Kristen Stewart and GRN Apple Tree Pack Leader T-Shirt

About this Spot: Kristen Stewart has been spotted multiple times wearing this Grnappletree Spring 2007 tee. Pencil

Kristen Stewart GRN Apple Tree Pack Leader T-Shirt
Spotted by Jane Doe
Kristen Stewart GRN Apple Tree Pack Leader T-Shirt


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I love this T-Shirt but I don't know where we can buy it ...

click on the picture of the t-shirt then click on the link and it loads the site where you can buy it, by the way its not the exact t-shirt that kristen wears :)

Hey! The shirt is made by grnappletree.
The shirt will be released again on friday 11-13-09.

Purchase at

The shirt is called: Pack Leader

The quote on the back of the shirt is by Bertrand de Jouvenal:
"A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves

hey what size do you think she is wearing??

on some of the pic's she has 3 watches on :D. haha.

are the ray bans she's wearing to the airport a flat black frame? or is that the flash?

i would say cuz of the flash. cuz when you see them all the other times they are shiny.

Hey guys! I got the pack leader shirts in today! I can ship them as soon as tomorrow for anyone in Europe who wants one!

Price is $50. Shipping to Europe is about $8.

Price is based on:

- Cost of the shirt + shipping it to me
- Cost of Shipping + Packaging it to you
- Gas to and from Post Office
- Service Charge

I will mark it as a low value gift, so you won't have to pay taxes on it. :) I'm trying really hard to please everyone. I calculated the total amount you would have to pay buying it directly from GrnAppleTree and it's about $97. So I hope I can help you!

If you're interested in a shirt, let me know in a message, and give me your preference, (S, M, L, Ringspun or Regular), shipping address and I'll let you know when I can send it. Right now I have 3 Ringspun Larges and 2 Reg. Mediums. I can't get more shirts until I've sold these, as I have no more money. Thanks ladies!

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