Kristen Stewart and Shiny Black Rubber Bracelets

About this Spot: Kristen Stewart wears Shiny Black Rubber Bracelets. She mostly binds them together before she wears them. Pencil

Kristen Stewart Shiny Black Rubber Bracelets
Spotted by kstewfan
Kristen Stewart Shiny Black Rubber Bracelets


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How does she bind these bracelets with each other like on her hand, I wonder?


type in in youtube interlocking wrist-band

Thank you so much!!!! I couldn't figure out how to do that with the these bracelets so long! And now i can finally do it

oh maaaan where i can get this in germany :( ohhhhh i hate germany ^^

i have the exactly same bracelets and i wear them every day and i know how to bind them together

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