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Hannah Dakota Fanning (born February 23, 1994), known as Dakota Fanning, is an American actress who rose to prominence after her breakthrough performance at age seven in the 2001 film I Am Sam. Her performance earned her a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award at age eight in 2002,... Read More



can someone please identify what glasses Dakota is wearing! thanks.. big help!

I assume that they are vintage. So check etsy.com or ebay, I'm sure you'll find a nice alternative :)

I want her Free City sweat pants but everywhere I look they are so expensive.

Well, they ARE expensive, but worth it IMO. I got mine recently and they're SO comfy, I even slept in them once. lol And, they can be worn 2 ways, long or 3/4.

I love that she's wearing that Bowie shirt. Kind of giving props to Cherie and her love for him. Very Cool

Hey just wondering if Dakotas glasses she has been seen wearing (in the WTTR screening) are these http://coolspotters.com/products/miltzen-moscot-originals...

I don't get it are they sunglasses or eyeglasses? I think that spot may be wrong. IDK?

they are both, they are sunglasses that you can get with a prescription, and what do you mean "that spot may be wrong. IDK?" ? they havent been spotted with dakota have they?

Did I say they were spotted for Dakota? No never said that. They are described as vintaged sunglasses for Nikki and Michelle. The ones that Nikki are wearing look a bit different.

sorry, i guess i didnt completely understand your comment, and i just thought they looked simaliar and could be the same, i didnt want to spot them and then get raged at for getting it wrong, thanks for your help anyway

Hey girls, do you know where this jacket & the bag from ? I love it !!


Pretty similar to the alpinestars jacket of Kristen Stewart (the blue one!)

Loving those leather fingerless gloves she wore on the red carpet.

Does anyone know where you can buy the jacket she is wearing in this pic?


Yeah i love that top, does anyone know what make it is ?? :)

Also does anyone know what dress this is?


i LOVE her dress at the runaways premiere.

I saw the movie, I don't think those are American Apparel. These pants had a label on the back, AA doesn't do labels.

i agree with you..i have been searching for the ones she was wearing but i cant find them! i want them though. the aa ones were also a lot brighter, these were more maroon.

Can someone help me finding the Haute Hippie Tiered Lace Miniskirt in a cheaper version? I really like how Dakota wore it :)

try typing in black lace miniskirt into google shopping theres a lot of results! :)

FINALLY saw push. ok movie, but wow dakota!

uuh I really liked that movie and Dakota is just an amazing actress, she's so good in all her roles.

please does anyone know what shirt/dress this is or a simillar one.


Can someone help me find the Elizabeth and James "Agnes" Jacket that Dakota wore last year? Thanks :) http://coolspotters.com/clothing/elizabeth-and-james-agne...

guys im selling some items of clothing/accessories for anyone whose interested. message me for sizes/prices.


does someone know where can i find an alternative to this shoes .becouse i want to be cherie on halloween


Does anyone know where I can get a chaser LA david bowie sweatshirt in a small? I love it soooooooo much and can never find it!

jezzzzz it looks like she just rolled out of bed at the BAFTA LA!!! com on! she is really pretty why she had to look like that it's unbelievable

yeah her hair is a little messed up...and I don't really like her dress.

Dakota wouldn't be so high in the actresses list if she wasn't associated with twilight; she's famous on her own, but not popular; she's a lovely girl, but no1 can deny..she has a BAD taste for shoes!

A lot of the shoes she wears are only for shoes and premieres, I doubt she owns any of them.

actually, I was reffering to all the shoes she's wearing in her everyday life; some of her premiere shoes are nice, they're pumps, high heels, but if you check the shoes she wears everyday..man, girl's got bad taste

i think she has a pretty nice taste when it comes to foot wear. I think she has a bit more individuality than a lot of other actresses her age.

as I've already said, I absolutely disagree; I still say her taste in shoes is bad&if it's one thing I know, it's shoes!

i'm confused by your comment. so she's famous but popular only cos of twilight and u use ur opinion of she has "bad taste for shoes" to prove ur point? thats funny! i don't think she's all that popular now. not like ashley greene or kristen stewart. she has remained the same. all attention towards her is based on her acting/movies i think.

reread my comments carefully please and your confusion will end; I said she's famous, as everybody knows her through her previous work, BUT she was never popular, liked, talked about, etc, as she is now and since she was assosiated with twilight; My point was NOT that she is popular or famous BECAUSE she has bad taste in shoes; are you for real??? srsly, did you even READ my comment?

I'm not referring to her shoes, but I wanted to point out that Ms. Fanning has made a huge reputation in the movie world long before Twilight came along.

dido. thank u!

I think my comment above is very clear ladies, regarding the difference between fame&popularity; and how that is irrelevant to one's taste in shoes..

no need to be snippy. u just ran everything together and i misunderstood. i do read carefully before i write or reply so i'm sorry if u were offended by my interpretation of ur comment. its not that big of a deal.

because if you reread your comment to me, you will see it has an offensive tone

OMG, what has she done to her hair?

It's just a wig.

somone knows the exact color of her Hunter wellies? :)

I think that the ones she has been spotted in recently are navy.

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