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Anna Helene Paquin (born July 24, 1982) is an Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning, Emmy-nominated, Canadian-New Zealander actress. Her breakthrough performance was in The Piano, which earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and made her the second youngest winner in history at the age of 11. She... Read More


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where can I get this dress?


does anyone know where i can get the dress anna is wearing in this pic??

She can really pull of a lot of character types, I'm impressed.

Is he drinking a Slim Fast in that picture?

I think anna may be wearing Uggs in this photo of her at the airport. Not sure.

YAY, so excited! I just found the Talbots Rose Print Dress! :D


I purchased Anna's Juicy dress last week and it came in the mail today! I totally love it! Soooo cute.

I can't wait to see all three covers of EW, lol, that one spotted above is great. I'm def. going to buy myself a copy when it hits stands.

I just bought the Illia Crunch Leather Military Jacket on ebay for $99.99! I couldn't believe it was that cheap when fully retailed around $850! Score!

According to EW: Anna's expecting her first child! I'm really happy for her and Stephen! Congratulations!

I totally squealed when I read about that lol. So happy for them! :D

Woot! My FP Babydoll dress just came in the mail. Love it!

She's expecting twins!!!! I saw that coming, her baby bump grow so much in little time that I'm not surprised.

Nowadays big congratulations!!!

That is awesome! I'm expecting twins as well, so that is sooo exciting for her! :)

OMG! I'm so happy for her! That's amazing news!

Selling the Idol Rose top Anna wore a year or so ago:

Thanks for posting. Hope I win. Shipping to US would be around $15 right?

No problem :) and I can send it as a small packet for about £7, which is $10/$11

Hi, I wish buy the Ecote Ruffle Hem Lace Dress, please mess me
thanks :)

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin are so darn adorable. Cutest couple ever! Can't wait for the new season of True Blood. :D

What's going on with the photos? This change it's a bit messy, you can't tag and most of the times half of the image it's not the photo. I miss the old style, it was better, bring it back.

They don't allow most users to upload photos anymore only links. I agree. The new set up stinks.

WOW, it's quite problematic with some products profiles because sometimes the images given don't match the product you're spotting. Having to use a website link for that it's quite absurd. Not to mention having to open the link to find the photo where the products are spotted. So sad...

Yeah. I hate the new format. I think they did it to save money on bandwith, but you would think they could afford the extra cost with all the darn pop up adds and video banners.

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