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Smoking is a practice where a substance, most commonly tobacco, is burned and the smoke tasted or inhaled. This is primarily practised as a route of administration for recreational drug use, as combustion releases the active substances in drugs such as nicotine and makes them available for absorption through the... Read More


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If smoking wasn't cool, then why do all cool people smoke? ;)

I must admit I love Kristen, but never would I ever smoke

totally agreed with rachael. LOVE Kristen to death but would never ever smoke. It really stinks.

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A LOT more cigar smoking girls than men, seems to be a very female, feminine thing. Well, I like smoking cigars as well.

I totally agree, IMO it looks very sensual when girls and women smoke cigars. I don't smoke cigars myself (yet?) but I like to watch girls smoke cigars. It looks so stylish and sensual!


I agree that a woman smoking a cigar can be incredibly sexy. Some of it is obviously just phallic but I think a lot of it is that it adds a touch of masculinity to the already present femininity and that tends to be very sexy. I like it so much I even shoot smoking fetish videos including women smoking cigars. You can check it out here.

Keep smoking those cigars, ladies!

A smoking fetish (never heard of that before!) may be a male phenomenon but it does not explain why so many young women (especially celebs like actresses, models and female musicians) love to smoke cigars. They certainly don't do it to please men, they just enjoy it. Cigars are sublime, expensive and you need time to enjoy them. It has nothing to do with cigarette smoking! Cigarettes are disgusting, I never touched a cigarette in my whole life but I must admit that I am an occasional cigar smoker. I love the taste, I love lighting them, holding them and everything. When you smoke cigarettes, you become addicted - when you smoke cigars, you don't (because you don't inhale!). It's that simple! I started smoking cigars two years ago but I don't need it! I smoke less than one cigar per month, so it's pure pleasure. Maybe that's the reason why so many females smoke cigars: you can enjoy smoking without the fear of becoming an addict. BTW, this is my favourite cigar, very mild, not too big, in other words: the right choice for ladies


okay, maybe in the old days cigars were mainly smoked by men but that's long ago. Cigar smoking is girl's business. Period.

this is my number one


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