Robert Pattinson and Circa Drifter Sneakers

About this Spot: Robert Pattinson wears Circa Drifter Sneakers. Pencil

Robert Pattinson Circa Drifter Sneakers
Spotted by Jane Doe
Robert Pattinson Circa Drifter Sneakers


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Thank goodness someone found a pair close lol! I was up all night looking for his C1RCA sneakers but I was confused because in the HQ's of his day out with Tom, the logo didn't look exact so I'm thinking they're an older pair.

I agree. I looked and looked and couldn't find any with that exact logo, so they must be older ones.

why are we looking at his feet!?!?!?!?

I look at ALL of him........all GOOD

i agree!

those sneakers are current. They were in stores holiday 09 but were carried over for spring 2010. I saw them in a skate shop just the other day...

These aren't Circa Drifters. These are Circa Mia.

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