Robert Pattinson and Porsche Boxster

About this Spot: Robert Pattinson was seen leaving Kristen Stewart's house in a Porsche Boxter. Pencil

Robert Pattinson Porsche Boxster
Spotted by milohh87
Robert Pattinson Porsche Boxster


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This photo is photo shopped. Clearly. Rob has an Audi and why are there only two photos. With pictures of Rob in VERY high demand, if someone would've seen him driving they would've followed him and gotten more than two pictures and most likely gotten picture of him getting out of the car. Also, were they just sitting on the side of the road and then saw a car and Robert Pattinson happened to be in it? It HAS TO BE photo shopped.

don't think it's photoshopped. apparently, the Audi was a long term rental. I think this is his actual car now.

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