Kristen Stewart and Nike Quilted Fleece Women's Jacket

About this Spot: Kristen Stewart has a Nike Quilted Fleece Jacket. Pencil

Kristen Stewart Nike Quilted Fleece Women's Jacket
Spotted by malegonz
Kristen Stewart Nike Quilted Fleece Women's Jacket


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I want this jacket so much, i love it!

Who want to sell her jacket in BLACK in SMALL or in EXTRA SMALL ?
Because I really want it for any prices ! =)

Hmm ahm where i can buy this in germany?somebody knows?

This jacket is sold out EVERYWHERE : online and in shop and it's a us collection not an international !! Sorry ! Me too I REALLY want it !

Yeah! I want this jacket so much too! But i live in France and it's impossible to find =(

Hey me too I live in France !! It's impossible to find !!

hey, seen the success with this jacket, and i agree that is impossible to find, i'd like to know, where is the under jacket from?

I want this jacket so badly.They don't sell it anywhere. Even in Poland ;( Damn it

the reason you can't find it anywhere is because it's from the spring 2008 collection. thus, it's sold out everywhere.

If anyone is selling hers USED or NEW WITH TAGS I'm really interesting in the size SMALL !! So please contact me ...

I'm going to be selling size large in blue. Contacted all the stores and they are the only two jackets left....anywhere :( I'm usually a small/medium, but the large will have to work! haha

OMG I got my blue nike jackets today!! They far....the best thing I have ever bought. It is the most comfortable jacket I have EVER owned. Seriously. I can't even describe it. And its like so warm and puffy-yet makes you look thin? Its so weird. Plus I'm usually a medium for jackets and the large fits PERFECTLY! Crazy. I will be selling the other one on ebay if anyone is interested.

I am really discouraged, I look for this jacket in black and in size L then if somebody sell her think of me....

what about blue?

Not saddened, I prefer it in black ^^

Anyone knows what is the original price for this jacket?

I've had this jacket for almost two years now and it still looks and feels great! I love it!

what size do u guys think kristen has? she is so tiny I would say S. But since many of you say the M is also very small I dont know, she always fits lots of layers under so it could be M?
Im about her size, Im worried about getting the S if its way to small. anyone get it?

I'd say Kristen is wearing the small. The reason I'm pretty certain of this. I personally bought this jacket in a large for me a large is form fitting and true to my size. However that being said I'm still able to layer underneath. I can fit a hoodie & a flannel. The bottom of the jacket when layered sorta puffs out & cinches a little. IF you look at photo's of Kristen walking around Vancouver with Nikki and Taylor you will see her jacket puffs out a little around the waist and the lower button is sorta popping. That's why i think she owns the small.

By the way most comfortable & one of the best jackets I ever invested in. I bought the Blue one cause i like it more then the black. My friends envy this coat. I love it!!!!

HI everybody! if someone sells this jacketin black size M, please contact me!

Hey guys I've been looking at finish line and no luck do u know where I can buy this jacket besides eBay ???!!

Wow she's wearing Nike and Van together. That's a no no. LOL

Anyone got this jacket in black medium or small preferably medium for sale please i love it

Is anyone selling or know where i can buy a Nike Quilted Fleece Womens Jacket in grey/ black, size S or M?? Please, dying to have one! =)

Got my jacket today it's gorgous.

I have this in a large but it's too big for me. If anyone has a medium and would like to trade, lemme know!

I am listing my jacket on ebay tonight. The original in black aso Kristen.

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