Kristen Stewart and Diesel K-Pend Pullover Hoodie

About this Spot: Kristen Stewart was spotted wearing the "K-Pend" pullover hoodie by Diesel. Pencil

Kristen Stewart Diesel K-Pend Pullover Hoodie
Spotted by Jane Doe
Kristen Stewart Diesel K-Pend Pullover Hoodie


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I was just about to spot this. I tagged it to the brand and then my computer rebooted.

sorry. we were probably doing it at the same time.

Nah, I don't think so. I did it like an hour ago...major comp issues. It's cool though.

when i did it there wasn't even a profile for the sweater because i checked. so obviously i didn't steal any sort of spot from you if that's what you are saying.

No, I didn't say anything of the sort. I tagged her to the brand first and before I could create the spot for the top, I had computer issues. I don't think spots can be stolen lol.

i didn't even notice you tagged the brand since it doesn't show up as a new spot because she's worn the brand before. i was the one who added all the new pics and i was intending to spot it once they were all uploaded.

I didn't noticed you uploaded any photos, sorry. I was on a website where the candids were, saw the logo on her top. I just clicked on "Photos" on her page and hit the first image with her wearing it. I try not to re-upload images that are already uploaded to avoid duplicates.

it's not a big thing. all i am saying is i didn't even know you had tagged the brand because i was in the process of adding all the new photos so i could spot the sweater. i didn't re-upload anything. i added new photos that weren't posted yet.

Oh ok... maybe if you had spotted the sweater first, I wouldn't have tagged the brand since that was your intention in uploading the images. Usually I'll spot the brand/main item first and then tag all the little details. But, I guess that's just my routine. It's fine though. I wasn't making a deal out of was more of a "oh crap, I was just about to spot this but my computer is stupid" sort of thing. Like I said, it's cool. :)

i also said it's cool. no worries. i just don't want you thinking i was moving in on your territory or some crap. usually the way i do it is i upload all the pics. then i go back through and i tag everything in them that's already spotted. then i go back through again and add any "new" spots. i have a pattern. it may be stupid, but it's how i do it, lol.

It's all good. We just both knew what shirt it is... and now everyone else does too. :)

well i knew the brand cuz you can see the logo on the bottom in the hq's. i didn't know the shirt but then i went looking for the shirt, but yea that's the idea.

The logo just confirmed it for me. I was going to spot it earlier this afternoon but since you couldn't see the logo I wanted to wait for better images just in case I happened to be wrong. Then I just saw some HQ's and since the logo was get the picture. The color of hers didn't match the one on their website exactly (obviously because of lighting) so I didn't want to chance it in case it turned out wrong.

i don't shop at diesel - not my style - so i never would've recognized it without the logo. but whatever. i'm not too concerned with who thought of it first, lol, only that it's correct.

apparently we're both chatty.

awesome! :D you guys both rock


thanks angiela :)

Do you know where to buy it? Or is it a vintage one? :D

You can buy it through Diesel's website -

Yay! Thanks Cortni!

out of stock! already lol! she only wore it yesterday, haha..

it is named by diesel the K-Pend Grey Pullover

style #9201M0251

if that's any help.

Does anyone know the brand of the long coat she's wearing?

anyone know what the pea coat she's carrying is? brand & name? Thank you!!!

they have it here for european customers, but most of the sizes are out of stock :(

Thanks ! =)

did she dye her hair something other than black or are those just her roots growing in?

I think it's her natural hair color growing in :)

yikes 140$ for that? woooooahhhh

Anyone know what her shoes are n how to find them? I love them

Her shoes are the Vans multi-colored Era sneakers...they've already been spotted. Check the shoes spots section (sorry for being too lazy to give the link).

I'm gonna check the Diesel outlet for this.

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