Kristen Stewart and Clover Two-Tone Ring

About this Spot: Kristen Stewart wears Clover Two-Tone Ring frequently. Pencil

Kristen Stewart Clover Two-Tone Ring
Spotted by kath200
Kristen Stewart Clover Two-Tone Ring


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i know right. i am guessing that she found it like at a flea market or something like that, cuz she goes to those when she can. you can tell it is one of a kind cuz we can't find anything identical anywhere. i am having a seller on etsy make me one in all silver and then in 2 years she will be a licensed blacksmith and will be able to do it with the gold. she has made tons in the silver and it is dead on to kristen's in size and everything. it is this seller here...
but you can just tell her that you want it made without that like "backing" thing so that you can see the finger through the gaps.

I have this ring in Sterling Silver. It is an exact replica. It is on my ebay page. Please reply if you are interested.

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