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All items worn by "Hermione Granger" go on the "Hermione Granger" character page. Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (born 15 April 1990 in Paris, France) is a English actress and model. She is best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series from 2001 to 2011,... Read More


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I don't think it's a rule, but how about we upload only RELEVANT pictures of Emma and refrain from posting PRIVATE pictures from Pottershots and such? >.<

Agreed! Those are Emma's personal pictures, let's RESPECT her privacy!

Is anyone selling
-Emma Watson for People Tree Trinity Skirt
-Emma Watson for People Tree Cumbria Fair Isle Cardigan
-People Tree School of Fair Trade Organic Becky Harems (most wanted)
-Emma Watson for People Tree Louise Camisole
-Emma Watson for People Tree Chester Mini Skirt
-Emma Watson for People Tree Emma Embroidered Skirt (most wanted)

If Emma is not IN the picture, I don't think it should be added here!
Also... I can't believe someone would create a profile of Emma's former boyfriend, Jay. What is wrong with people?

Is anyone selling or know where I can buy Emma's J. Crew Miller short motocycle boots?

There are a few on eBay but in bigger sizes, unfortunately for me lol

Thanks what key word were you using when you searched on?

Is anyone selling the People Tree School of Fair Trade Organic Becky Harems or the People Tree Emma Embroidered Skirt? MESSAGE ME!

If anyone sells Emma's Modcloth Zanzibar dress in any color/size, please message me! :D (Preferably a xs/s)

Has this top been spotted?
Sorry there's just so many spots to go through!


Don't think so... Was it in Wonderland Issue this month (or this week) ? If yes, it hasn't been spotted, for sure ;)

No...that's the photo shoot she did for her personal website a long time ago. It hasn't been identified.

Oh... Okay, sorry ! :)

Is anyone interested in Emma's Cynthia Vincent Olympia sandals?

What size are they? And how much were you looking to get for them?

Does anyone know why there's no link to post pictures anymore?

That's supposed to be a permanent change on coolspotters, I don't know if we will ever get any official update on it. :(

Do you think it has something to do with copyrighting? I hate it.

That was my first thought too, but maybe they have an issue with hosting too many pictures? I send some mods a question but I'm still waiting...

I'm affraid it is going to be a premanent change and I'm so not happy about it. It takes away all the fun.

Does anyone know what color her Love Quotes Scarf is? I can't tell between Souffle, Peace, Moonbeam, or Yoga....

Has anyone had a replica made of Emma's Modcloth Zanzibar dress?

selling the exact same purple divided H&M sweater she wears in the deathly hallows part 1

I don't think that Anne Klein spot is right...

Same hers doesn't seem to have the rivets on the pocket

By the way.. Am I the one, or all people here has problems with adding photos?

For a few months now I haven't been able to add photos. I contacted support about it because at first I thought it was just me, but I never received a reply. I don't think it's an option at all anymore, because I've heard others talk about it as well.

Hi! If anyone is selling the Modcloth Zanzibar Dress in blue or if anyone knows of a sewing pattern for the dress! Please pm me, rather buy it! Thank you for your time. :)

I am interested in buying the following of Hermione clothing:

-Zara Denim Shirt Half Blood Prince)
-Lux Striped Button Cuff Top
-Esprit Shawl Neck Linen Hooded Jumper
-Hermione's DH Part 1 scarf

I am a size 12 to 14 or large for the tops...

I am also interested in purchasing the Chloé Fall 2008 Heels she worn being photographed by Lorenzo Aguis in 2009. They have a leaf and grapevine detail. I am a US size 9.

As well as the Nina Ricci Jacket she wore at a Balenciaga Show in 2009. I am not sure how the size runs. I am a size US 10 or 12.

f anyone would like to sell me any of these items in my size I would love to buy it! Please pm me!

Thank you!


Does anyone know how much Emma's Modcloth Zanzibar dress is going for? I was hoping to sell it but I'm currently unsure of how much I should ask for it. Thanks!

Ashleywheat on the Modcloth website Emma's Modcloth Zanzibar dress was retailing for 64.99 usd it is now sold out

I purchased it from Modcloth back when it was in stock but since I'm selling mine and the dress is pretty rare to find now, I wasn't sure what a good asking price would be. I'm assuming that it's worth much more than $65 (plus shipping), including the fact that it's never been worn. I don't want to ask too much or too little for it, basically lol

For sale: Emma Watson Suzabelle dress, size large, new condition.

Ashleywheat that makes sense unfortunately I could not find the Zanzibar dress on E Bay a price comparison However the pre owned Modcloth dresses that are available on E Bay are going for between $10 to $155 hope this helps


HARRY All Saints wesson female version

HERMIONE Topshop check coat

HERMIONE Gap pink blazer

EMMA WATSON Topshop cobweb scarf

Hi! I what size is the Topshop Check Coat?

Hi everyone!!! I'm currently selling a pair of black Balenciaga Papier Riding Boots in a size 6 that have been seen on Emma. Please reply or message me if interested!!!

Hey if anyone is selling anything in a size S or under I'm interested :)

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