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Channing Matthew Tatum (born April 26, 1980) is an American actor, producer, and former model. After beginning his career as a fashion model, he has branched out into acting roles, appearing in the films Havoc (2005), Coach Carter (2005), Supercross (2005), She's the Man, then Step Up, and A Guide... Read More


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can't wait to see you on G.I joe!

can't wait to see Dear John!!!! cried the whole time reading the book and i cry every time i see the trailer. Channing really brought the emotion to it! can't wait till Feb 5!


channing and jenna are deffo made for each other
you can see how much he's a crush on jenna...
especially in step up - I dunno if the script rules to do this but channing always buried his face in her hair and he totally enjoyed the kissing scenes :D

haha I have to smirk all the time because they really match

Oooooh Hi Channng Myy lovelly Boyfriend :D love You Babae <3 x

You look great

omg his new movie 21 jump street is the best

just saw 21 jump street it is awesome!!!

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