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Ashley Michele Greene (born on February 21, 1987) is an American actress and model, best known for playing Alice Cullen in the film adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novels. Greene was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and is the daughter of Michele, who works in insurance, and Joe Greene, a U.S.... Read More



I have a Kristen item and a Nikki item for sale. First, I have an A+Ro sweater in black size small as seen on Kristen. It is new with tags, never been worn. I am asking $100 which is what I paid. I can ship in the US or internationally. We can discuss shipping based on where you live. Second, I have the Madewell Printlover top as seen on Nikki in a size medium. I bought it online from Madewell so it came without tags in a plastic pouch. I have taken it out to try it on but it has also never been worn. I paid $98 but am asking $80. Shipping as stated above applies. If you are interested, you can message me or reply below. Thanks!!

The new Lamb and Flag tank is on sale on their site right now.

Hi girls, made a list of stuff I'm selling. List can be seen on my LJ

*-* I love the Ann Taylor Tank!

She is looking ridiculously skinny lately. NOT good.

I completely agree. Super unhealthy looking.

Is anyone interested in buying the BE & D bag or the Gerard Darel Pom bag? I have both for sale. Asking $250 for the BE & D (it retailed at $995!) and $300 for the Gerard Darel (I paid $600!) The Gerard Darel has never been carried. The BE & D has been lightly carried. Both are in excellent condition. I can email you photos if you provide your email address. :)

Could you send me some pictures please? <3

Sure! What's your email? You can private message it to me if you want. :)

sent you a private message! :)

I also have a pair of the Nine West Tubbs boots in a size 6, same color as Ashley wears. Asking $30. And a Silence and Noise Houndstooth sweater in a size XS and another in a size Large. Asking $30 a piece for each of those. Domestic shipping for boots is $10 and domestic shipping for the sweaters is $7.95 each. Message me here or privately if interested. :)

Okay...if no one is interested in the Gerard Darel and Be & D bags, I am going to put them on eBay. Going once, twice... :)

Selling items list on my wall!

She looks not good/healthy


Especially her cheeks, they look so hollow! and her neck! :(

It sucks that she gave into the whole Hollywood IT girl thing. She had a really strong athletic body, but she looks like she gave into the pressure to be thin.

I noticed this during the met gala when she posed to show the open back of her gown and her back was all boney. Her face and neck look hollow i agree. She is so beautiful but seeing her like this ^^ makes me cringe.

Those sunglasses are gorgeous! Why do they have to be so expensive????!!!!

Could someone please change Ashley's profile pic? It's been two months and this is not a nice pic of her. Her eye looks weird.

I like these two:


with her hair red now she reminds me of gene grey aka phoenix. if you get this reference we'll be friends forever. lol

Now that you mention it, I see the resemblance too. And I want to watch Xmen now lol, oh well at least I don't have to wonder for 30minutes what I'll be watching tonight.

Lol yeah. I love that color! Mine is red right now too but a bit more darker and it's faded a lot. But I'm seriously considering going that bright now lol.

Selling a pair of Minnetonka back zipper soft sole boots like Ashley's. pics and info on my walls.

Also selling a pair of BP Frankie flats in bright red/orange size 10.

And a Simdog Rising Sun tank size XL

Ash has a tattoo. What do you girls think of that? i wonder if she will made more in the future...

The Vince sweater was on sale at Not sure if it still is but FYI.

I am selling the shoes in black, in size EU 37, low price, contact me :)

Absolutely loving the blue dress Ashley wore to Kellan's clothing launch. Any ideas who makes it?

Anyone know where to get her California tee? I found a similar one on etsy but I'm not sure if it's exact.

Selling J Brand Coated Bowie Jacket size S ! PM !

Is she engaged??!!

That's some rock lol. They've been together for a while now no? Wasn't he with her when her apartment burned down?

It's huge!! I wasn't sure it was the same guy. You know her lol. who is he or what does he do?

I guess he's on a show in Australia. I've seen him with Liam Hemsworth.

Selling some Ashley things on my wall.

Would someone please change Ashley's profile picture? This one is really old and I'm tired of looking at the same pic :)

Selling some Ashley things on my wall.

I have some Ashley things for sale and some Nikki things.

Vince Fractured Stripe Sweater xs (this is baggy so it can fit bigger sizes easily)
Madewell Spot Dot Sweater in small
Michael Kors striped jacked in small (unspotted but seen here:

Silence and Noise Houndstooth Sweater in xs
Madewell Brightspot Pullover in xs
Lutz and Patmos Striped Irisdescent Boatneck Top in medium
All Saints Prime Merino Hoodie in small
Lauren Moshi Ivy Zip Up in Roses size small
Rails Bobbi shirt size small
Autumn Cashmere Torn Stitch Space Dyed Striped Sweater in xs
Gerard Darel Besace Pom Sante Fe Bag

Also a Vkoo Striped Metallic Sweater as seen on Mila Kunis in small.

Prices are negotiable. Please contact me to make a deal. :)

What color is the Lutz & Patmos top?

It is the grey color. As I need money fast, I have listed everything for sale on ebay under the name pixeegrl80. I'd post the link here but my computer is crashing left and right. :/ I have also listed my Simple Retire shoes in size 6.5 and my Melinda Maria jewelry, many pieces of which Ashley has worn.

Also selling my All Saints Damisi Boots in what is a US size 6.

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