Kristen Stewart and Mini Cooper (BMW)

About this Spot: Kristen Stewart drives a Mini Cooper. Pencil

Kristen Stewart Mini Cooper (BMW)
Spotted by Jane Doe
Kristen Stewart Mini Cooper (BMW)


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this picture was taken from her myspace. one of about 50 they took that day.

What picture?

why is there only one picture of this??? where'd you get this?????????

it's a freakin fake! grrr..

I've searched a lot of gossip sites & photo spots and this pic is no where to be found--can't be real or it would be everywhere!

which pic are you talkin about? the one with her and a girlfriend in the car?

NOW I SEE! the robert and kristen pic?

the rob and kristen pic is fake, obviously - photoshopped. very well done, actually

yeah the Rob and Kristen was is fake. It was posted on of what it would look like if they were to embrace each other in public. pretty cute though how their body's fit perfectly like that it two totally different pics =]

Wow! kristen drives a mini cooper i never knew that :/

do you know which model she drives?

mini cooper S. because her exhaust pipe is in the middle as mine, and in other mini cooper types, that pipe is on the sides.

but anyway, this is exacly the same car as mine, (design, colour..) so I'm sure it's MINI COOPER S

is it black or green?

my lovely car :) the best thing I've ever invested in!!!!!!

and I think kristen have black one. because it can be seen on first sight that is green colour, you know, it will be more 'greenish' (lol I don't think I write it correctly, but hope you understant). I think that green look on her car is beacuse of some reflection...

and now I just realized - on the first pictures it looks like green because of dirt on her car :) the next pictures is definitely black!

or maybe she has both :D I think she can afford it

Is it to small though? LOL I know it says MINI cooper. But since I am tall and everyone tells me that it looks to small for me. But they have only seen it on picture. Would I look like a circus clown if I come out all big in a small car?

in one of the pictures, 42, when shes at the Pier 51 Studios on June 4, 2009, she parked her car, and one of the wheels is on the curb! not the best driver hahaha

and in another pic, it shows her whole license plate number. opppss, now she can get stalked :/

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