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Jackson Rathbone (born December 21, 1984) is an American actor. He is known for his role as Nicholas Fiske, on the ABC Family drama Beautiful People. He has had guest roles in The OC, and Close to Home. He has made a couple of movies, Molding Clay, Pray for Morning,... Read More


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so cute


just saw him in criminal minds last night and he was soo good! hes also very hot! :P

his eyeglasses are not really ray ban right? it must be any other brand that he wore at tca! i can't see/find the trademark...

No they aren't Ray-Ban .. the brand of the glasses are Persol =]

ah okay.. thanks. seems that persol is the new "twilight-crew-brand" ..you know what i mean.. too bad that it is really a way to expensive for me :( i mean ray ban is even too much for me and i bought one and yes, i had bad conscience ...but stuff it! dunno why i always write too much =) sorry

met him last night with his band 100 monkeys... such a cool dude! and his smile just about melted my heart... lol

No news about his orange plaid jacket ?

I love Jackson, he is well hot and I could go on and on. He is a heart -melter, so sweet.

i want to meet u and the cast

the sunglasses? :D


His or hers?

His <3

Sorry can't find anything :(.
I hope we'll be able to spot them!

Awww :( Thanks so much for your good deal of trouble
I hope with you :P

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