Kristen Stewart and Bella Swan

About this Spot: Kristen Stewart plays the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight films. Pencil

Kristen Stewart Bella Swan
Spotted by Abbey
Kristen Stewart Bella Swan


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Can anyone tell me the name & make of this jacket she's wearing in the photo!? it's sending me insane as i love this jacket & really want to find one but it's always tagged as the womens Patagonia Rubicon puff insulated ski jacket but it's not! can anyone help? PLEASE?!!

it's the billabong hannah jacket
there's an entry here-

I didn't mean that one, i already have the Billabong Hannah in charcoal, i meant the mustard/sandy yellow duffel jacket Bella wears on the school trip in Twilight.

You mean that one?
Cause I don't think it's a duffel jacket. A duffel jacket is the one from NM, imo.

it's the billabong hannah jacket
there's an entry here-

oh man I really like her jeans! anyone know the brand? maybe j brand?

I REALLY wanna know what sweater Bella's wearing in picture 203!!! I just really like the colour and the patches on the elbows. Does anyone know?

I also really wanna know what the gray sweater is that she wears in the scene with Laurent. Love the big buttons and ties.

h&m shirts on ebay different sizes and colours

does anybody know about the shirts she's wearing in eclipse
1)the purple one in the first scene
2)the one in edward's room i know it's hollister
and last but not least 3)the one at the bella-jacob kissing scene


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