Goody Stay Put Gripped Hair Headbands

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Goody Stay Put Gripped Hair Headbands * All day hold * Gripped Stay Put texture provides 39% more hold * 3 pcs


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where can i find those?
i looked on the goody website but NOTHING!!!

i know i have been wondering the same thing!

I found mine at Target, which is also the same place they bought the comforter and other clothes in the movie!

What other clothes?xx

yay! it's available now! yeppeee!

you say they are available, but where did you get them? please reply, i have been looking for these for ages. thanks :)

I just clicked on Buy It button above and it led me to Ebay. :)

Any idea where to find these? They would be perfect for my hair but I have checked Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Shopko without any luck.

I bought these before Twilight came out at Target, I recognized them from set photos.
They could still be available there, but there are tons on ebay!

Yeah, I bought mine at Longs (now CVS) before Twilight, but I guess they've sold out now. Seems to be the case with a lot of things Kristen wears as Bella...

I found these headbands at Walmart. They had lots of them. And I figured out that the one Bella wears is not black, if you look at pics, it's gray. Get the gray one.

Does your walmart still have them? I can't find them anywhere!

They definitely have them in Walmart all the time. Just sometimes they are low. They always restock. I'm sure if you keep checking you'll come across it eventually :).

I think in some pics it would seem to be grayish but I in New Moon when she wears the black & green dress w/ the black shrug sweater, it's clearly not gray

Yeah I don't think they're gray.

It's gray for sure. It's a very dark gray, but it's gray. If you look in pictures up close, you can tell. There are close-ups of her wearing it in the birthday scene in the New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion and it's obviously gray. Lighting in movies can be deceiving. It's better to look at photos. Plus I don't think a black one exists. I've looked. Even in this pic, it may look black, but honestly, the gray is really dark.

They do exist in black. I finally found a pack of them and they were black.

they're selling them for pretty cheap on ebay if anyone is still looking..

I just got mine and they hold your hair really well and don't hurt your head.

cool thanks for telling me guys... i will definitly get mine on ebay as we dont have these headbands in australia. dam i wish i was in canada rite now its so hot in australia :L

I wish I was in Australia lol I hate the cold in the Northeast US. :)

dam wanna swtich lol :) i would kill to have a proper winter here... our winter is probably like you summer... its so not cold ever... good thing im an ice skater lol so at least in summer i can escape the heat by going to training XD.. im thinking of going to canada one day :) when i have more money

HAHA i would definitely switch :)

my mom got me these for my birthday

you can find it at ebay

where can you buy these in the uk?xx

I would try the uk version of ebay, there on there from time to time

I found this online hair place selling them for 5.99- much cheaper than ebay!!

After you posted this I ordered a few of them. Except for the bottom of them having a clear plastic instead of black like the earlier versions they are Goody Stay Puts exact and perfect. This seller uses PayPal and has multiple colors to choose from and are fast with their shipping. They use USPS flat rate priority. Thanks so much because I love these and was worried I would wear the one I had out and never be able to buy them again.

hey does anyone have a discount code for LUV Naturals website? thanks!

Could anyone tell me what colors these headbands come in? I've so far seen them in black, grey, silver, gold and dark blue. Is that all or am I missing some? Thanks!

They are actually available in A LOT of colors, but they are harder to find : black, pink,grey,purple,silver,aqua blue,gold,rich blue . You can buy them in Magenta, cacao, cream, just use fireice's link !

I think Good re-released these in dark pink, grey and black - I found a ton at a local store last night.

What local store?

Yeah...which store?

If anyone knows where to buy the grey version, please let me know! (I already bought a few black pairs of these)

Selling these on eBay : user name is supershopper48484

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