Kristen Stewart and Hawaiian Scroll Kuuipo Ring

About this Spot: Kristen Stewart wears a Hawaiian Scroll Kuuipo Silver Ring. Pencil

Kristen Stewart Hawaiian Scroll Kuuipo Ring
Spotted by Alekonna
Kristen Stewart Hawaiian Scroll Kuuipo Ring


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hey, does anyone know which brand is that t-shirt she's wearing under the gucci jacket on pic number 1? what about the pants?

I got this ring too for my birthday !

what's the red ring called??
i really want one!

did u ever find out what the ring was??
I want one to : D

what red ring?

where can you buy it? it's the prettiest ring i ever seen.. :).

You can buy the Hawaiian Kuuipo Ring at

thanks (:

I just bought one on Ebay, and it was only 7 dollars :)

anyone know how think it is? if it's a 6mm or 8mm? cuz i'm not sure...

does anyone know where to get the little one black stone in it?

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