, 52, 54? i think 54 would be too big

In picture 24 what kind of lens color is it and is it polarized. Like Black to gray, Black to green?

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