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"I love to curse!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!"

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love your photo!

Hey I saw you were looking for the "Cracked Gold Vans"...try

You can google, thats where I got mine...soooo cheap..Let me know if thats helpful!!xx

srry! i havent checked my page in a while, thank u to both of u guys... see u around

hey abby thanx for the fave its been awhile since ive been on here too catch ya later tho !

no problume... ttyl!

Do you know where i can get the Urban Outfitters Men's BDG V-Neck Beater that Kristen Stewart has thanks!!!!!!!!! Leave Link!

nd the Billabong Tyler Vest in Athletic Grey !!!!!!!!!!!!

you do know I'm not a retard right? just saying!!!!

I know some one who can make the lightning bolt necklace if you are interested?
Let me know :D

Hey I saw you were looking for the ''Nuns with guns'' can buy it here:

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