Kristen Stewart and Vans Saddle Sid Shoes

About this Spot: Kristen Stewart was spotted wearing her Vans Saddle Sid Sneakers. Pencil

Kristen Stewart Vans Saddle Sid Shoes
Spotted by Jane Doe
Kristen Stewart Vans Saddle Sid Shoes


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I can't believe KerBear found these lol. The only sucky thing is now you have to go through all of the Vans Era ones and change it lol.

LMAO I know. I was just thinking that. Well, I added the new spot to all the photos. How about you go through and remove the Era spots?

OMG!!! i have been looking for this style of vans shoe for FOREVEER!!! how did u find it?? and can u still buy them anywhere??

Someone found a bunch on eBay, but this looks to be a discontinued style. But definitely try eBay.

ok i will! thanks so so much!!

i know i was totally shocked when i found them. i was just trying things here and there and then it worked. i was wicked shocked. i want them but not going to get them cuz i want the royal blue ones so i would just be disappointed with these ones =[

You should've gotten them!!! I did some research and this style was discontinued 10 years ago. You may not find the others :(

yeah i didn't get them =[ after i posted on here that i found them the size that i took flew off ebay before i even had a chance to buy them. oh well. i will just have to deal.

if someone's still looking for these, there are a few white ones on ebay. just type in "vans sid"

i would pay anything 4 these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There awesome and she looks great in them :)

any one that got there hands on a pair of these in BLUE nd a size 7, i will pay as much as u wont i just REALLY WANT THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! contact me at my profile!!!! THANK YOU!

Yeah! I looked for these shoes forever! i thought they were raulph lauren's or polo or something! and i would google them constantly! i found them back in june and i bought the pair on eBay(:

if someone finds these in u.s size 9.5 in womens , i would appreciate it!!

I love these so so much lol.

Does anybody know where I can get these? I've been on the computer for several hours, and I can't find them anywhere :( PLEASE post an answer on my wall if you know where to find them, thanks :)

If anyone finds these anywhere to buy or if you have a pair.. message me please!

Man, I'm starting to really want these...they stand out in every picture. Very cool!

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