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Zac Efron is an actor who rose to stardom after playing Troy Bolton in the movie series High School Musical along side co-star and love interest Vanessa Hudgens. Efron also had roles in the WB series "Summerland" and the movie "Hairspray", based on the Broadway musical. Efron is known for... Read More


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Zac's eyes are really beautiful. Vanessa must absolutely love staring into them... =)

good photoo he is absolutely perfect

he is cool!

who doesnt love himm !? x) <333

hes an amazing actor with alot of talent.

i love his fashion. his face and his hairstyles.

Does anybody know what kind of shoes/boots he is wearing on the Letterman show, The View, and other recent photos, same ones. Thanks

Wow thanks for figuring that out. I looked alllll over th place, found some very similar ones in the process but never came across the actual one. Thanks again!


do you know zac's beige backpack? what's the brand? he is wearing on black t-shirt. he's wearing on NIKE red blazer high

I´m from spain and I thought would never go to find a web like this.
Congratulations, I hope it´s continue in this way!
Thanks for your work!

He Is So Cool!!!Zac Efron Rockz!!!! :D

Zac Is so totally hot and sooo adorable with pretty colored eyes

you are a good and amzing actor keep up the good work

i used to only associate Zac with High School Musical, but now i actually take him seriously as an actor. he seems so chill in interviews and is way hot. dare i say hotter than robert pattinson? eek!

lol I dont have a thing for rob paz, or zac eirther for that matter - but i have to say I jsut saw charlie and I though he was brilliant. I loved him in 17 again. thats all i know of him really though. Ive never saw any interviews or that but I really like what I saw as an actor in those films - And my boyfriend Agrees!!!! lol

Zac is super super sexy! He has as heartinertia said really matured but still is really hot!
I saw Charlie St. Cloud and he was stunning in that movie, he was really great.
Don't know about the moustache though...


Sexy much??


His birthday is only one day before mine! I'm obsessed with the fact!
haha him to death

oh ***** he's so hot

Anyone know what t shirt this is in the link above? It says "12 Angels" on the upper circle, and "Unholy Trinity" on the bottom part of the circle.

he is a dreamer

Zac wears this sweatshirt in one of his videos for that awkward moment

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