Kristen Stewart and PJE Los Angeles "You Can't Handle This" T-shirt

About this Spot: Kristen Stewart wore this PJE Los Angeles t-shirt while out to dinner on November 12, 2009 in Madrid, Spain. Pencil

Kristen Stewart PJE Los Angeles "You Can't Handle This" T-shirt
Spotted by naylah
Kristen Stewart PJE Los Angeles "You Can't Handle This" T-shirt


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Where can we buy it ?

Like's the shirt...

just ordered mine (and a few others). they have lots of funny shirts.

what size did you get? i am normally a medium or large in shirts but this one looks like it is fitted. do you know if it is? the description says...fitted all i am guessing that means

lol. i went for a large...usually get a medium. but i only got the large because at the time that was all that was available. it's probably fitted though so we'll see!

Hey Katey you got the t-shirt?

what size would be good for someone they same body top as kris.she wears bigger sizes even tho shes small but its a fitted top

booo it is telling me that the L is unavailable! wtf!

yah dosent matter there gone now wow

i can't believe that shirt went that quick... Don't know why i'm so surprised lol

Does anyone want to buy this shirt size medium? I have a brand new one with tags.

How much are you selling it for? I'd love to buy it.

i would like to buy it!!!

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